10 Best Online Article Generators (Free And Paid)

10 Best Online Article Generators (Free And Paid)

If you’re running an online blog or if you have your own website, then you know about SEO and how much content you need in order to keep your site competent when compared to other sites. One of the best ways to do this is content creation, keeping your site fresh, and constantly updating it according to the most popular searches, allowing your site to get more clicks and thrive. Many content creators try to use the shortcut in the form of online article generators, after all; why would they write articles from scratch when there are generators online that can do all that for them?

However, there is more to this story than it seems, as article generators aren’t perfect tools and they don’t create faultless content. Many article generators just create pre-written content that’s also unedited, meaning that despite not needing to write from scratch – you still need to edit the content. Some writers argue that this is barely any better than writing content from scratch, since it shortens the creation process by very little, and in return, you have to do a lot of meticulous, monotonous work in editing a mostly unlikeable piece of writing.

Another issue is that Google Bot automatically recognizes articles created by article generators, so in order to dodge this issue (since it causes the Search to automatically ignore your website) you need to re-edit a lot of the content.

When you put it like that, it seems like article generators are too much trouble for their worth, nevertheless, here’s a list of the ten best online article generators, both free and paid.

Free online article generators:

Before we dive into the free article generators, we must note that the biggest problem with free generators it the lack of context they offer. The articles are written by using an algorithm, meaning that it’s literally written by a robot – and it shows. It takes a lot of work to humanize that sort of work. Here’s our list of top five free article generators on the web.

1. Article Generator  

Article Generator is probably the first result your search browser will show if you type ‘Article Generator’ in. It qualifies as both a free and a paid tool, as there’s a free and a premium option (which is £3.99). If you decide to use the free option, the generator can create as many as ten different articles on the topic. As is the case will every article generator – you’ll have to re-edit the article if you want it to sound natural. However, the articles aren’t actually bad, they even include pictures. The tool is also 100% mobile and tablet friendly, so you aren’t restricted to using them only on your computer.

2. Article Creator

Article Creator is another free article generator with the option of paying for the full, premium version, at the price of $4 monthly. The generator can create up to ten articles, just like Article Generator, however, it has the option of creating it in other languages. The generator now supports multiple languages: English, French, Germany, Spanish, Dutch (Netherlands), Chinese, Japanese, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, Polish (Poland), Korean & Turkish. The creators of the generator claim that the tool will grab fresh news and blog articles and rewrite them, making them more unique which is great for your SEO. The generator also offers the option of buying the PHP script for $27, which means that you can provide the same service this tool does.

3. Article Spinner 

Article Spinner is the simplest of all the free tools, and it’s just a simplified version of Article Creator. It has the option of generating up to ten articles, and you can choose the search engine you want to use. There isn’t much to say about this generator as it’s so simple.

4. Artikelschreiber

Artikelschreiber is a German tool with the option of generating texts in English. It’s completely free and needs about 8 to 12 minutes to create the content you need. You can even specify your topic as it requires both your main and your sub keyword. The site also contains examples of articles generated by the tool, so you can convince yourself of the tool’s efficiency. It’s fully free and out of all the free tools, this one seems to have the most human resembling content, and I consider it to be the best out of all the generators on the list.

5. SEO Pressor

SEOPressor is an online tool for SEO management. It’s fairly useful, as it analyzes online search terms and how much attention they receive. It’s not just a tool for content generation, but a tool for SEO management and improvement in general. It’s not free, but it’s on this list because it offers a trial and it’s definitely worth it. Out of all the tools on this list, this one is the most advanced and the most sophisticated one.

The most recognizable difference between free and paid software is in the quality of the created content. Generators that are paid for usually have really well-written algorithms that can very accurately copy and imitate real writing about any topic. This way, the editor who has to make sure that the posted content is good only has to proofread it once and do a very little editing. That means that the editing team can spend their time on more important tasks, not humanizing badly written content.

6. Article Generator Pro

This generator will generate a free article as a sample, but you’ll get so much more if you buy the whole software. At the price of $19 a month, and with the option of $180 for a lifetime, the software can definitely serve its purpose for that kind of money. The complete tool has the additional options of a smart algorithm that reconstructs information from various sources (helping your SEO), zero user input needed, all the articles are free from plagiarism, adding references at the end of the articles, gathering images relevant to the articles, generating unlimited articles.

7. Wicked Article Creator

Wicked Article Creator is an exclusively purchasable tool for article generation. At the price of $30, the tool has some serious advantages in comparison to others: it can scrape content from any website (including the titles, headlines, and paragraphs), it has access to a database of over 5 million websites, it can provide different templates for your article, it can scrape images and videos for your article, it can spin any article in seconds (literally) – meaning you don’t have to wait, it can build complete project data for GSA SER, and lastly, the site has its own unique database of titles and it can generate titles from that database. A price is a lifetime option, meaning that it lasts forever and you get frequent free updates.

8. Article Forge

Article Forge can develop unique content using artificial intelligence with the same quality of a human writer, all for a fraction of the cost. The site offers free samples, and the creators claim that there is no difference between this sort of article and an article written by human writers. After entering the keyword, all you have to do is wait for 60 seconds before receiving the article via email. The tool comes at a cost of $57 a month, but you can choose a yearly option of $27 a month – which is billed annually. Every article is written completely from scratch, meaning that you’ll never be accused of plagiarism, and the artificial intelligence uses the same algorithm Google does, so it automatically knows what words to use to get you ranking higher. Article Forge also generates content in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish!

9. Kafkai

Kafkai, named after writer Franz Kafka, is a software generating unique and readable content using an AI writer. It is a machine-learning algorithm that writes articles from scratch, meaning that there is no spinning or scraping in the background – all the articles are completely unique. The creators behind it have been in the SEO industry for more than a decade and know all the ins and outs, guaranteeing maximum proficiency in the business. The articles can be anything from 500 to 900 words long, and they come in English only.

10. Seo Content Machine

This is the first platform that allows anyone to create content, regardless of language. SEO Content Machine works in all languages, on all platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), the user interface is built for speed, and it can schedule frequent posts on WordPress/Blogger or other sites that support posts by mail. The price for it is $27 on a monthly basis and $197 for a lifetime.


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