Process Of Forming An Estonia-based Company

Process Of Forming An Estonia-based Company

Open a company in Estonia and pay zero percent corporate tax for the first year. Estonian offshore company registration attorneys at Fintech Harbor Consulting can assist with your Company Incorporation Estonia. Appointments may be booked over the phone or online at the Fintech Harbor Consulting website, and consultations are provided to both inhabitants and non-residents of the state or nation.


  • Foreign businesspeople are not subject to income tax.
  • Your company’s good name won’t be jeopardized since Estonia isn’t on any offshore blacklists.
  • Because of the ease with which different currencies may be exchanged in a banking system, governments have little if any say in the processes that take place inside the financial system.
  • Estonia allows for the formation of offshore companies, which may be managed remotely so long as a physical presence is maintained anywhere in the nation.
  • It’s easy and fast to set a company, and locals support business owners who come from abroad.

Get in touch with Fintech Harbor Consulting if you need any of the paperwork required to set up an Estonian corporation, or some sound legal guidance during the process.


To set up a company in Estonia, you’ll need the following. Such things consist of:

  • One of the first things you’ll need to do to become registered is filled out an application for a digital identification (ID) and have it approved.
  • You need an Estonian contact number and a legal Estonian address.
  • Creating a corporation. The first step is to choose the company’s name and the focus of the business.
  • Possession of a bank account. For safer financial dealings, opening a bank account is a necessity.

With the knowledge that Estonian law permits 100% foreign ownership and administration, setting up a corporation in Estonia is a viable option. The corporation must have a certain number of shareholders and board members. Please be aware that any of them must be of legal age (over 18).

In exchange for not charging corporate income tax on retained profits or investments, the minimum share capital requirement is reduced to €2,500. It is common practice for investors to form such a corporation in Estonia because of the country’s lack of corporate income tax.

Additionally, profit distribution is subject to a 20% corporate income tax. Fintech technology lawyers crypto may assist with registering a business name as easily as opening a business in Estonia or Cyprus. Get in touch with Fintech Harbor Consulting if you need any of the paperwork required to set up an Estonian corporation, or some sound legal guidance during the process.

The Procedures Involved in Establishing a Business in Estonia

  • OU (Limited Liability Company). A non-citizen or an Estonian citizen may start one of the most successful forms of company in Estonia. A point of contact and a legitimate address inside the state’s borders are requirements for the founder. Fintech Harbor Consulting attorneys will go through the specifics, but the minimum permitted capital is €2,500, and it may be paid in a number of ways. Any losses will not exceed the company’s authorized capital.
  • FIE (individual entrepreneur) (individual entrepreneur). Although the ownership structure does not need initial funding, the individual creator will be held personally accountable for the full value of his assets. Required to make quarterly prepayments of 352 euros and pay income tax of 33%. A non-resident alien is exempt from income tax in Estonia.
  • Company with Shareholders. In Estonia, all you need is a single shareholder and 25,000 EUR in authorized capital to start this kind of company. All business stock is registered with the appropriate agency, and a board of three is required for management.

In addition to the aforementioned structures, limited partnerships and commercial associations may also be registered in Estonia. Lay forth the terms of the establishment for both locals and visitors via phone and through the Fintech Harbor Consulting messaging service.


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