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People have plenty of reasons why they want to change their YouTube channel name. Maybe the old name they chose a long time ago doesn’t fit the current posts. It is, therefore, better to switch the name to a new one that matches your new posts.

Have you made up your mind and all set to change your YouTube channel name? In this article, I walk you through a step-by-step guide you have to follow to be successful in changing the name. The whole process takes less than a minute of your time.

Is It Possible To Change YouTube Name?

It’s now possible for YouTube creators to change their names on YouTube whenever they feel the need to update their current details.

On the YouTube help page, it is clearly stated that one can only change their names three times every 90 days. Hence, this is a note you should keep in mind if you are experimenting on different usernames to avoid exhausting this limit before you settle on the YouTube name you want to use.

How To Change YouTube Name?

Are you still using a YouTube name that you chose back in high school days and now has become uncomfortable in adulthood? Or do you have your interests changed, and you post and view different types of media that you feel no longer suits your current YouTube name?

Don’t worry. Just get started with a process of changing that YouTube name, and you are ready to go with a brand new name in less than a minute. YouTube has simple steps to change the username. Just be certain about the changes before you go through with it because of the three times limit in 90 days period YouTube allows you to make the changes.

Below are the steps you take to change your YouTube username using different PC, iPhone, and Android devices.

How To Change YouTube Name On PC?

To change the name that appears on your YouTube comments, as well as your YouTube channel’s name, follow the following steps:

  1. Go to on your web browser  

You can use Mozilla Firefox, chrome, or Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. PC allows you to use any browser. If you are already signed in to your account, this will take you to your YouTube Home page. However, if you are not logged in, enter your email address and password to continue.

2.            Click On Your Profile Image. 

It’s on the top-right side of your YouTube page. A drop-down menu will appear. If you haven’t uploaded your picture yet, the profile image will appear as a colored circle with your initials in the middle.

3.            Click Settings

The drop-down menu changes the layout. It depends on the page you use to access it from. The settings menu can be somewhere halfway the drop-down menu or a button that looks like a gear near the top below your username.

To change the name attached to the channel, click on the switch account, click the channel’s name and then click the profile icon again.

4.            Click “Edit On Google.” 

This link is below the “Account Information” to the right of your username.

5.            Enter Your First And Last Name

  • Use the “first” and “last” text fields to enter the names. If you like your username to appear as several words (i.e., “Puppies and Kitties”), you can write the first word in the “first” field and the rest of the phrase in the “last ” field.
  • If you are changing the channel name, this field will read “Name” and doesn’t require a “last” section.
  • You can also add your nickname under the “Nickname” section. You can select to display the nickname as part of your name. To do this, click on the downward-facing triangle, and you will see “Display my name as:” and select how you like your nickname to be included.

6.            Click “OK”

Find it at the bottom of the name-change window.

7.            Click “Change Name.” 

When prompted, click on it. This will change your username or channel name.

How To Change YouTube Name On Android?

  1. Open YouTube 

Tap on the YouTube app icon, which resembles a small white triangle on red color background. Sign in to your account. You will do that by entering an email address and password. 

  1. Tap Your Profile Icon

Profile icon is a circle in the top right corner of the screen. Tap on it, and a pop-up drop-down menu will appear.

  1. Select A Different Channel Where Necessary

If you want to change the name of a different channel name other than the one you’re currently logged in to, tap a downward pointing arrow to the right of your name in the top-left corner of your screen, and tap on the name of the channel you would like to edit. You’ll then tap on the profile icon again to open the menu.

  1. Tap “My Channel”

You’ll find this option at the top of the menu.

  1. Tap The “Settings”  

This can be a gear button to the right of your current channel name.

  1. Change Your Name

Tap the “Edit” icon to the right of your name. This will open a pop-up window on your android. Then use the on-screen keyboard to change the name as you want.

  1. Tap” OK”

It’s at the bottom of the window. Doing this will update your channel’s name. It may take a while to display the updated name elsewhere.

How To Change YouTube Name On iPhone?

  1. Go to YouTube and ensure that you are signed in to your account.
  2. To the top right corner of your screen is your account icon. Click on it.
  3. Hit ‘Settings ’ on the drop-down menu that appears.
  4. Click “Edit on google” beside your name.
  5. Replace your old name with the choice of your new name, then click “OK.”

And that’s it. You now have a new YouTube name. This is the name that will appear on the videos you post and on the comments you make on other videos that you view.

How To Change YouTube Name Without Changing Google Name?

Until now, YouTube creators had to change their name and icon of the entire Google account when they want only to change their YouTube channel name. Hence, their names on YouTube would be the same name they use to receive and send emails from Gmail.

YouTube is now allowing YouTube creators to change their names and profile images without affecting their linked Google accounts. It is now possible to have your Google account and YouTube channel as two separate entities. You no longer have to appear as “Love and Puppies” in Gmail or use your full name as a YouTube channel name if you don’t want to.

This new update is very helpful to those YouTube users who wish to keep personal and YouTube identities separate. However, there are a few caveats that established YouTube users need to keep in mind.

  • If you change the name of your verified channel, you lose the verification badge. One will have to reapply for the verification status again but will go through the same process before earning the badge back.
  • Your channel’s custom URL will not change.
  • Music artists will keep their musical note icons.

 This new YouTube editing option can be done using both desktop and YouTube mobile App.

 How To Change YouTube Name Without Changing Google Name On PC?

  1. Open YouTube studio in your browser
  2. Click “customization” from the side-bar menu
  3. Go to the “Branding” tap, and click “Change,” which is next to your profile image and upload a new one.
  4. Go to the “Basic info” tab and click on a pencil icon next to your channel name to make changes.
  5. Click “Publish” to save changes and update your channel’s information.

How To Change YouTube Name Without Changing Google Name On Android?

  1. Open the YouTube App on your android.
  2. Tap on your profile picture in the top-right corner to access the list of options.
  3. Tap “Your channel.”
  4. Click “Edit channel.”
  5. Make changes you want to make.
  6. Save the changes.

How To Change YouTube Name Without Changing Google Name On iPhone?

Want to change your YouTube channel name using your iPhone? In the steps below, I guide you through a simple process to be successful doing it.

  • Simply tap on your channel logo in the top right corner, then tap on your channel.
  • Next to your channel name, there is a settings icon. Tap on it then you should be able to see a pencil icon next to your name.
  • Click on it, and you should be able to make edits as you want.
  • Then tap on “OK” to save the changes you made.


As I’ve discussed above, it is possible to change your YouTube channel name when you feel the need to whether you are using a desktop, an android phone, and an iPhone. This is important since the old name may no longer reflect the current interests of the user. 

You can now change the YouTube channel name without affecting the Google account information, which is a good thing as you can now send emails with your real name but not the YouTube name.  


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