Liturgical Vestments for Grand Occasions: Meeting Needs

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Liturgical is an integral part of the church, in which exists not only spiritual significance, and dedicated decorative elements and accessories. In present times many people are looking for high quality chasubles, robes and accessories that present the celebration and beauty of each Mass. The top offer in this industry is our company, whose aim is to guarantee highest quality fabrics, meeting the expectations of priests and parishes in all of Poland.

Passion for liturgy and tradition

Respect for liturgy and tradition is the basis of our company. Dedication and passion for embroidery translate into our products, which are extraordinary in terms of quality, beauty and meticulousness in caring for the smallest details. Every element of manufactured chasubles, albs, robes or liturgical accessories is carefully made, thus considering the traditions and rites of the church. Our precision have been taken into account by most significant circumstances such as World Meeting of Families in Dublin with Pope Francis and his Apostolic Visit to Lithuania, and also numerous settings of smaller and larger events.

Unique design

Regularly monitor best preferences in the field of liturgical design, however always maintain recognition for the classic. The products offered include simultaneously typical patterns, which have been used for many years, and modern interpretations, which are increasingly chosen. Thanks to this our customers can decide to purchase an extensive range of styles, which perfectly work well in every liturgy. In our collection you can find liturgical robes and accessories for every church ceremony.

Quality, you can rely on

Our goal is to deliver products of highest quality. During production and embroidery, we use the best materials to declare resistance and wearing comfort. The smallest detail, from embroideries to embellishments, is diligently made by talented workers, who have experience in producing liturgical robes and accessories.

Individual approach

We understand that customers have special preferences and needs. To meet this, we offer services of customizing our products. Customers have the possibility to change many available models. In the choice we offer help and nearly 30 years of experience in developing liturgical robes, altar cloths, chalice sets and other products necessary for holding liturgy during beatifications, conferences, synods, jubilees.


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