Does USPS Take Apple Pay

Does USPS Take Apple Pay In 2022?

The United States Postal Service is responsible for providing postal services within the United States, not leaving out its insular areas and associated states. With over 600,000+ employees, the independent agency has helped in delivering mail, goods, etc all around the country. Users of the postal service have made queries to know if the postal service accepts Apple Pay as a payment method in its post offices, hence leading us to ask if USPS takes Apple Pay in 2022.

You can complete your transaction with USPS online using Apple Pay. If you want to complete your transaction in person, you may need to use your credit or debit cards to complete the payment as USPS doesn’t take Apple Pay in person. A recent website update shows that USPS now takes Apple Pay online. 

In this article, I’ll shed more light on the subject to determine if USPS accepts Apple Pay, and how to use Apple Pay at USPS locations and online. I’ll also discuss with you other payment methods you can use at USPS to complete your transactions at the post service.

Does USPS Accept Apple Pay?

Does USPS Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Since more than 50% of smartphone users are Apple device users, it’s important to know if USPS takes Apple Pay as a payment method in-person and online because this will indicate that USPS is in line with the growth of technology while also placing its customer experience as a top priority and let apple device use the NFS technology to complete their transactions. 

Fortunately, USPS does accept Apple Pay but only for online transactions presently. Although USPS is popularly known for the bad services they offer when it comes to their payment methods as a lot of users have complained about their point of sales terminals being old, USPS promises to add NFC technology as one of its payment terminals so users of digital wallets can use the contactless payment feature. So if you want to use Apple Pay to complete your USPS transactions, you can only do that by using the USPS website. 

In addition, some users have indicated that particular USPS offices have NFC-based technology terminals installed in them so users can perform contactless payment transactions. Although this is just speculation as this is highly dependent on the location of the USPS office, you can verify using Apple Maps whether a USPS office at a particular location accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. 

To know if a particular USPS office accepts Apple Pay, open your Apple Maps and enter the location of the USPS office. Once the search results come up, scroll down to the “Things you should know” section. If you see the Apple Pay logo in the section, this means you can go on to use Apple Pay at the USPS office. 

Just in case you do not see the Apple Pay logo, you may need to have an acceptable alternative payment method available so you can complete your transaction or you may rather use the USPS website to complete your transaction. 

Does USPS Accept Apple Pay In Person?

There are speculations that some USPS offices do accept Apple Pay in person but this is highly dependent on the location of the office or store. Although USPS hasn’t announced the acceptance of Apple Pay at its offices or stores, you can still go on to verify if your neighborhood’s USPS office accepts Apple Pay by using Apple Maps. Hop on your Apple Maps and search for the USPS location on the map. 

Scroll down to the things you should know section and check if the Apple Pay logo is attached there. If it is, then you can use Apple Pay at the office. If it isn’t, you’ll need to have an alternative payment method available.

Does USPS Take Apple Pay Online?

Does USPS Take Apple Pay In 2022?

A recent website update on the USPS website indicates that USPS now accepts Apple Pay online. This means you can complete your transaction online with Apple Pay without needing to enter your credit or debit card details. With this, you don’t really need to face the stress of heading to a USPS office that’s quite unsure of having the NFC payment terminal to help you complete your contactless transaction.

Once you’re entering your mailing details, on the checkout page, just look for the Apple Pay logo and tap on it. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

How To Use Apple Pay At USPS

To use Apple Pay on the USPS website or in person, you need to set up your Apple Pay wallet first if this is your first time using Apple Pay. This is because you’ll need to add your credit cards to the wallet and also authorize the wallet so go on and set up your wallet then proceed to the following steps.

How To Use Apple Pay On USPS Website

Step 1: Login To your USPS Account

Launch the mobile application and log in with your account details.

Step 2: Choose The Service You Want To Acquire

Select the service you want to acquire and proceed to the checkout page after you’ve entered all the required information.

Step 3: Confirm Your Information and Checkout Details

Make sure to review your information and checkout details. You can verify if the delivery address for the mails is correct and if the items are within your budget. 

Step 4: Tap The Apple Pay Button

Tap on the black Apple Pay button at the bottom of your screen after confirming your information and details.

Step 5: Follow The Apple Pay Instructions And Complete Your Transaction 

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your transaction by submitting your payment via Apple Pay.

How To Use Apple Pay At USPS Offices / Stores

Does USPS Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Step 1: Select Your Mode Of Payment

Go to the checkout point. And ask the attendant if Apple Pay is available and can be used to complete your transaction.

Step 2: Open Your Wallet And Select Your Card

Open your wallet on your iPhone or iPad. You can use your default card or change the default card to another card. To do this, tap on the default card and select a different card you’ll like to use to complete your current checkout process.

Step 3: Authenticate Your Card By Verifying Your Identity 

Double-click on the power button to activate your Face ID scanner if your device uses Face ID for authentication. If Face ID is unavailable, input your passcode. 

Place your finger on the home button to scan your Touch ID if your device uses Touch ID for authentication. If it’s unavailable, input your passcode. 

Step 4: Complete The Contactless Transaction 

Hold your iPhone or iPad near the contactless reader or on top of it. Be patient enough to wait for the checkmark before removing your device.

Other Payment Methods Available At USPS

Does USPS Take Apple Pay In 2022?

Since the organization is an independent agency under the United States federal government, it definitely does accept various other payment methods to give users the option of using their most preferred payment method. The following are other accepted payment methods at USPS:

  • Credit / Debit cards – American Express, MasterCard, Visa, etc.
  • Money Order.
  • Cheque.
  • Cash.
  • Click to pay digital wallet
  • Payment on delivery
  • PayPal.


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