What Are the Best Topics for Feature Writing?

What Are the Best Topics for Feature Writing?

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10 Best Topics for Feature Writing

1. The profile

A feature story is a type of news that focuses on real-life human stories. The writing style is different from traditional news reporting. Feature stories can cover a wide range of subjects, from lifestyle topics to investigative reports.

They can be found in various sections of newspapers and are not limited by a specific theme, but rather by the writing style. Feature stories use characters and narrative stories to convey information, and they differ from short stories because the content is not fictional. Here are the top 10 topics for feature writing.

2. Modern-Day heroes

This topic includes stories about individuals who have made a positive impact on their community or the world. You can write about how people can organize local movements and spread them globally through activism, or focus on local heroes and the ways their activism is affecting the community.

The goal of this topic could be to inspire readers to take action and make a change. Look for qualities such as intelligence, bravery, and selflessness in these heroes, who can be doctors, soldiers, or everyday individuals who have achieved great things. These heroes often use their voices to inspire, motivate, guide and raise hope in certain situations.

3. Live-in

These types of stories are interesting because they provide an in-depth look at a topic. The research process is often detailed and tiring, covering subjects such as the problems of the homeless. This means that you would spend a night in a spot where homeless people gather, giving readers a glimpse into the lives of homeless people.

It can also be a story about emergency rooms, hospitals, or nursing homes, capturing the rhythm of working in these places and showing readers a side they rarely see. The goal is to immerse yourself in the place you are investigating, which can take anywhere from a day to a month to gather all important information.

4. Unusual pets

People are used to having dogs and cats as pets, but some have unusual pets such as hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes, and spiders.

This type of story can feature why the owners chose to have these animals as pets and the problems they face, such as food supply and shelter. You can also write about how people acquire exotic animals and why they keep them as pets.

5. Unusual jobs

With the world’s population, there are many common jobs such as doctors and policemen, but many people have found their careers in different branches.

This topic can feature stories about individuals who have unusual job positions, such as human alarms or storytellers in factories. Gather information on how much each job pays, the demand for certain job positions, the number of people in that position, and why they chose that job.

6. Travel

Even though there are many travel bloggers out there, you can still contribute to this type of feature story by sharing your own advice and experiences. Research different tips and tricks for traveling, including what to do and what not to do in certain countries or cities.

If you don’t travel, make a list of reasons why someone should visit your country and provide them with first-hand information that they can’t find elsewhere. Research and share information on affordable yet luxurious hotels, delicious restaurants, and cultural events and locations to visit.

7. Zoo animals

This topic is becoming increasingly popular, especially as more people become concerned with animal rights. Visit your local zoo and observe how the animals are treated and cared for.

Research the rules and regulations that zoos must abide by. Look for opinions from both those who are against zoos and those who are in favor of them, and explore how zoos are working to preserve endangered species. Investigate any negative effects that zoos may have on animals such as depression, illness, and malnutrition.

8. Celebrity life

People are always interested in reading about the latest news and happenings with celebrities. Research the reasons why people are so fascinated with celebrities, and explore upcoming movies and actors.

Write about the struggles and successes of celebrities, but make sure to be responsible and neutral in your writing, using reliable sources and avoiding malicious content.

You can also cover the impact of paparazzi on celebrities and the general public’s perception of them.

9. News

Many current events go uncovered in traditional news reporting. Feature stories give you the opportunity to delve deeper into a subject and gather valuable information.

Do in-depth research to uncover facts that haven’t been previously reported, and cover a story from multiple angles. For example, if a crime has occurred, interview witnesses, police, and community members.

Research and write about local issues, trends, and cultural events that are newsworthy and not being covered properly.

10. Review

Reviews are a type of feature story where you are allowed to be subjective. Write reviews on a variety of topics including events, concerts, art, and literature. Share your critical thoughts and opinions, and recommend things that interest you to others.

Attend local events and write about your experience, interview local celebrities, and share your impressions of them. If you are passionate about literature, write extensively about book reviews, starting with your favorite books and expressing your thoughts on them.


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