How to Check if a YouTube Video and Channel Are Monetized?

YouTube is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with billions of visits and video views every day. It’s also one of the most popular platforms for online creators that want to monetize their content in the best way possible. 

YouTube made it easy with the YouTube Partnership Program (YPP), which makes you eligible for video monetization after you satisfy certain conditions. So, how can you check if a YouTube video and channel are monetized?

There’s no clear indication to tell if somebody else’s video or channel is monetized other than using a YouTube API, because YouTube now shows ads on non-monetized videos, too. However, you can set up and track monetization for your channel and videos via YouTube Studio.

Using an API tool doesn’t tell you yes-or-no if a video or a channel is monetized, but you can figure it out. It will show you if a video can show in-stream ads, and if it can, that means it’s monetized. Let’s get a bit deeper into YouTube monetization to help you understand how it works and why so many creators are trying to get their piece of the cake.

Are YouTube Videos Automatically Monetized?

Before the big changes in YouTube’s monetization policies in 2018, your channel was eligible for monetization after you’ve reached over ten thousand views. Now, you need to have at least a thousand subscribers and twelve thousand watch hours generated in order to be eligible for monetization.

It doesn’t go automatically, though. You have to sign up for the YouTube Partnership Program if you want to monetize your videos. You can do it through the left-hand menu in YouTube Studio in the Monetization tab. It will show you the progress your channel is making with a subscriber and watch hours counter.

Once you sign up, YouTube will send you an email when you reach the monetization eligibility goals. After that, you can set up your YPP account and finally be able to monetize your videos. Note that you can’t monetize videos uploaded before you entered the partnership program.

You’ll need to toggle monetization on and off for each video and obey YouTube’s monetization policies. You’ll be able to turn monetization on as you upload each video. If you want to monetize all videos, you can make monetization a default through the general settings.

If a YouTube Video Has Ads, Is It Monetized?

Prior to the big 2018 changes, ads were the best indicator of whether a YouTube video was monetized or not. However, after the changes, YouTube now shows ads on all videos whether they are monetized or not. The only difference is who gets the money: only YouTube, or the creator of the video as well.

So, if you see an ad when playing a YouTube video, it doesn’t necessarily mean the video itself is monetized. Even if you haven’t met the partnership program criteria, your videos will show ads. However, you don’t get paid for the ads until you enter the YPP.

That’s a big blow to new channels because YouTube basically takes 100% of the profit for their hard work. However, if you do meet the partnership standards, you’ll have a lot more control over what kind of ads are shown on your videos. 

You can allow or forbid certain types of ads from showing on your videos and find the perfect ratio between monetization and viewer satisfaction. Therefore, you can forbid non-skippable ads and allow only the ones your viewers can skip. However, you’ll get less money per shown ad if you do so, so you should check out what works best for you.

How to Check if Your YouTube Channel Is Monetized?

To get your channel monetized, first you need to satisfy the monetization criteria. At first, it was 10 000 views collectively on all your channel videos. Then, YouTube changed it to 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, and then finally raised the watch quota to 12 000 hours.

If you reach those numbers but haven’t applied for the YPP, your channel will remain unmonetized. You can apply for monetization right after you create the channel by clicking the Monetization tab in YouTube Studio and completing the steps.

YouTube will then send you an email with further instructions on how to set up your YPP account after you’ve met the 1000 subs/12 000 hours monetization conditions. You can check the status any time in the Monetization tab to know when you’ve reached eligibility.

How to Check if Your YouTube Video Is Monetized?

After your channel meets monetization requirements, you can monetize every new video you upload. However, you’ll have to turn on monetization individually for every video (or make it a default setting through the general settings).

You can choose what kind of monetization you want. The most common monetization option is ads, but there are other options, too. 

For instance, you can monetize a video by making it Paid content, meaning the viewers will have to pay a certain amount you determine to view the video. It’s not a great option for every video but is great if you want to have a “premium content” option.

To check if a particular YouTube video is monetized, go to the My videos tab in YouTube Studio. Next to every uploaded video, you’ll see a small $ symbol. If the symbol is green, you’re getting paid for the video. If it’s yellow, you’re still getting money for it but haven’t received enough revenue to cash out. If it’s dark grey (“turned off”), you’re not monetizing the video.

Either the video violates some of the monetization policies, or you haven’t turned monetization on. It could also be that you uploaded the video before you entered the YPP, making it ineligible for monetization.

How to Check if Another YouTube Channel Is Monetized?

There’s no way to tell if another YouTube channel is monetized – other than common sense. Before the big changes, YouTube showed ads only on monetized videos, so it was cleared to see if a channel was getting paid or not.

However, because of YouTube’s new ad policies, where every video is presented with ads, there’s no way of telling which channel is monetized and which isn’t.

Well, apart from common sense. If you see a YouTube channel with over 1000 subscribers and tens of thousands of views on their videos, they almost certainly monetized their channel. It takes a lot of hard work to meet the new partnership requirements, so if somebody worked that hard to get there, you bet they are monetizing it.

One other way to check if a YouTube channel is monetized is by checking if their individual videos are being monetized using an API tool.

How to Check if a YouTube Video Is Monetized?

Every YouTube video shows ads, so it’s impossible to determine if a video is monetized solely based on that factor. There’s no other way of telling if the video is monetized apart from using a YouTube API tool.

It won’t tell you directly if a video is being monetized, but it can tell you if the video allows in-stream ads (advertisement popping up in the middle of the video). If it allows in-stream ads, it’s most certainly monetized because that feature is reserved only for monetized videos.

YouTube can still show ads at the beginning or the end of non-monetized videos, but not in the middle. However, if the creator chose to deny in-stream ads, not even an API tool can help you determine if a video is monetized or not. 

But, that’s a dilemma you won’t have very often, but only with channels that borderline meet the partnership eligibility goals.

Also, if a video is branded as Paid content, it’s monetized as well. You can’t make a video Paid content if you don’t meet the monetization criteria, so it’s a good indicator of YPP channels.

How to Find Monetized YouTube Videos?

You might need to find monetized YouTube videos to target your marketing campaign. You might want your ad to be associated and shown on that video, or any other reason you might have to want to know if another video is monetized or not.

There’s no automatic way to check or search for monetized videos apart from the options I’ve pointed out in the previous chapter. However, knowing if a YouTube video is monetized is much simpler than you think, and you don’t even need any special tools to figure it out in most cases.

If a channel is way over the partnership eligibility conditions (for instance 10 000 subscribers and tens of thousands of views), they monetize their videos 99% of the time. If you see a video with a huge number of views but the channel has fewer than 1000 subscribers, you’ll know that the video is not monetized despite having a huge number of views.

The only unclear area is borderline channels that seem to have just met the partnership criteria. If you must know if they are monetizing their videos or not, try using an API tool, or simply ask them if you’re doing research, they’ll usually answer politely and without any trouble.

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