What Are the Best Topics for Feature Writing?

What Are the Best Topics for Feature Writing?

A feature story is a type of news in which the focus is on human stories. The type of writing is different from the legality of news. They can cover any subject, from lifestyle pieces to investigative reports. They can be found in every section of the newspaper. They are not defined by theme, but by the style of writing. It presents information through characters and narrative stories and differs from a short story in that the content is not fictional. Here are the top 10 topics for feature writing.

10 Best Topics for Feature Writing

1. The profile

This topic of a feature story brings a deep look into some personalities and is the staple of feature writing. It can include an interview with an interesting person in your community. But, to really portrait a person, you need to spend a lot of time with them. The more time you spend with them, the more will they bring their guard down and get comfortable. That way you can write a feature properly.

You should start the article with the information on why this person is newsworthy. Biography is the most important material. Readers should connect with this person, understand them better, and be interested in their education and career.

This kind of feature story should also be presented from many points of view, so that means you should probably interview more people about the subject of a profile. When writing this type of feature, you need to make sure you know what information is useful, important, or surprising.

2. Modern-Day heroes

This topic includes stories about people who have made a difference in their society or the world. You can write a story on how people can organize local movements and spread them globally through activism. Also, some movements don’t have to be global. Look for the heroes locally, and see how their activism is changing the local society.

Modern-day heroes are described as people who stand up for what they believe in. They are people who fight against modern evil and help those who are in need. The goal for this topic could be to encourage activism in readers, to make a change.

Search for certain qualities in people. Those qualities can include intelligence, bravery, selflessness, and many more. Modern-day heroes can be doctors, soldiers, and even individuals who go beyond their abilities and still make great achievements. Heroes can also be role models who offer guidance.

Modern-day heroes use their voices to inspire, motivate, guide, and raise hope in certain situations.

3. Live-in

Live-in stories are one of the most interesting feature stories because they can do in-depth about a topic. It is a very detailed research process and often tiring. This type of story can cover, for example, the problems of the homeless. This means that you would probably spend a night in the spot where homeless people gather. With a Live-in feature story, you’re showing people how homeless people live.

It can also be a story about emergency rooms, hospitals, or nursing homes. The idea is that you capture the rhythm of working. You take the readers behind the scenes of a certain place and show them a side they can rarely see. The goal is to let go of yourself and be immersed in the place you are investigating. Sometimes it will take you a day or two, but in some cases, observing can take you up to a month to gather all important information.

4. Unusual pets

People are used to having dogs and cats as pets, but some time ago hamsters and guinea pigs were one the unusual pets. In today’s world, they have become regular pets, as well as snakes and spiders. But even know, you can still find people that hold unusual animals as pets, and those people can even be your neighbors.

A lot of people raise and take care of animals you wouldn’t think of. Common pets that we know of are cats, dogs, and birds, but even those animals require a lot of responsibility and care. There are a lot of unusual animals that are legal to own, those include capybaras, servals, chinchillas, hedgehogs, foxes, goats, pythons, and many more.

This type of story can feature why the owners considered having those animals as pets. You can write about what problems they face, for example, food supply and shelter. Some people have exotic animals for pets, and you can write a story of how they got them and why do they keep them.

5. Unusual jobs

Right after unusual pets, there are stories about unusual jobs. Because of the world’s population, there are a lot of common jobs, like doctors and policemen. But, many people found their careers in different branches.

You can cover stories of people who work in an unusual job position, how they started working there, and what they do. Explore unusual jobs that don’t exist anymore, like human alarms or storytellers in factories.

Gather information on how much is each job paid and what is the demand for certain job positions. Find the number of people who occupy a certain job position and how long they worked there and why.

6. Travel

Even though travel bloggers are always sharing their stories about traveling, you can still contribute. In this type of feature story, you would spend a lot of time researching. You can share a lot of advice for readers who have a desire to travel.

There are a lot of writers who share tips and tricks about traveling, including what to do/what not to do in certain countries or cities. If you don’t travel and don’t know how to write about traveling, make a list of all the reasons why should someone visit your country. Provide them with first-hand information that they can’t learn anywhere else.

Take time to research what are the cheapest but most accommodating hotels. Where can they eat delicious food, and even visit some cultural manifestations? You can make a list of museums and galleries which people can visit.

7. Zoo animals

Animals in the zoo seem to be a topic that is slowly rising, mostly because many people are oriented towards animal rights. Visit your local zoo and explore how these animals act. Make sure to know how they are treated and maintained. Find out what type of rules zoos have.

Many people are against zoos, but find those who are in favor of keeping them and look for explanations. Some zoos hold endangered species and you can look into them and find out how they are trying to save the species.

On the other hand, try to find out what damage zoos do to animals. Some say that animals can become depressed, become sick, and extremely malnourished. Find out if your local zoo has the proper care and shelter for animals.

8. Celebrity life

Celebrities never go out of style. People always wanted to read about the latest news about them. You can do research about celebrity culture, and why people are obsessed with them. Search about upcoming movies and make profiles about actors starring in them. Search about the struggles and successes of celebrities.

When you write about celebrities make sure you are responsible and neutral. Make sure that you are precise and find reliable sources. Don’t write malicious content. You can even cover stories about paparazzi. Get the general public’s opinion about paparazzi’s.

Find people who have met famous people and gather their experiences. Find what people love or hate about celebrities.

9. News

A lot of news goes uncovered in newspapers. A lot of current events are hidden behind breaking news. A feature story allows you to go deeper than a regular report. You can take more time to investigate and gather valuable information.

Doing in-depth research allows you to discover facts that weren’t mentioned before. You can get trustworthy sources and cover the story from many angles. For example, if a crime occurred, you get the chance to interview the witnesses, policemen, and community members.

Find more about local issues, trends, and cultural events that are newsworthy. Explore what are your local people interested in, research, and write about it. Scout through the local newspaper and spot the news that wasn’t covered properly. You can even find what are the biggest issues, for example, the crime rate, and compare it with other cities or countries.

10. Review

Reviews are the only type of feature stories where you are allowed to be subjective. A review gives you a chance to express your critical thinking. A review can cover everything from events and concerts to work and art.

Reviews also give you a chance to show your expertise in many branches. Write about what interests you and why would you recommend it to others. Attend local events and write about your experience. You can also interview a local celebrity and write about your first impression of them.

If you love to read, write endlessly about literature reviews. Start with the books you absolutely love and express your feelings about them.

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