What is happening with innovation today? Opinion of Orlovski Victor


The creation of technologies requires a high level of competencies and a profound understanding of the industry in general. The biography of Victor Orlovski is proof of this fact. Victor Orlovski is the founder of a venture company, a platform for the banking sector, and a best-selling author and digital transformation expert. As is known from the biography of Victor Orlovski, the entrepreneur has broad and comprehensive knowledge in the field of investment and technology business. This allows him to assess with keen insight what is happening in the modern technology industry today.

The world is seeing a lot of innovations emerging every day, and generative AI is setting the pace even faster. According to Victor Orlovski, over time, humanity will see how the change of generations of leading corporations in this field will accelerate. However, the volume of innovation we witness in our daily lives will only increase. Consider the following example – OpenAI: Software Dipity reached 1 million users in three days, and 100 million in less than a month. Expert Victor Orlovski is sure that history has never seen such an increase in the speed of adaptation of products to the market.

Since the pandemic, there has been a boom in the development of technology companies providing remote services to their clients. This, according to Victor Mikhailovich Orlovski, was influenced by several reasons:

  • Ease of use of cloud technologies;
  • Non-susceptibility to crisis conditions during a pandemic is an absolute advantage compared to other organizations;
  • Possibility of remote earnings.

Among the companies that were able to meet crisis needs during the pandemic were Amazon, Google, Zoom, and others. They have become leaders and beneficiaries of the rapid development of the technology segment. According to Victor Orlovski, this was due to society’s belief that technology can save the world, as eloquently evidenced by the unprecedented increase in the value of biotech and IT startups.

How is the vector of technological development changing? Victor Orlovski speaks out

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Society considers technology the main engine of its own development. However, in the opinion of Victor Orlovski and many famous entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, it greatly underestimates the changes that occur due to the impact of technology. What at first glance would never have happened suddenly becomes reality and radically changes the world. Orlovski Victor is sure that this is why most people underestimate technologies of the distant future and overestimate their capabilities in the short term.

One of the paradoxical consequences of technological development can be found in that Zoom (the company that invented and developed teleconferencing) is now demanding its employees to return to the office space. It turned out that the productivity of people working remotely is significantly reduced. Unfortunately, existing tools for such employment do not provide the necessary level of communication, collaboration, and, consequently, do not result in innovation.

Victor Mikhailovich Orlovski is convinced that the market for technological innovation is currently greatly undervalued. Technologies will continue to take over not only our daily affairs, work, and finances, but also our lives in general. At some point, only high-tech businesses will remain at the top, which will repeatedly replace each other in the list of the most highly valued companies in the world.


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