Payment Revision Needed On Amazon: Here’s How To Solve It

One of the most common issues people encounter on Amazon is the payment revision message. And there are a number of things that can lead to you getting this message. This message will help you understand why Amazon may require you to revise your payment method and how to resolve the issue. 

The payment revision message pops up when Amazon is unable to charge your card or bank account. It could be due to you having insufficient balance, exceeded your daily limit, made mistakes when inputting card details, and so on. Solutions to these issues will be provided below.

Receiving the payment revision message may sometimes be frustrating. You’ve already entered your payment details and are expecting to see that your items will be shipped out soon. Usually, the underlying cause of the message may sometimes be simple and easy to resolve. Sometimes, you’ll have to contact your bank to be able to resolve the issue. Continue reading to learn more about the payment revision message on Amazon and how to resolve it. 

What is Payment Revision Needed on Amazon?

The “payment revision needed on Amazon” message is sent to you when payment collapses or a transaction is unable to complete. This means Amazon is unable to charge you your card or bank account for the items you intend to buy. And that’s why Amazon will tell you to revise your payment method.

There are a number of reasons why payments may fail on Amazon. The simplest and most common reason is insufficient balance. So make sure you have enough funds in your account balance. Amazon will only be able to bill you from your balance and not any funds that are listed as “pending”. Sometimes, the Amazon user may have entered the wrong credit card details like credit card number, billing address, expiration date, and so on. 

An expired card will also lead to payment being declined and Amazon asking you to revise your payment. Also, receiving a new and updated card may also cause the transaction to fail if you’ve not updated the new details when checking out on Amazon. 

How to fix payment revision on Amazon?

Since Amazon wants you to revise your payment due to a failed transaction, you have to look into the reasons why the transaction failed. You can start by checking your balance and making sure you have enough money for the transaction. Make sure the balance you see is the actual balance and you do not have any “pending payments”. Also, check that your credit card details have been entered correctly. Any wrong information will lead to a failed transaction and Amazon asking you to revise payment.

Check your daily spend limit and confirm that you’ve not exceeded the limit for the day. If you have received a new or updated card, be sure to enter the updated details on the payment page. If you’ve done all the above and the payment is still not going through, then it’s most likely an issue with your bank. Contact your bank and ask them what’s going on. If there is something you need to resolve with Amazon, they will tell you. Many people usually call Amazon first before calling their banks and the response Amazon usually gives is for them to contact their banks. And that’s why I said you should contact your bank first. 

Things to look out for after receiving the payment revision message

Unfortunately, scammers and fraudsters are using the payment revision message to scam people. They send emails disguised to look like they come from Amazon to people and get them to reveal sensitive financial information. When you receive the payment revision message via email, be sure to do the following:

Are they asking you within the official Amazon website?

Amazon will send you a notification via email and your Amazon account if your payment details need to be updated. Should you receive an email suggesting this, log in to your Amazon account and check if there is truly a need to revise payment. If they match up, go ahead and revise your payment details. If you can’t find any payment revision notification on your Amazon account, you just dodged a bullet. 

Don’t click on emails that look spammy

Don’t click on any emails suggesting you change your payment details. First, double-check on your Amazon account to see if you’ve received this notification. Never click on links in any supposed payment revision needed emails.

Don’t tab on text links that suggest this.

The thing is that Amazon will never inform you of the need to revise your payment details via text. So you should disregard any text disguised to look like it came from Amazon telling you to revise your payment. This is a fraudster trying to get you to click on links in the text in order to steal your financial information. 

Never click on links in any supposed payment revision needed emails. 

Can figure it out?

Try to follow the instructions I’ve provided above to resolve the issue. Like I tell people, try to follow the solutions first, then contact your bank/payment provider if you still can’t resolve it. If your payment provider then points you to Amazon, you can no try to contact Amazon to resolve the issue. The reason for this is that you’ll most likely be told to contact your payment provider if you contact Amazon first. 

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