Where To Find Amazon AWS Account Number

Where To Find Amazon AWS Account Number In 2021

An Amazon web Service(AWS) account is used to create and manage all your AWS resources. The account is assigned to two unique identifiers- The AWS account ID, and the Canonical user ID. However, quite a number of users find it hard to locate their AWS account number(AWS account ID) which leads most to asking “how do I find my Amazon AWS account number?”

You can find your AWS account number in your AWS management console. Sign in to your AWS management console and click on “my account”. You’ll find your AWS account number at the top right corner of your screen right below the name of the account.

This account ID is a 12-digit unique ID that should be kept secret. Although there are two ways to find your AWS account number, I will explore the methods and steps to finding the account number in the following paragraphs.

What Is An Amazon Card Number? 

Where To Find Amazon AWS Account Number In 2021

Firstly, you’ll need to know the different kinds of Amazon cards produced by Amazon. These cards are majorly used for payment purposes. They were created to ease the payment process while shopping on the website.

The cards include:

Amazon Credit Cards:

These cards were created by Amazon to ease payment processes for customers while also rewarding them handsomely with offers. There are different types of Amazon credit cards. They are:

  • Amazon Rewards Visa Card: This credit card offers users 3% back whenever used at Amazon.com and whole foods markets. It also offers 2% back at restaurants, gas stations, and drug stores, 1% back on all other purchases, 0$ annual credit card fee, and zero foreign transaction fees when used in other countries.
  • Amazon.com Store Card: This card is sold on Amazon and can be purchased with pay-over-time financing. It also offers 0$ annual fees, and zero fraud liability. 
  • Amazon secured card: This card is similar to the Amazon.com store card with newly improved security. It provides the same offers just as the Amazon.com store card.

Amazon Gift Cards:

An Amazon Gift Card is a pre-loaded card that contains a set amount of money. These cards can be gifted out to recipients via email, post, or other means.

The recipient can redeem their gift cards on Amazon and use them for anything on Amazon. You can purchase up to $10,000 worth of gift cards in a day.

What Are Amazon Card Numbers?

Amazon card numbers are numbers found on the above-listed cards. The card numbers are used to complete payment processes on Amazon. 

The Amazon gift card numbers are inputted on Amazon to redeem the amount preloaded into the card. After redeeming, the amount redeemed can be used for any purchases on Amazon.

How To Find Amazon Card Numbers:

Where To Find Amazon AWS Account Number In 2021

Amazon Credit Cards:

The numbers on Amazon credit cards are found on the front of the credit cards just like any other credit card. These numbers are inputted while making a purchase on Amazon.com. 

Amazon Gift Cards:

The serial number is found at the back of the card. The numbers begin with “17” and are 19-digits long, they also contain only numbers. These serial numbers are not the claim code.

An Amazon gift card claim code consists of 14 or 15 characters of both numbers and letters. This is the code Amazon sends to a user through their mail to finish the redeeming process. Once the code is redeemed, the amount preloaded on the card is added to the user’s balance for shopping.

Where To Find An Amazon Account Number?

If you’re an existing customer, cloud services might often require your account number in order to provide you with answers to your questions and provide you with upgrades to your services.

You can find your AWS account number in your console in two ways:

  • You can find it in “my account” 
  • You can find the account number in the “support center”

How To Find The Amazon Aws Account Number On The Web Application?

As discussed earlier, there are two ways to find it in your console. These ways include:

In “My Account”:

Step 1- Log In To Your Aws Account:

Firstly, you need to log in to your AWS account with your registered email and password. After clicking on login, you will be directed to your AWS Management Console page.

Step 2- Click On “My Account”:

After clicking on “My Account”, you’ll be directed to a page with your account details. Your account number is located at the top right corner of the screen right under the name of the account.

In “Support Center”:

Where To Find Amazon AWS Account Number In 2021

Step 1- Log In To Your Aws Account:

Log in to your AWS account using your email address and password. Once logged in, you’ll be directed to your AWS management console page.

Step 2-  Click on “More” in the navigation bar:

Navigate to the navigation bar and click on “More”. A drop-down will pop with a number of options. You should see “Support”.

Step 3- Click on “Support”:

After clicking on “Support”, you’ll see a number of products and services in the menu. At the top of the drop-down menu, you’ll see the “Support Center” button.

Step 4- Click on “Support Center”:

After clicking on “Support Center”, you’ll be directed to the support center page. Your 12-digit account number will be found on the navigation pane.

Why is your Amazon AWS account number important?

An AWS account is uniquely identified by a 12-digit unique ID which many AWS resources include in their Amazon Resource Names(ARNs). The AWS account number(account id) is important because it distinguishes Amazon Resource Names(ARNs) in one account from those in other accounts. If you are an Identity and Management(IAM) user, you can sign in to the AWS Management Console using the account number, or the account email.


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