What Does It Mean “Review Hidden By Sensitivity Filter” On Amazon?

You might have heard about Amazon’s sensitivity filter or even have experience with it. I’ve been asked many a time what Amazon sensitivity’s filter means. In this article, I’ll be talking about Amazon’s review sensitivity filter and whether you should turn it on or off. 

Amazon’s sensitivity filter automatically hides any reviews you make on products that consider “sensitive” from your public profile. This means the reviews will only be available on the product page and not on your public profile. 

I think Amazon sensitivity is actually a nice feature. There are a number of products that Amazon considers “sensitive” of which sexual wellness and health products are examples. I’m sure you won’t be too thrilled about having a testosterone booster product or any similar products listed on your public profile. Continue reading to learn more about Amazon’s sensitivity filter. 

Why are Amazon reviews hidden by sensitivity filter?

The general trend on Amazon is that you browse products, read about the products, and make a purchase if you are convinced that the product is genuine. Or you just take a chance on the product. After using the product, you may decide to leave a review on the product page detailing your experience with the product. 

All your product reviews will be available on your public profile. So anyone can come to your public profile and see all the items you’ve reviewed. But there are times that Amazon will hide some items’ reviews from your public profile via the sensitivity filter. This means that such reviews will not appear on your public profile but will still appear on the product page. And people won’t be able to trace the review back to you. So the question is that why are some reviews hidden by sensitivity filter?

Amazon will automatically hide your reviews on products it considers “sensitive’. Sensitive products on Amazon include health care items for example medications but also things like medical grade gloves. Most people may not want their revies on an anti-fungal powder or dandruff shampoo to appear on their products. So generally, Amazon hides reviews of products that people may be embarrassed about, wants to keep private, or items that may be controversial. 

Most people like leaving reviews to help others decide if the product is worth buying or not. And the sensitivity filter allows you to leave reviews on “sensitive products’ while still maintaining privacy. A wonderful feature if you ask me. 

What Reviews Can Be Hidden By Sensitivity Filter On Amazon?

So I’ve established that Amazon automatically hides reviews made on “sensitive” items. To understand what reviews can be hidden by the sensitivity filter, there is a need to establish what sensitive products are: 

  • Certain personal care products.
  • Jewelry.
  • Intimate clothing.
  • Self-help products
  • Erotic Media.
  • Products used for personal protection.

Any products belonging to any of the aforementioned groups will be caught by the sensitivity filter and reviews about such products are hidden. And the reason for this is that Amazon will want to safeguard its customers from any possible embarrassment. You may have found that all your reviews are shown only for “private viewing” and not for public viewing as available. The secret sensitivity filter kicks in here and all your reviews will be hidden. 

How to turn off sensitivity filter on Amazon

You can decide to turn off the sensitivity filter on Amazon after which your reviews of sensitive products will then be displayed on your public item. Sometimes, Amazon may hide reviews that you do not consider sensitive and you may want to turn off the sensitivity feature as a result.  I can remember a time when my book revies on Amazon are being hidden by the sensitivity filter and there was nothing sensitive about the books I reviewed. Below are steps you can take to turn off the sensitivity feature on Amazon. 

  • Go to Amazon.com on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone. 
  • Navigate to “Accounts & Lists” button and click on it. You’ll most likely find this button at the top of the page. 
  • Then, click ‘Your Amazon profile’.
  • And then there will be two tabs.  Click the one on the right, ‘Edit privacy settings’.
  • You’ll then see the “Hide sensitivity” checkbox which will most likely be filled as Amazon turns it on automatically. Uncheck the box. 
  • And then hit the save button!!!  You may have to scroll down a little to reach the save button.

And that’s how easy it is to turn off the sensitivity filter on Amazon. The sensitivity filter is a good option that allows you to remain anonymous while dripping honest reviews on Amazon. But you may decide to turn it off yourself if you don’t feel like being anonymous or in my case when Amazon hides reviews on items you do not consider sensitive. 

What’s your experience with Amazon sensitivity and do you prefer the filter on or off? Let me hear your experience in the comment section below. 

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