Can You Use One AdSense Account for Multiple YouTube Channels?

Can You Use One AdSense Account for Multiple YouTube Channels?

YouTube is an online video streaming platform for all age groups; Either it’s for entertainment, education, documentary, cooking, or whatever purpose, YouTube is there for you. Creators submit these contents with channels on the platform. These channels are like advanced profiles, hosting their content and serving it to people who might be interested in what they create. Now with these channels come the opportunity to earn money from people watching the content you have out, which brings us to the question; Can I use one Adsense Account for Multiple YouTube channels?

It is possible to use one Adsense Account for multiple YouTube channels. All you need do is link your YouTube channel to the intended Adsense account. You can add as many as possible too!

You might be wondering how you link your Adsense account with your numerous YouTube channels, is there a risk to it? Is there a limit to it also? Don’t worry. I will be guiding you through it in the following paragraphs;

How to link Multiple YouTube channels To One Adsense Account

As mentioned in the introduction, your YouTube channel can be monetized via the Google Adsense program. With this program, ads are served to your content viewers, and the impression and conversions are generated for you. However, you should know that there are certain requirements to be met before it becomes possible to sign up for this off your platform, you can read more from here; alternatively, you can check the YouTube support section here also.

When you link your Google Adsense account to your YouTube channel, you make your view counts, remarketing, engagement visible to the report. However, you can limit which of the option is available to the report.

To proceed with the linking, you can do so with the following steps;

  • Login to your YouTube Studio
  • Click on settings, then click on the channel
  • Locate the advanced setting tabs and click link Account
  • Give a name to the link (be creative), enter a Google Ads Account ID, and choose the permissions you want
  • Click Done and then click Save.

You might have to wait for the Google Ads Account owner to approve if it’s not yours, but it is active once it’s done.

Also, if you are not the Adsense account’s direct owner, it might be useful to limit what can be seen from the Adsense account.

Monetizing your YouTube account is a step towards earning money and getting rewarded for the efforts, time, and material you have spent while making content. Although the rate low, it gets larger and higher over time, and content makers get sufficient payouts that will suffice for what has been invested into the content piece. As it has been reoccurring, it is imperative to own a Google Adsense account if you want to earn at all.

Creating a Google Adsense account is relatively easy. Just go to the official site here, sign in with your existing Gmail account, or make a new one, and your journey is set. Just note, you can only open one account with the same payee name. So be careful not to use the wrong name or make mistakes with your registration. This is directed towards your payout. Google Adsense pays directly to your local bank at the current exchange rate to the account with the name you have provided.

Risk Of Linking Multiple YouTube channels With One Adsense Account

Linking your AdSense account with multiple YouTube channels might seem very relevant and useful at first, but with every great feature comes one or two risks.

A risk, in this case, is in the form of a chain reaction. Should a channel of yours violate a rule or infraction, you stand a chance of your google Adsense account getting suspended, banned, or terminated! This will affect the other connected accounts, and you might lose your earnings. 

So you might want to be careful with breaking the rules if you’re going to exploit the multiple accounts linking feature provided by Google. Also, be security conscious! In case of malicious users hacking into your account, using it for their illegal plans or purposes, it is advised you safeguard your budget as much as possible, especially when you have a large number of subscribers and viewership.

Changing your password monthly or using positively specific words is a way to guard against this. Be careful what kind of password keeper you use. How you sign in to your account from external links is also something to curb to raise your YouTube channels’ security level.

You might be wondering why linking your channels to just one Adsense Account is a good idea at all with the scary Con mentioned above. Simply put, it helps with management.  From one dashboard, you can see all that is happening regarding your earnings on YouTube in one place. Also, picture a pool with several sources. You can get your payments in one place, meet your target faster again. How good is that?!

How many YouTube accounts can be linked to AdSense?

As of the time of this writing, you can link as many accounts as possible to your Google Adsense Account. Keep in mind that you can only have one Google Adsense Account, but you can link several channels to the same Ad account.

Adding your channel to your Adsense Account means your channel has passed the requirements to start monetization and has been invited to the Ads Program by YouTube Itself. This might be a bit hard for new media as YouTube has recently stepped up its requirements for joining the Monetization program. The rules are;

  • Account owners must have over 4,000 hours of overall watch time on their channel within the past 12months 
  • Account owners must  have at least 1,000 active subscribers
  • Channel must also adhere to the rules and regulations guiding content creation and posting provided by YouTube.
  • It is necessary to have an Adsense account linked to your channel

Once you can fulfill the above conditions, you can apply to join the YouTube Partner Program.

The application process takes about 30days. Once your Channel meets the above requirements, YouTube will proceed with considering you for the partner program. Technically, you can earn from YouTube through the following means;

  • Advertising Revenue: You get paid from Video Ads, Overlay Ads, Display Ads on your content
  • Channel Memberships: Your members can pay for special services you render on your channel
  • Merch Shelf: Your viewers can browse and purchase items branded by you that are displayed on your watch pages
  • Super Chat & Super Stickers: Your viewers can pay to have their messages highlighted in chat streams, most times, live sessions.
  • YouTube Premium Revenue: You get part of a YouTube Subscriber’s subscription fee when they watch the content on your channel!

 It is crucial to note that it is not automatic that your application gets approved. You can reapply should you get rejected at first. While you are waiting for a response, take your time to curate mouth-watering content and do a couple of PR to get fans to subscribe to your page and increase your chances of getting your application accepted and your page getting bigger with views and audiences soon.


Owning a YouTube channel is a remarkable feat. YouTube content creators have served great stuff over the years, building YouTube as a hub with content from all spheres of life for people to feed on for free.

High school students, college students and graduates, professionals, religious groups, political groups, science, and research personnel have found YouTube resourceful and handy. Hence, the need for content creators from all available spheres of life. In a bid to reward them, the google ads program was invented. These content creators were given a charge to push further with their content creation magic, get better and serve high-quality content to their viewers but with financial rewards in mind.

While we have several creators with separate areas of interest, we have multi-faceted creators, a group of creators, hence the need for several channels manned by one person or a collective group of people. With this, linking all resource pools was made not just possible but also comfortable.  So, creators can link their channels to a single Adsense account for as long as possible. The procedure is simple and can be achieved by connecting a single track to the Adsense account. 

The only visible risk to this is a disciplinary action that might cut across all the channels, which in the real sense can be avoided (breaking a rule). To date, there are no restrictions to the number of accounts that can be linked to the single Adsense account, but you might just be advised not to link too much because of cases where you might get one of your channels hacked and may be used for illegal purposes. Handling your account details with caution is a significant precautionary step to take in this regard.

Link your YouTube channels to your AdSense account with caution and security in mind!


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