Paypal Won’t Let Me Send Money: Here’s How To Solve It

Paypal Won't Let Me Send Money: Here's How To Solve It

PayPal has become a popular method of payment all over the world. Sending money is fast and easy with PayPal. However, it’s very frustrating when you are unable to do a transaction on the platform. Today, I’ll be taking a look at the reason why you may be unable to send money on PayPal. 

Not being able to send money on PayPal may be due to insufficient balance, limitations placed on your account, a problem with your credit/debit card, and so on. I’ll help you understand why you may be unable to send payments on PayPal and how to resolve it. 

Understanding why your payment is not going through is important as you’ll be able to take steps to solve the problem. Sometimes, the underlying issue preventing you from sending money can be easily resolved while sometimes it may require you to take a couple of actions. Continue reading to know why payments on PayPal may not go through and how to resolve it.

Why PayPal won’t let me send money?

PayPal is a platform for sending and receiving money so you know something is wrong if you are unable to send money. The usual reasons why many people are unable to send money on PayPal is insufficient balance and limitations placed on the account by PayPal. So whenever your payment s not going through, first check if you have enough money for the transaction in your account. If there’s enough money, then it’s due to other issues. Limitations will be placed on every PayPal account until the owner has verified his/her identity. And this will most likely be the reason your transaction is not going through if you are yet to verify your identity. 

You may also need to reactivate PayPal if you’ve not used your account for an extended period of time. If you are unable to send money on PayPal, follow the following steps to know the underlying issue. 

Step 1: Log in to your PayPal account through the mobile app or website. After you are logged in, click the link to the Resolution Center which you’ll find at the top of the page. In the resolution center, you’ll see another link that will inform you of the reason your account access is limited, like if PayPal has placed a restriction on the amount you can send or receive for any reason. 

Step 2: Follow the instructions given to you by PayPal in the Resolution Center to resolve the issue and reactivate full access to PayPal services and features. 

Step 3: If for any reason you have to report an unauthorized transaction, click on the Resolution Center link to dispute the transaction. Note that PayPal will place a hold on unauthorized transactions and until such transactions are resolved, you’ll be unable to send or receive money. 

Step 4: If after all these you are still unable to send money or log in to your account, contact the PayPal Help Center for assistance. You can get in touch with the Help Center by clicking the contact link on the PayPal homepage in case you are unable to log in to your account. 

How to solve “PayPal won’t let me send money”

Below are ways you can resolve why PayPal won’t allow you to send money from different funding sources. 

PayPal won’t allow me to send money from my balance

Check if you have sufficient funds in your balance. If you don’t, fund your balance or use other funding sources. If you have enough money in your balance and are still unable to send money, then you may have limitations placed on your account by PayPal. Follow the above instructions to resolve the issue. PayPal may also not allow you to send money if they’ve detected suspicious activity on your account and you’ll have to resolve this to be able to send money. 

The problem may not even be from your end. It’s possible that the recipient has limitations on his/her account and can’t receive payment. 

PayPal won’t let me send money from my credit card

Again, it could be due to a limitation placed on your account and may need to go through a security check for PayPal to confirm your identity. If you are trying to use Instant Transfer and it’s not going, it may be that your debit card is unable to process Instant Transfer. Detection of suspicious activity is another reason why you may be unable to send money from your card. 

Other reasons are insufficient balance and issues with your card issuer which may cause transactions to be declined. 

PayPal won’t let me send money from my bank account 

The reasons are similar to that of other payment methods above. It could be due to insufficient money in your bank account, a limitation on your PayPal account that may require you to verify your identity, or your bank account being unable to process Instant transfer if you are trying to use the service. 

The issue may sometimes be with your bank and you’ll have to contact your bank for more information. It could also be to restrictions on the recipient’s account. The recipient may have yet to go through PayPal’s security check or is from a country where PayPal doesn’t allow to receive money. 

PayPal may hold a part of your balance as a reserve which is an amount of money held in your account and used when we’re unable to collect on your past due balances from chargebacks, claims, debit transactions with insufficient funds in the account, and fees.

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