Will the Vingo App Work Without WiFi?

Will the Vingo App Work Without WiFi

As you might know already, Vingo, the online workout app, requires an active internet connection to work properly. You can use the app offline, but the full set of features can be accessed only through internet connectivity. With a good enough Wi-Fi, you can use the app seamlessly and enjoy the virtual world to its fullest.

App Creates a Virtual World

The app works with the virtual world at its base. That is, it connects to the server where the virtual platform is installed and you get to explore this world from your home. So, you will need an internet connection to get into the virtual world. As for what the world is made of, it is designed from some of the scenic spots around the world and they will give you spectacular sightseeing experiences like you have never seen before.

Online World Needs Internet Connectivity

So, it is very important that you are connected to the internet to use the app. Besides the virtual world, you will also need the internet to use features like voice chat. Using this feature you can talk to people who are running or cycling beside you on your selected map, in real-time. No matter where you both are in the world, you can talk face to face, through the app, and this is possible only if you are connected to the internet.

You Can Use Mobile Internet for Connection

If you don’t have Wi-Fi in your home, you need not worry, for you can always use your mobile internet to get into the Vingo app. But, we have to warn you, the high-definition maps in the app will use a lot of data and you might exhaust your mobile data soon. If you feel so much about it, you can lower the quality settings in the app and use it too. In short, the app works even without proper internet connection. All you need is a reliable internet connection, it could be anything either broadband or the usual connection.

Use The App With Your Friends And Family

Once you are set with the app, you can log into your account and create a profile for yourself. You can also add up to 8 different profiles to the same account. This means, you can share your account like you used to share Netflix accounts with your friends and family. You can all get into the virtual world and have fun exercising together.

Enjoy Creating Your Dream Body in the App

Many people go for online running by connecting the app to their treadmill. Some people use it as a virtual cycling app and go for online cycling by connecting with their training bikes. You can also find a lot of communities within it too. You can befriend new people from new places and get motivated to create your dream body. So, what are you waiting for? Enter the virtual world and get fit already. Your world of opportunities waits with your internet connection to the app. Go get it.


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