Can You Use Ezoic Without AdSense?

Can You Use Ezoic Without AdSense

Ezoic is a fabulous tool that many businesses enjoy using to increase their ad revenue and make more money. It’s gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, and people often jump to it when they need help with their ad service. Many people pull many connections between Ezoic and Google’s AdSense, and that’s not without reason, as both services are entirely devoted towards ads. Since AdSense is the basis of Google’s whole ad operation, a lot of users ask the completely logical question, can they use Ezoic without AdSense?

You don’t need AdSense to use Ezoic. This is contrary to the popular belief, as many users believe that you need to register with AdSense to get permission to use Ezoic in the same context. This is false, you can use Ezoic completely disconnected from AdSense.

However, there are benefits if you’re using Ezoic with AdSense. In this article; we’ll be taking a deeper look into how Ezoic and AdSense work, how they work together, and is it better to start using Ezoic after AdSense or is that completely irrelevant. We’ll also be taking a look at Google AdSense and the Mediation app. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Do You Need AdSense for Ezoic?

As we’ve already said, you don’t need AdSense for Ezoic to function properly. It will function just fine if you have AdSense, but there are some benefits to having both. You can connect your Ezoic account to Google AdSense and it will pull all your historical AdSense data, this will in return allow Ezoic to create a baseline for your website and it will help Ezoic optimize your ad revenue quicker.

However, in order to start serving ads with your integration with Ezoic, you’ll need to apply for the Google Ad Exchange and be approved. This shouldn’t be a problem, though, as this process is simple and takes literally just a few minutes. What’s great about this is that Ezoic is Google’s Certified Publishing Partner, so it’s likely that you’ll be approved for this if you’ve already been approved for Ezoic.

Ezoic is completely compliant with Google since it’s Google’s Certified Publishing partner – this means that your site needs to be compliant with Google’s policies in order to be approved by Ezoic. These are the most important demands you’ll have to deliver (but not the only ones, you can check them all out on Google’s official site): no invalid clicks, no falsely encouraging clicks, no offering copyrighted material, no offering counterfeited goods, reliable traffic sources, no using automatically generated content, no creating empty pages with no original content, no using content that’s copied from other sites, no keyword stuffing, no using adult/dangerous content, no offering alcohol/tobacco or other harmful goods, no using aggressive/threatening content, no using illegal content.

It’s important to understand that Ezoic is an alternative to AdSense. This doesn’t mean that they can’t work together, but it absolutely means that they’re rivals. However, since Google is the owner of the whole service, it’s natural that Ezoic needs to conform to Google’s conditions, and not the other way around.

How Long Does AdSense Take to Approve?

Usually, it takes about two weeks for Google AdSense to approve an account. There are instances where an account is accepted within 24 to 48 hours, but this is a rare occurrence, as the account has to be manually checked and often adjusted to Google’s conditions – so, two weeks is a much more realistic approximation.

Google AdSense is free to join, and in order to get approved, your website needs to adhere to Google’s policies. Also, and this goes without saying, you need to be an adult – this is a monetary business activity, so it’s expected that you’re not a child.

Things that can help in getting approval, aside from completing Google’s requirements, are: having a site that’s 3 months old (or even older), with more than 30 articles and active traffic. You’ll need to add the AdSense code to your website, and then wait for the approval.

Here’s a warning from Google’s official website:

“Copy the code exactly as it appears on your AdSense homepage. Place the code on the URL that you provided when you created your AdSense account. Make sure that you place the code on a page that has content and receives regular visitors.“

Check for approval by logging on to your AdSense dashboard and checking your statistics.

Make sure that your website looks good (by your standards), and that you have a privacy page and contact information.

You will firstly get a temporary approval, before getting permanent approval. You’ll need to verify important information (mostly banking and payment info) with Google.

Always aim to create original, genuinely important content. Don’t just spam your site and write a bunch of keywords that you know are going to get a lot of clicks (which they won’t, actually – search engines now have a way to recognize keyword stuffing/spamming and won’t index those sites). Have good enough content, update your pages regularly, make sure your theme is great, get an original logo, perform both manual and automatic test and placements, and make sure to do your best when you’re messing around with advertising. Google’s AdSense is a great tool and you can profit from it if you know how to use it.

Why Should You Use AdSense With Ezoic?

Since Ezoic is Google AdSense’s Certified Partner Program – it allows its users to see many benefits that you wouldn’t have with other programs. One of these benefits is access to the AdSense Certified Partner Program, which is widely recommended by the majority of publishers using Ezoic – it improves the optimization process wildly.

You can join this program by logging onto your Publisher Dashboard and navigating to Monetization->’ Link Your AdSense Account’. After that, enter your AdSense email and click ‘Email Link’. You’ll accept the Google-host invite (you’ll receive this via email from Google or in the form of a link, from an Ezoic representative).

Once this is enabled, Ezoic will be able to use the data from your existing AdSense account to optimize the testing. This allows Ezoic’s system to establish a baseline for improving ad revenue, and the algorithms aren’t exactly in the dark. This will ultimately speed up the process of optimization.

You can opt-out of this link at any point via settings.

Google AdSense and the Mediation App.

Ezoic is also recommending that all users who intend to link Ezoic with AdSense install their Mediation App, alongside joining the AdSense Certified Program. This app will allow you to link your existing ad networks (hence the name: Mediation App), and this includes AdSense. Ad networks that are set up in Mediation App will compete with Ezoic’s own ad partners for the advertising inventory on your website, which in return guarantees the best paying ads.

To use the app, simply navigate to Ezoic’s Dashboard-> Monetization-> Enable Mediation. You’ll connect your existing ad networks. To do this, click ‘Display Ads’ and then ‘Add Network’ next to the name of the ad network you’d like to connect. Enter your username and password for that site and hit ‘Save’.

There are many benefits you get from the AdSense Certified Program and the Mediation App. According to Ezoic: you get your AdSense code included in the ad combination tests, you’ll have the real baseline (which is key to optimization), there’s no revenue share – you’re not risking anything, you can also remove the access at any time, you get reporting pulled into Ezoic from AdSense, DFP/ADX does not support all ad units (like link units) so it increases your opportunities to succeed.

After doing all this, you’ll soon witness new ad units and extra income appearing in your AdSense account. You can check this by clicking the ‘View Earnings Report’ in order to make sure that your ad partners are generating revenue. Any money you make through mediation will be paid by the ad networks you have connected to your Ezoic account into your individual ad network accounts.

Ezoic is undoubtedly a great tool, and the fact that it’s completely integrated with Google and certified by it can only be more helpful for you, the user. Using it in combination with AdSense is proven to be more profitable than using it on its own, and you should definitely pay attention to this.


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