Is Google Blogger Shutting Down?

Is Google Blogger Shutting Down?

Google Blogger is an online content management system (CMS) that is being used to create informal online discussion sites, the so-called blogs. To create your own Blogger account, first, you must win a Google account. Every day people use more and more various online websites to create content just like Blogger, so the question is is Google Blogger shutting down?

According to some rumors, the Google Blogger platform was about to be shut down. Despite those rumors, spokesperson Soraya Labrechts says that the Blogger platform is still up and running and that Google has no intention of shutting it down any time soon.

The Google Blogger platform is still being used all around the world despite the fact that there are more and more similar platforms available for people who want to create content online. Although Google has a long history of shutting off its products, this one is here to stay! Many people still use the Blogger platform as well as many other Google services that go along with it.

Is Google Blogger Shutting Down?

Recently Google has shut down some of its platforms that were no longer being used as before, such as Google Plus. Because of this, Google Blogger users were also becoming apprehensive about their position on the platform due to serious neglect of the Google blogging platform that is still being used all over the world.

There were some rumors that Google is shutting down its platform Google Blogger. The spokesperson from Blogger, Soraya Lambrechts, says that the company has no plans of shutting down its blogging platform. Google has set the record straight by stating that they are not going to shut down their free blogging platform anytime soon.

The Blogger platform users shouldn’t have any worries because Google has no intention to shut down this platform that is still being used all around the world. Another reason why Google Blogger is going to keep being available for many people is that many of Google’s entities such as Youtube and Android still use the Blogger platform for their respective blogs.

Google wants to keep the Google Blogger platform up and running for small publishers and businesses who are still faithful users.  Despite the fact that there are more and more similar platforms being created, people are still using Google Blogger to this day, and it is because of that the platform is still active today.

While Google Blogger is a platform designed just for creating any type of blog, there is some platform that is designed as a full Content Management System. These platforms, such as WordPress, are designed to help you build online content and to create any type of website which is why some people rather choose it than the Google Blogger platform.

Does Anyone Still Use Blogger?

When someone mentions blogging, the Google Blogger platform is the one site that always comes to mind first. A lot of people say that they started their blogging ”careers” with a Blogspot address. Even though Google hasn’t shut down this famous platform, they are not making much effort to update it or even improve it to enable their users with a better and more satisfying consumption.

As I mentioned earlier, there are more and more platforms that offer the same or similar services as the Google Blogger platform which is why some people think that Blogger is being shut down. Nevertheless, the Google Blogger platform today has more than 90 million monthly visitors and content creators. These users are not only creating quality content but also using Google AdSense which is great news for Google advertisers.

Although there are more complex blogging tools available, many people still choose the Google Blogger platform rather than any other service available online. The Blogger platform is a free service and makes an attractive option for anyone who feels like Blogger is just fine for their needs. 

Some people just want to update their family and friends about their life or host their advice column or even to discuss some political views, and that is why they still choose to use the Google Blogger platform nowadays. Some users use Google Blogger to make podcast feeds as well which is a great thing.

Another reason why there are so many Google Blogger users nowadays is that the setting up of the account can be done in just a few simple steps. First, you need to create an account. Then you choose a name and a template for your blog. The great thing about it is that you can create multiple blogs under one account to separate your professional blog from your personal one.

Should You Be Using Blogger?

What is great about the Google Blogger platform is that it is a great Google service that enables you to start your blogging efforts to find out whether you’re able to keep up with regular posting and attract a regular audience. If you later find out that you like the blogging lifestyle and want to invest in your webspace, other more sophisticated blogging tools offer you more customization options and tracking information.

Compared to another self-hosted blog platform such as WordPress, the Google Blogger platform is still an okay choice for some people. Nevertheless, some people are not satisfied with just an okay choice which is why they choose to use other platforms to create their online content.

Google Blogger is still active and up and running, but if you look at the last three years, Google has updated their blogging platform only three times which shows that Google is not interested in maintaining its services, although they say otherwise. The last update was over a year ago, in 2019. The other two updates were made in 2018 and 2017 which is a saddening fact.

There are so many possibilities to improve and to update the Google Blogger platform to attract more and more users daily, but still, there is no trace of it which is also a saddening fact for its users. Google has so many tools and talent to improve the Blogger experience but still choose not to do it. For example, Google could tie the Blogging platform to the Google Calendar which would be a great improvement when scheduling posts on the Google Blogger platform and presenting them on your Calendar as a Reminder or an Event.

Sadly, there are more and more people that use the Google Blogger platform because of their fond memories of the platform, and not because of its quality. The simplicity of the Blogger interface is nearly the only thing that is keeping their current users interested.

It is sad to say that the last hopeful news for the Google Blogger platform was in 2018 when they promised to bring their users ”exciting updates”. Nearly two years later there are still no such updates being made which is pushing people away to try and learn to use new blogging platforms that offer them so much. 

Some theories say why Google has chosen to ignore its blogging platform and has let it flounder. Firstly, there is the Google+ service. Google was all-in on its major social network which left so little space for any other Google product available to its loyal users. 

Secondly, even though social media took over the Internet, publishing, and media as we know it has fundamentally changed. This major turn in blogging history has left Blogger upended which is why Google Blogger became less important for most people.

There was some positive news for Google Blogger users in 2019. For the first time in three years, there were some updates made for the Android app for the Blogger platform. Even though it shows that Google still cares for their blogging service, there is still so much to do and to improve to keep their current users interested in staying and using the Google Blogger.


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