What to Upgrade to After Outgrowing Your Shared Hosting?

What to Upgrade to After Outgrowing Your Shared Hosting

Web hosting enables your website or online store to be accessible online by providing it with a space of its own. Almost all new website owners start their web hosting journey with a shared hosting plan, the cheapest hosting alternative that provides just enough resources to get your website off the ground.

However, in most cases, these resources become insufficient as your website grows and attracts more web traffic. And as a result, website owners look for other hosting solutions to upgrade to get more resources and allow their websites to grow.

In this article, we will discuss the different hosting types you can choose to upgrade your plan and give your website the environment it needs to flourish.

Specialized WordPress Hosting for WordPress Sites

If you have a WordPress site, getting a WordPress hosting plan might be your best option. Of course, you can host your WordPress site on any hosting type you wish. However, by getting WordPress hosting, you will have access to a plethora of features and services that are tailor-made for WordPress.

For instance, if you get a managed WordPress plan, you will get automatic WordPress updates, daily backups, WordPress-specific performance optimizations, special WordPress security features, and expert WordPress support.   

 However, it’s worth noting that WordPress hosting can be quite limiting in some aspects because it only hosts WordPress sites and does not allow you to install your self-hosted tools. But in most cases, the specialized features you get make up for not being able to install your tools.

If you want to purchase a WordPress hosting plan, visit this link to discover the best WordPress hosting providers of 2023 and see what each one offers.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS hosting is quite popular among website owners who are on the rise. The way a VPS works is that one physical server is divided into multiple containers or virtual private servers (VPS) by using virtualization technology.

With a VPS plan, you get one VPS for yourself, which acts as a whole system that only your site can access. Also, you get dedicated resources only for your site to use. Additionally, most providers offer root access, which gives you access to your server’s configuration.

With VPS hosting, you do not get a whole physical server to yourself; instead, you get a virtual one. Still, a VPS provides higher isolation between users on the same physical server, which means that your site won’t be affected by the performance of other sites in the way it would be with shared hosting.

Host Your Site on The Cloud With Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting has become the next best thing in the web hosting industry. In essence, it is pretty similar to VPS hosting. However, the key difference between the two is that cloud hosting uses a vast network of computers to provide you with your own dedicated resources and to store your site.

That network of computers is called “the cloud.”

The cloud enables you to scale your server’s resources up and down according to your needs. Also, since a network of computers powers your site, downtime and latency issues rarely occur. This enables your site to be always online and available to customers.

Get Your Own Physical Server With Dedicated Server Hosting 

Dedicated server hosting is the most robust hosting type out of the ones listed in this article. Unlike the previously mentioned hosting types, with dedicated server hosting, you get a physical server all for yourself. This is why dedicated server hosting is also the most expensive hosting solution.

Dedicated hosting gives you complete control over your server’s configuration, and you get all resources to yourself.

You might think there aren’t many differences between VPS and dedicated hosting. However, one of the differences is that dedicated server hosting is more suited for large enterprises that need a lot of resources, impeccable performance, and access to top-of-the-line hardware. 


Finding the right hosting type for your growing website can be tricky. Plenty of great hosting solutions offer great features and a highly flexible environment for your site to blossom. However, regardless of which web hosting type you upgrade to, you must select one that offers the necessary resources.

So, to ensure your site can grow and reach its true potential, pick a hosting type that will provide you with scalable resources and advanced security features to keep you safe from ransomware attacks and data breaches. Finally, don’t forget about the expert customer support team that will be by your side 24/7! 


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