Historical Domain Authority: What Is It and How to Check It?

Historical Domain Authority

Domain authority has been a very tricky term over the years and has caused many confusions and controversies as many view it from a different light. It is often seen by some as a favor that Google shows to some sites over others in search results. However, it entails a lot more than that.

What then is historical domain authority, and how do you check it?

Historical Domain Authority is a comprehensive list of all previous results of metrics which SEOs utilize to appraise the value of a website and determine how well it will rank on Google. It is a collection of the results gotten from checking your website’s authority over time. You can check the history of domain authority by using a good DA history checker tool.

Over the years, it’s been noted that the development of SEO has become even more complex, as Google’s advancement has led to the improvement of its ability to understand the meanings of many phrases and words. 

The use of simple keywords can no longer be a guarantee, and because of this, it is very important that you work with the very best domain authority checker(s) so you know how well your site has done over time, how it’s doing against competitors, in order to make the right decisions. Fortunately, we aim on providing all the necessary information you need on the best domain authority checker.

What is a Domain Authority Checker?

I guess by now you must have wondered why different competitors get different scores on a certain keyword and why some are higher than others. This can simply be that the one with a higher ranking understands the concept of domain authority checkers better. 

We also know how tricky and complex Google’s algorithm is. This is what drives SEO specialists to research better ways of getting better rankings. One of these ways can be the understanding and application of domain authority, and the domain authority checkers themselves.

A domain authority checker is simply just a tool with which you can check how much a website will score in domain or website authority. With it, you can also check the scores of a list of multiple websites simultaneously. It lets you know how high the website(s) will rank in search engines by expressing the value on a 100-point scale. 

Whatever score or rank you get on a DA checker is estimated based on a number of factors. Examples are the link profile, the level of reliability the domain has, and some set signals by Google. What this simply means is that the power level of your domain is gotten through the combination of different metrics like the total number of links, as well as page authority to increase the accuracy in determining the true strength of your website.

The score of the website is given on a scale of 100 points. With this, the strength of your website depends on how many points it accumulates. Websites with low points like 10 or 20 will be considered poor, while those that score up to the range of 90 thereabout are seen as those with better ranking or strength than their counterparts. This is one very reliable tool with which you can determine or predict the success of a website.

Knowing what exactly a domain authority checker is, you might be wondering why you need them. There are actually many reasons why you do. It could be that you want to decide on the right websites to choose for a specific goal, or maybe to know how well your own personal website will rank. 

This checker comes in handy as there are over 1.9 billion websites on the Internet, and without it, it will be totally impossible to get sites domain authority.

We know that not all websites can be seen as equal. Some attract more traffic, are more reputed, and have a greater online presence than others, while some are only still struggling to get themselves known. This variation that exists among websites has made it important that a rating system is brought to light. The data or results gotten from this rating system can be useful to you in many ways, some of which include the following:

  • You can use it to know how well your website is placed, in comparison to similar websites.
  • It can be used to monitor your progress so you can decide if your marketing efforts are yielding results or if you need to step up.
  • With it, you can also monitor your competitors and know who you should focus on, as well as your position in the contest. 
  • You can use the results to register an effective rise in your SEO.
  • You can make use of strategies like guest blogging.
  • It can also be used to decide on which is the right websites to go for, for whatever you may need (such as backlink, etc)

Knowing now how you can apply the results gotten from a domain authority check, you might be curious about how the scores can be improved. Well, there are quite a few important ways to do this, some of which are to create quality content, and introduce the use of social media as well as its reach, so you can reach more people. With this, people might help recommend your sites, which is another very good way of growing your site. 

In conclusion, you should always have two things in mind. The first is that the more your website ranks, the more likely it is to grow, while the second is that a low ranking site can have adverse effects on you. Therefore, domain authority checkers should be held in high regard.

Best Domain Authority Checkers

For a fact, it will be very difficult to accurately calculate or simply check the domain authority of any site, and this is why having a reliable Domain Authority checker is highly valuable. Also, since we have seen how important the data gotten from domain authority checks can be, it is therefore obvious you now have to use DA checkers even more. 

In the use of DA checkers, you have to be careful which you choose as going for the wrong one can give data which basing your decisions on can be quite detrimental to your website. This is why you should always go for the best there is out there. Domain authority checkers come in two types – there are those which you can use their services for free and those which you’ll have to pay for their services.

The difference between the two is that the free searches can only give you limited information, while the paid accounts give you everything you need and more. Your decision on which to go for decides entirely on your website’s requirements.

Best Paid Domain Authority Checkers

Although these DA checkers requires you to pay a certain amount of money to gain access to their services, they arguably offer the best services in the business and are seen to be worth the cost. Below is a list of the best-paid DA checkers.

1. The Moz Open Site Explorer

Over the years, Moz has been known as one of the giants on the market, and its Open Site Explorer is arguably one of the best tools there is. It can be used for a lot, including backlink analysis. With this tool, you are offered the best experience in domain authority checking. You can check the domain authority of any site by using Moz’s official website.

2. Google Search Console

This tool is one of the Webmaster tools provided by Google itself. It is one of the best ways to check your website’s DA. With the console, you can also make use of different features such as “Links to your Site” which can be found under the Search Traffic section. You can find Google Search Console here.

3. SEMrush 

This is a great way to check any information about any URL. With SEMrush, you can track the backlinks and other essential information on the entered website. It offers a wide variety of features which you will have to pay to enjoy all of them without any restrictions.

Best Free Domain Authority Checkers 

If you are in a position where cash is a difficulty for you, or if you are simply just on a budget, there are some domain authority checkers with which you can make use of and still get your desired results as well. You are offered many alternatives to check your site’s DA for free, and below are a few of the best among them.

1. The Moz Link Explorer

This is another very important and very useful tool developed by Moz. It is free and very effective, making it a great way to get started. With the link explorer, you are offered convenient ways to help you in carrying out many convenient activities, including domain linking, keywords ranking, etc. The tool also offers you many features that make it one of the best free domain authority checkers. 

2. SiteChecker

This checker provides you with many other tools to help in the evaluation of your SEO ranking and page authority, especially when compared to other competitors. Some of the extra tools it offers are SEO checker, rank tracker, backlink checker, etc.

3. SmallSEO Tools

This is another great tool for checking your website’s DA. Although it is free, the results it gives you are very accurate. In fact, due to the wide range of features the SmallSEO tool offers, it has become very famous.

Make sure you utilize a  Domain Authority checker today and ensure you go for the best ones out there. 


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