Where Can I Play Kids’ Games Online for Free?

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As the world becomes increasingly digital, children are spending more and more time playing games online. With a plethora of titles available on the internet, it can be challenging to find age-appropriate and free content for kids. In this article, we will explore some of the best websites where you can play kids’ games online for free.

Emulator Games Online

This is a website that offers a vast selection of online free games that can be played in a browser. Parents can pick between recreational and educational games. For example, they can introduce their children to classic games like Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, and Sonic the Hedgehog. There’s also a great amount of games that can help learn math, improve logic and make learning more fun overall. There are no in-app purchases, making it a safe and enjoyable platform for kids.

PBS Kids

PBS Kids is a popular website that offers a wide variety of educational content and videos for children aged 2–8 years. The website is free to use, and there are no ads or in-app purchases, making it an excellent option for parents who want to avoid commercialism while still providing their children with quality content. PBS Kids provides games based on popular children’s shows like Sesame Street, Curious George, and Wild Kratts, making it a familiar and engaging platform for kids.


Funbrain is a website that offers educational content for children in grades K-8. The site offers titles that cover various subjects like math, reading, and science, making it an excellent resource for parents who want their children to learn while they play. Funbrain also has games based on popular book series like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Percy Jackson, making it a fun and engaging platform for kids who love to read.

Nick Jr.

Nick Jr. is a website that offers games and videos for young children, ages 2–6. The website features titles based on popular Nick Jr. shows like Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, and Dora the Explorer, making it a fun and familiar platform for kids. Nick Jr. also offers printable activities and crafts that parents can do with their children, making it an excellent resource for families looking for offline activities.

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National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is a website that offers games, videos, and articles on science, nature, and animals for children aged 6 to 14 years. The website features titles like Animal Jam and Critter Cam, which allow children to explore and learn about different animals and habitats. National Geographic Kids also has educational resources for parents and teachers, making it a great place for families looking for educational content.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of websites available where you can play kids’ games online for free. All of the above platforms are great choices for parents who want to find age-appropriate, interesting content for their kids. 


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