Are Magnetic Mounts And Cases Bad For Cell Phones (Smartphones)

Are Magnetic Mounts Bad For Cell Phones (Smartphones)

You are probably thinking of buying a magnetic mount for your mobile phone, and you are not sure if it will damage it in any way. Well, you are at the right place, because we will tell you if your cell phone is safely mounted on a magnetic holder, and explain in detail why is it so.

Yes, your cell phone is completly safe mounted on magnetic holder or inside magnetic case.

You may have seen writings and warnings that your cell phone is not safe if it is close to a magnet, or that magnetic will interfere with your smartphone GPS, batter, or something similar. That all sounds pretty scary but is it really the truth?

In most cases it isn’t, as you can see below, and you have to know that your smartphone already has several magnets inside it.

Do magnetic mounts affect cell phone batteries?

No. A battery has no effect on the battery or the phone.

If your smartphone had a bad and old transformer under the hood, the one that leaks magnetic flux, then it would be quite possible that some magnet could drain a batter a little, but even then, just a little. But, modern mobile phones are quality devices with high-efficiency transformers, and they don’t lose any magnetic flux.

Maybe, and that is just a maybe, a very strong magnetic field can cause the battery to work slightly harder to supply the right voltage and thus wearing the battery out a bit faster. However, even a strong magnet would not be enough to drain your phone’s battery. For maximum safety, the best-designed magnetic accessories for phones include some kind of metal shield to protect the phone’s components.

Don’t worry about it, it is just one of the misconception’s, mobile magnetic mounts don’t affect cell phone batteries in any way, they are just too weak and your phone is quality enough.

Do Magnetic Mounts Affect Smartphone Screen

No, the magnetic mounts don’t affect your smartphone screen.

So why is that? Well, mobile phones use LCD (liquid crystal-based) or AMOLED (LED-based) displays. LCD means Liquid Crystal Display, in which liquid crystals are moved by an electric current to cover or uncover lit pixels behind them. AMOLEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are small LEDs that generate light when an electric current is applied.

Since both of these mechanisms are fully controlled by electricity, they’re unaffected by magnets. Some strong magnets can affect them in some manner, like changing screen brightness, but nothing long term, and magnetic mounts use weak magnets, so no harm done.

Do Magnetic Mounts Affect Electric Compass of Your Smartphone

In most cases, magnetic mounts don’t affect electric compasses on your mobile device.

Some very strong magnets can affect your magnetometer, which almost every cell phone has, but a small magnet, like the ones in magnetic mounts, shouldn’t affect them.

You should know that magnetometers are usually placed in the top side of your cell phone, so if you want to be safe, put magnetic accessories near the bottom of your phone.

Can Magnetic Mounts Affect GPS of Your Mobile Phone

No, your GPS works independetly from the electric compass.

All GPS devices determine their location, as well as the speed at which they’re moving, by constantly tracking the time and comparing it against signals from a network of satellites.

The GPS measures how long it takes to receive the signals, in order to triangulate its position, direction, and speed. This is why GPS receivers can be accurate within a few meters, and it also means their function is uninterrupted by magnetic fields between your receiver and GPS satellites.

Can Magnetic Mounts Affect Cell Phone Signals

Mobile phones operate on radio waves very similar to those that are used in walkie-talkies; the main difference is mobile phone calls use two frequencies instead of one so you can hear and speak at the same time, and of course, they are relayed through towers to reach much farther. Minor magnetic fields can’t affect these kinds of radio waves.

Can Magnetic Mounts Affect Mobile Phone Speakers

Speakers are one of the phone’s hardware that uses small magnets and is not affecting its surrounding elements. They have a small magnet that maintains a field, which is stable and permanently active. It would take an exceptionally strong and close electromagnet to have any perceptible effect.

Can Magnetic Mounts Affect Smartphone NFC and Apple Pay

NFC is a technology that enables phones or other devices in close proximity to quickly transmit small amounts of data using a special short wavelength that’s harder to eavesdrop on.

Google Wallet and Apple Pay use NFC to let consumers quickly communicate their bank account information, to pay for goods and services, or transfer money to friends. NFC technology uses radiofrequency waves just like calls, so magnets don’t affect it at all!

Do Magnetic Phone Holders Damage Cell Phones

No, magnetic mounts won’t damage your smartphone, at least won’t damage them from the inside.

It is irrelevant if you have some Android device, or the iPhone, the insides of your mobile phone are completely safe. As you can see from above, all your smartphone components are safe.

But, and there is always a but, sometimes, the metal back can damage the backside of your cell phone. It’s not on all phones like that, and some mounts are different than the others, but the one I had did some scratches on the back of my mobile phone.

Other then that, you won’t have any damage, and it is great for functionality, even thou, at least to me, it looks a bit worse than without it.

If you are using a case (it has to be some metal case so magnet can hold to it), then it is even better because it can’t scratch the back of your phone, but, in my case, I haven’t used it, so it did some scratches. Next time I will be a bit smarter and chose some nice looking case for my mobile phone.

What effect would a strong magnet have on smartphones?

If you would put a strong magnet close to your phone, or for example, enter a room that uses MRI magnets, then you would see some effects on your mobile phone.

It would probably be different for every phone but it can affect screen brightness and auto-focus, compass measurements can be a bit off, and so on.

It shouldn’t have long term effects, but I wouldn’t suggest you to deliberately test it with very strong magnets.


If you’re not using some huge magnet next to your cell phone, you don’t have to worry about something happening to it.

The small and weak magnets that can be found inside the magnetic holders do not affect the performance of your mobile phone or its battery, the only thing is that mounts may scratch the back of your mobile phone if you stick it directly on it.


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