What is Keep3rV1 and Which is its Price Forecast for 2023?

What is Keep3rV1 and Which is its Price Forecast for 2023?

The first news about the project release appeared in mid-autumn 2020 but Keep3rV1 was released a week later, in a beta version. A week afterward, it was listed on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

But what caused such sudden interest and popularity? The answer is simple. Let’s say a certain user wants to get into the business of creating a crypto game based on the Ethereum blockchain. This would require not only a lot of algorithms and scripts but also smart contracts.

By contacting this project, a user may not only request help in finding suitable developers who will make everything from scratch. But they can also get a ready-to-use product. This will significantly reduce both the time and the cost of creating an entirely new game.

Each of these developments has a so-called keeper. He is engaged in auditing the security of his project. This helps protect users and their purchases from bugs and hacks.

In simple terms, the focus of the project is to reduce the costs that blockchain-based start-ups, which use a huge number of smart contracts, constantly have to deal with. It is not uncommon for such start-ups to need ‘external’ participants to perform certain tasks. Keep3rV1 makes it possible to find these people and allows the two parties to start a profitable and efficient collaboration.

KP3R relies mainly on the keepers already mentioned. They provide bots and other necessary digital elements that can help trigger certain events or financial transactions.

In order to use the platform, the startup must send a smart contract, which will be checked and approved by the personal custodian. There may also be specific conditions set by the startup as to which custodians can initiate cooperation. For example, it is a requirement for a specific share of the token or a specific amount of work completed.

Keep3rV1 was created based on Ethereum. The project relies on this blockchain to verify any internal transactions. Ethereum, on the other hand, uses the PoW algorithm, where miners competitively add new blocks to chains, and most nodes require validation of the record.

Custodians, on the other hand, are responsible for approving tasks and settling various issues and disputes. It is also responsible for tracking down fraudulent activities if any occur.

In addition, before the official launch, the project was audited by a company specializing in blockchain security. As a result, the verdict was that Keep3rV1 was decently designed and none of the critical security threats were found.

KP3R Coin is a local token of the Keep3r network that will be used to reward project participants, referred to as ‘keepers’. It is also worth noting that Keep3rV1 (KP3R) is generated as a DeFi token. Having more KP3R means a higher “reputation” in the network.

In addition, KP3R made a big furor after listing on Binance because Keep3rv1 Coin went up 2000% after that. This, of course, led to a further spread on social media and many people decided to join because they didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity. However, although the returns were very high, some names warned investors that it could be an exit scam.

The project creator is Andre Cronje, who runs yearn finance, which has been previously a great success, and the Eminence project, which has failed. It is therefore now considered a great curiosity as to what the future of the Keep3rV1 (KP3R) project will be.

The up-to-date Keep3rV1 rate as of this day is $73,03 USD. CryptoPredicitons expects that at the beginning of 2023 Keep3rV1 maximal rate will be $98.993 and it may close the year 2023 with a price of $134.795. As stated by DigitalCoin`s Keep3rv1 price prediction, the KP3R may jump up to $176.33 in 2023. PricePrediction estimates that KP3R will likely peak at $130.41 at an average rate of $113.72 during 2023. Based on historical Keep3rv1 price data CoinArbitrageBot predicts that Keep3rv1 could be USD 520.861 by the end of 2023.

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