TikTok Set to Test Horizontal Full-Screen Mode, Adapts YouTube’s Landscape Mode

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While YouTube has introduced Shorts, TikTok is currently testing out its clips to adapt to fullscreen as spotted by QM Games. Users can now get a horizontal view of the clips shown in the FYP section by selecting an icon on the application’s screen, similar to how it is on YouTube. This will be the first of its kind for a short video-sharing app. 

This feature will only be available on videos that are not vertically supported, giving viewers a better perception on screen. Earlier this year, TikTok had raised the bar for its video upload length, and users can now upload 10-minute videos onto the video streaming platform. Many have noticed the resemblance to how TikTok is taking a page out of YouTube’s handbook, and introducing a more content-friendly interface.TikTok’s largest target audience is mainly young teens and children, hence the growing popularity of the app. The app has since crossed one billion active users across the globe, so it makes sense that TikTok should enhance its platform and keep up with the growing trends.

Currently, the full-screen option is under testing by select users worldwide, and there is no estimate of when the feature will roll out. When it does, videos that have been optimized for the full screen will notify viewers to click the respective button and rotate the phone to get a better view. While the test product released online may look appealing, it is unclear if TikTok will follow through with the plan, or if the final result will be similar to what they promised.


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