Are Magnetic Mounts And Cases Bad For Cell Phones (Smartphones)

Are Magnetic Mounts Bad For Cell Phones (Smartphones)

You’re likely considering purchasing a magnetic mount for your cell phone, but you’re uncertain if it will cause any harm. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll let you know if a magnetic holder is safe for your phone and explain why it is.

Yes, your cell phone is completely safe when mounted on a magnetic holder or inside a magnetic case.

You may have read articles or seen warnings claiming that your phone is not safe when near a magnet or that magnets can interfere with your phone’s GPS, battery, or similar. Those statements may sound concerning, but are they really true? In most cases, no. It’s important to note that your smartphone already has several magnets inside it.

Do magnetic mounts affect cell phone batteries?

No, a magnetic mount or case has no effect on your phone’s battery.

If your smartphone had an old and faulty transformer that leaked magnetic flux, then it’s possible that a strong magnet could drain the battery slightly, but even then, it would be minimal. However, modern mobile phones have high-efficiency transformers and do not leak magnetic flux.

It’s possible that a very strong magnetic field could cause the battery to work harder, which could potentially wear it out faster. But, even in this scenario, a strong magnet wouldn’t be enough to significantly drain your phone’s battery. To be on the safe side, well-designed magnetic phone accessories usually include a metal shield to protect the phone’s components.

Don’t worry, it’s just a myth. Magnetic mounts for mobile phones do not affect the battery in any way, as they are too weak and your phone is of good quality.

Do Magnetic Mounts Affect Smartphone Screen

No, magnetic mounts do not harm your smartphone screen.

Why is that? Mobile phones use either LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays. LCD displays work by using liquid crystals that are moved by an electric current to either cover or uncover lit pixels. AMOLED displays use small LEDs that emit light when an electric current is applied.

Both of these display technologies are fully controlled by electricity, so they’re not affected by magnets. While some strong magnets may temporarily alter the screen brightness, this effect is not long-term and magnetic mounts use weak magnets, so there’s no cause for concern.

Do Magnetic Mounts Affect Electric Compass of Your Smartphone

In most cases, magnetic mounts don’t impact the electric compass on your mobile device.

Very strong magnets can impact the magnetometer, which is present in almost all cell phones, but a small magnet like those used in magnetic mounts shouldn’t have an effect.

It’s worth noting that magnetometers are typically located on the top side of your cell phone. To be on the safe side, place magnetic accessories near the bottom of your phone.

Can Magnetic Mounts Affect GPS of Your Mobile Phone

No, your GPS operates independently from the electric compass.

GPS devices determine their location and speed by continuously tracking time and comparing it against signals from a network of satellites.

The GPS calculates the time it takes to receive these signals in order to triangulate its position, direction, and speed. This is why GPS receivers can be accurate to within a few meters, and it also means that the magnetic fields between the receiver and GPS satellites do not interfere with their function.

Can Magnetic Mounts Affect Cell Phone Signals

Mobile phones work using radio waves similar to those used in walkie-talkies. The main difference is that mobile phone calls use two frequencies instead of one, allowing you to both listen and speak at the same time, and they are transmitted through towers to reach much greater distances. Minor magnetic fields have no impact on these types of radio waves.

Can Magnetic Mounts Affect Mobile Phone Speakers

Speakers are a hardware component of the phone that uses small magnets, and they do not affect their surrounding elements. They have a small magnet that generates a stable and permanently active field. It would take an exceptionally strong and close electromagnet to have any noticeable effect.

Can Magnetic Mounts Affect Smartphone NFC and Apple Pay

NFC, or near field communication, is a technology that allows phones or other devices to quickly exchange small amounts of data through a secure and short wavelength. This makes it difficult for anyone to listen in on these exchanges.

Services like Google Wallet and Apple Pay utilize NFC technology to make transactions easier for consumers. Whether it’s paying for goods and services, or sending money to friends, NFC relies on radiofrequency waves just like phone calls. So, magnets don’t have any effect on NFC technology.

Do Magnetic Phone Holders Damage Cell Phones

No, magnetic mounts will not harm the internal components of your smartphone, regardless of whether it’s an Android device or an iPhone. All the essential parts of your phone are safe from magnets.

However, the metal back of some phones can become scratched when using a magnetic mount. Not all phones are affected and some mounts are better designed than others, but I personally experienced scratches on the back of my phone from using a magnetic mount.

Using a metal case that the magnet can attach to can prevent any scratching, but I didn’t use one and thus my phone was scratched. Next time, I’ll choose a better-looking case for my phone.

What effect would a strong magnet have on smartphones?

In general, exposing your smartphone to strong magnets, such as those used in MRI machines, can have some temporary effects on your device. It’s possible that your phone’s screen brightness and auto-focus could be impacted, and compass readings might be slightly off.

Keep in mind that each phone may react differently to strong magnetic fields, but these effects should be temporary and not have any lasting impact on your device. However, it’s not advisable to intentionally expose your phone to very strong magnets.

Comparison of magnetic mounts with other types of phone mounts

Magnetic mounts are a popular type of phone mount, known for their ease of use and versatility. Unlike other types of mounts, such as suction cup mounts or air vent mounts, magnetic mounts do not require any mounting hardware, making them a convenient option for quickly mounting your phone in a car. Magnetic mounts also typically come with a small metal plate that can be attached to the back of your phone or case, allowing the phone to be held securely in place by the magnetic force.

Another advantage of magnetic mounts is their adjustability. Unlike suction cup mounts, which can only be mounted on flat surfaces, magnetic mounts can be adjusted to any angle, making it easy to find the perfect viewing angle for GPS navigation or hands-free calling. However, it is important to note that some people may have concerns about the magnetic field potentially affecting the functionality of their phone or damaging credit cards with magnetic stripes. To mitigate these risks, it is important to use high-quality, trusted magnetic mounts that are designed for safe use with smartphones.


If you don’t expose your smartphone to a huge magnet, you have nothing to worry about. The weak magnets found in magnetic holders won’t impact your phone’s performance or battery life. However, if you attach the holder directly to the back of your phone, it may cause scratches.


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