What Does Out for Delivery Mean on Amazon?

What Does Out for Delivery Mean on Amazon?

Amazon is a huge online marketplace that offers extremely fast shipping on a huge range of goods. However, the issue with online shopping is that after you’ve made the decision to buy the item, how long will it take to arrive? What does out for delivery mean on Amazon?

Out for delivery means the last leg of the journey has commenced. You package is on its way to your place as it has reached the nearest distribution center and is now on a delivery truck.

I’ll take you through the various meanings of this phrase as well as explain a little about how Amazon delivery works so you can know what to expect when your package is out for delivery.

Out for Delivery?

What Does Out for Delivery Mean on Amazon?

Amazon has a comprehensive guide to the usual statuses you’ll see on a package, and out for delivery means your package has left the seller or store and is on its way to be delivered to your specified address.

This is one of the last statuses before the coveted ‘delivered’ status, so you’re not far away from getting the package once something is out for delivery. However, it is important to keep in mind that yours is not the only delivery on the truck.

If your package is still out for delivery past 9 or 10 pm, it is unlikely you will receive it on that day. However, it is worth looking for notifications of attempted delivery on the Amazon app or homepage and checking with other members to see if someone else accepted the delivery.

Particularly in the case where the status changes to delivered, wait for a few minutes and check your doorstep or arrival area for an Amazon Delivery associate, especially if it is a big building. Sometimes end of the day packages may show as delivered while still in transit.

What Time Do Amazon Packages Go Out for Delivery

It’s important to first realize the rules that Amazon operates under. They will only deliver between 6 am and 10 pm local time.

There are also considerations regarding the time-sensitive nature of some packages. Amazon drivers are trying to get all the time-sensitive packages delivered first or before the cutoff time, so any non-urgent packages are going to be delivered last.

The other consideration is that a truck will leave the depot with a full day’s worth of packages in the morning, and has to follow a route that is determined to be one of the most effective ways to deliver all those packages.

Unfortunately, this can mean that even if you’re physically close to a delivery center, that doesn’t mean your place will be one of the first locations. Indeed, bulk stops, premium service packages, and commercial stops will all likely take precedence over a residence.

Shipping Options for Amazon

What Does Out for Delivery Mean on Amazon?

Amazon has definitely revolutionized the online shopping experience by offering many unique innovations, one of the main ones being shipping.

Amazon offers many delivery options to try and meet the demand for getting the product to the consumer as easily and cheaply as possible.

Amazon Two-Day Shipping

Two-Day Shipping means deliveries between 8 am and 11 pm local time every day of the week for most areas.

This is paired with an ‘estimated delivery window’ for when the order is expected to arrive.

While free with Amazon Prime, if you’re not in Prime then there is a minimum purchase order to activate this. 

The terminology around shipping is important; this actually means two days in transit to ship, but it could take a day or more for the item to arrive Amazon warehouse to be shipped.

Amazon Prime One-Day Shipping

Released in June 2019, this means you will get the item by 9 pm the following day.

You do have to respect a cutoff time for ordering, and this will change depending on where you live. It is also free with Amazon Prime.

You can filter results by ‘get it tomorrow’ to show all the products eligible for one-day shipping.

Amazon Same-Day Delivery

What Does Out for Delivery Mean on Amazon?

This amazing feat is achieved through a combination of four daily delivery windows and a limitation of what items it can be used on, but you’ll receive your order the same day you placed it, with many items delivered within five hours.

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now focuses on essentials such as medicine and other items found at a grocery store through its partnership with Whole Foods. The delivery time for this can be as little as an hour but this service is limited geographically.


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