10 Best Backlink Submitters (Paid & Free)

Best Backlink Submitters

Backlinks, also known as incoming links and one-way links, are links that link one website to another website. Before, backlinks used to be the most important parameters for good keyword ranking and high page ranking. Nowadays, Google doesn’t care that much about backlinks, and instead, there are other signals that rank a website. There are 2 categories of backlinks, no-follow backlinks, and do-follow backlinks. 

You need a backlinking tool to see how many links are created for your site. If you have a lot of links, it helps you increase the domain authority. 

There are many tools that help people accomplish a good backlink strategy, which should tell you how important these tools are. It’s easy to get confused by so many of these available tools. Keep in mind that the most useful tools are those that help you keep track of all backlinks on the internet as well as help you with management and link building

Here is a list of the 10 best backlink submitters. The list consists of 5 paid backlink submitters and 5 free backlink submitters. 

1. Ahrefs

This backlink submitter has one of the biggest backlink indexes in the whole world. Ahrefs is designed to manage backlinks as well as perform almost all activities that SEO Pro needs to do daily. It’s quite easy to use Ahrefs even if you’re not a pro.

There is a free version of Ahrefs, and you can monitor ten backlinks and two domains per request. However, for $ 82 a month, you will get an analysis of your backlink profile. 

The information that Ahrefs provides you with will help you with your link-building activities. It can also show you new backlinks and lost backlinks to your site. When it informs you about the lost links, you will also be told the reason for the loss. 

2. Moz Pro

Moz Pro has a lot of professional SEO tools, and Moz Link Explorer is one of the main tools. This is very handy for when you have to do reverse engineering on someone else’s backlinks. To do this, simply enter a specific URL, and you will get all the backlinks. 

The price of Moz Pro is between $99 and $599 a month. How much you will pay monthly for Moz Pro depends on which features you get. It is true that Moz doesn’t have a database as big as Ahrefs does, but Moz Pro includes some other features that Ahrefs doesn’t offer. 

3. SEO Spyglass

This backlink submitter comes with SEO PowerSuite, which is a set of tools that many users praise. Keep in mind that you have to install it on your computer, unlike most other SEO tools. 

For $299 a year, you get a professional license that allows you to monitor all the backlinks you want. This option also offers task managing and basic reporting functions. You can choose to pay $699 a year and get an enterprise license that allows you to use all PowerSuite tools. 

Out of all known backlink submitters, SEO Spyglass has the biggest database. It allows you to import links from Google Analytics, add your own links, or import links from Google Search Console. This tool will notify you about any links that are potentially harmful so you won’t get penalized by Google’s search engine’s most recent version. It can also calculate the risks of penalty. It allows you to neutralize a threat with only a few clicks. 

4. SE Ranking

This backlink submitter uses Google Webmaster Tools data in order to check incoming links to your website. SE Ranking will give you a detailed link analysis. This analysis includes follow/nofollow attributes, cached/not cached, anchor text, social popularity, index/no index, and so on. 

SE Ranking offers 3 plans to choose from. The Optimum plan costs $39 per month, Plus is $89 per month, and Enterprise is $189 per month. You will choose which one to get depending on the number of websites you want to be able to check and the number of backlinks you want to be able to monitor.

If you decide to subscribe for a few months at once, you can get a discount on any of these plans. Another way to get a discount for SE Ranking is to reduce the checking frequency. If you reduce it to every three days, you get a 20% discount, and if you reduce it to once a week, you get a 40% discount. 

5. LinkMiner

LinkMiner also has a huge database. You only have to type in your competitor’s domain name, and LinkMiner will identify its most powerful backlinks. It will evaluate them using renowned metrics such as Trust Flow and Citation Flow. This backlink submitter is also great because it has a very simple visualization panel. You won’t have any problems with excessive browser tabs.

You can find backlinks from LinkMiner’s 9-trillion backlinks database. You are also able to find the newest links by limiting the search data to links that are only 30 days old. 

There are 3 plans, and you can choose whether you want to pay for the annual or month by month. You will pay $49 per month if you choose to pay monthly or $29,90 if you choose to pay annually for Mangools basic. Mangools premium will cost you $69 per month if you pay monthly or $39,90 per month if you pay annually. For Mangools Agency, you will pay $129 monthly or $79,90 per month if you pay annually. 

6. Semrush

Semrush is a free backlink submitter that offers a Backlink Analysis tool. The Backlink Analysis tool is very powerful, and it will help you get functional information regarding backlinks from any domain. It has a really big database of about 26,5 trillion backlinks. This is why Semrush is able to show lost and new backlinks, the evolution of backlink generating processes, authority ranks of all referrals, and so on. 

This backlink submitter also allows you to find and delete toxic backlinks, which helps you keep your backlink profile clean. You also get a full set of SEO tools with Semrush for free. You can use these tools for an unlimited amount of time. However, the functionality is limited. 

7. Majestic SEO

You can get Majestic SEO as a Chrome app. This will bring backlink analysis right to your browser. This allows you to quickly verify the strength of any page based on its backlinks information. You will be able to see Citation Flow and The Trust Flow scores on the URL bar for any page you visit. There will also be a piece of summarized information about URLs and domains on that page.

This app gives you some data for free, such as link profile charts, subdomains, root levels, and link counts at the URL. 

8. OpenLinkProfiler

This backlink submitter offers different options while it checks your backlinks. It is a part of SEOProfiler. OpenLinkProfiler offers many types of outputs and some other features. It also allows you to check backlinks for a single page or an entire website, and it provides you with a detailed report. 

OpenLinkProfile is free, and it allows you to check backlinks as well as export 1000 backlinks. 

9. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo offers a free version and a pro version. It allows you to export existing links into Excel or .csv format. 

10. Ahrefs free backlink submitter

Even though Ahrefs is a premium tool, it offers a free version. This free plan allows you to see the top 100 backlinks to any page or domain. It also allows you to register for an account and get a complete anchor test analysis of your site and analysis, as well as backlink analysis. 

All these backlink submitters are great, and you don’t have to worry about picking out the wrong one. However, it’s good to keep in mind that you have to choose which backlink submitter you want to use based on your needs. Also, it’s good to remember that the best backlink submitter is the one that gives you a lot of data about the backlinks. This data is very important, and you will need it to get the best results for link building. 


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