What is a dedicated server, and how to rent a server?

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There are several options for hosting online projects. The easiest and most widespread option is shared hosting. In this case, your website will share computing resources with other projects that are also running on the same computer. However, if your website starts to gain popularity, your project may at some point become inaccessible due to the limited amount of computational power allocated to you.

Scaling Your Website: Best Alternative

The most powerful alternative way to host your project is a dedicated rental server. This is the case when you rent an entire computer for your own needs. You don’t share it with anybody. This machine is connected to the Internet round-the-clock, it is protected from power surges and is located in a place that is reliably protected from any natural disasters. Many organizations prefer to rent dedicated servers rather than using shared hosting, as it gives them more control over their online operations.

At the same time, one major drawback exists. If you rent server, you will be obliged to perform all the necessary software installation procedures by yourself. In case of lacking specific knowledge related to the subject, it is possible to find yourself at a dead end. Support service is at your disposal, but comprehension of at least the basic concepts related to the functioning of server equipment is crucial.

What is involved in the process?

The process of renting a web server is relatively simple:

  1. Find a reputable data center.
  2. Pick the server configuration that fits your needs.
  3. Create an account on the website of the chosen data center and make an order.
  4. In your email, you will find the credentials for connection to the machine.
  5. Connect to it, install necessary applications, and configure it as you like.
  6. Transfer your online project to the corresponding folder. Perform other necessary configurations related to the proper functioning of your project.

Of course, it was a very concise plan. However, you can still grab the basic idea of the process. Overall, if you rent a dedicated server, be prepared for the exciting journey to the world of technical intricacies and sleepless nights. As an alternative, you can hire an experienced sysadmin, to ease the process. Anyway, a dedicated machine is a unique option for reliable hosting of demanding online projects.


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