How Customizable Is WordPress?

How Customizable Is WordPress?

One of the most famous content management software that is used to create and maintain blogs and a wide variety of websites is WordPress. WordPress is so great because it is so easy to use, and it will make your blog or website great if you learn how to use it. There are a lot of benefits regarding WordPress and one of them is that it is customizable. So the question is how customizable is WordPress?

WordPress is 100% open source which makes it customizable. You can customize it just the way you like it and you can view all the source code and edit it the way you want as well. Codes of all themes and plugins are also editable which is even better.

What is great about WordPress is that there are a wide variety of plugins available that can help you customize your WordPress software just the way you like it. Some of these plugins are paid, and some are free, but each plugin has many options that you can select to customize it in just a few simple steps.

Can You Customize WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most famous blogging platforms that allow you to customize your new web page just the way you want it. If you’re looking to change the look of a certain team, you need to know how to use CSS. To do some structural changes, you must be good with PHP and javascript. Lastly, if you’re looking for additional functionality, you should look for some plugins that can do what you want.

The great thing about WordPress is that you can customize it in a lot of different ways. For example, you can customize any theme in WordPress using CSS. There are so many customizable options for wordpress.ORG via plugins. There are several theme ”frameworks” that allow customization right from within the dashboard of your blog.

It is important to mention that this option is not free, you have to buy a ”subscription” that can vary from around 20$ up to 100$ per year depending on the theme. So if you’re looking to customize your blog and make it special and unique, you have to dig into the code. However, editing PHP isn’t recommendable unless you have a good level of experience and know a good deal about security issues.

So if you have installed a WordPress theme but you think it’s not quite right for you, you can always customize it because there are plenty of options available to you for customizing your WordPress theme. The real challenge isn’t the customization itself but finding the right way to do it.

There are different options for your customization depending on different situations. If you want to add more functionality to your theme, you should install a plugin. You can use the Customizer in your WordPress admin screens to customize fonts, colors, and layout too.

In case you are working with a page builder theme, you can use its features to customize the design of your site. On the other hand, if you’ve installed a framework theme, you can use one of the available child themes to customize your site, along with the customization options on the admin screens.

If you have more experience and you feel comfortable doing it, you can also edit the theme’s code directly, if your theme is specific to your site. Lastly, if you’re looking to edit the code of a third-party theme, you need to create a child theme which is not so hard if you’re familiar with it.

Is WordPress Fully Customizable?

If you’re asking yourself if WordPress is fully customizable, the answer is yes. You can customize themes and add plugins and codes if you’re comfortable doing it in just a few simple steps. There are a few options for your customization which is a great thing because not everyone knows how to add code or something that more experienced WordPress users know.

WordPress is a blogging platform that can serve as a basic content management system that offers you so many options and themes that sometimes you won’t even need to customize it. On the other hand, if you don’t want a WordPress theme, then it is advisable to stay away from WordPress entirely because this content management system is written entirely in a PHP script, utilizing a MySQL database.

It is good to mention that building something from scratch in WordPress isn’t for the casual user that has no programming experience. It is very important to be informed about the programming needed for full customization because you don’t want to mess something up. WordPress has extensive capabilities and you don’t get that level of capability with 50 lines of HTML for example. 

On the other hand, if you want full customization, you can also hire a professional designer to do it for you. However, this may be expensive for you if you’re not looking to build a professional website or blog because the costs may range from 100$ for simple themes up to 3500$ for complex special-purpose sites.


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