What Does an Amazon Affiliate Link Look Like?

What Does An Amazon Affiliate Link Look Like?

Generally, affiliate links are a way of affiliate marketing. This is a mode of performance whose base is marketing a business through affiliates for every customer. It’s a tricky business model, but this article breaks it down in an understandable way. Read on to find out what an Amazon affiliate link looks like!

This business model works in this dimension;

  • A seller displays a link to their services or products.
  • The buyer clicks on the link while purchasing.
  • The seller earns commissions from this purchase. 

That’s how this business model operates, and it has some cons and pros. The main requirements for this business strategy to succeed are reliability, disclosure, and incentives. 

An Amazon affiliate link is a link with a code that’s generated after a product ID.  Here is how these links look like:

what does an amazon affiliate link look like

These links usually have an identifier that can show who sent the customer to purchase a specific product from Amazon potentially.  The affiliate market world is a great way to earn because the sales are made fairly and openly.  Having affiliate links that are well disclosed with honest service recommendations leads to success. Here are the things to look for when searching for affiliate links on the internet;

Look for this on the Amazon link, ?tag=< username>, aff, ref, rid or refid. 

How to tell a link is an Amazon affiliate link?

The first description clearly shows what an Amazon affiliate link entails, and the commission received doesn’t affect the product’s cost. For instance, after receiving an affiliate link to a great Amazon product and buying after clicking the product link, the price would still be the same if you searched for the product directly on Amazon.  What happens is that the commission is paid to the one recommending the product is derived from the profit this product makes on Amazon. Generally, affiliate links are vital in the online business world!

New Sentence : To quickly tell if a link is an Amazon affiliate link, you should know how these links work. Understanding this could be pivotal in increasing AOV for ecommerce by ensuring that affiliates are adequately rewarded for directing profitable traffic to a site.. When you follow an Amazon affiliate link, you will receive a cookie from Amazon, and it will appear on your browser for at least a day. If you make a purchase within this period, your referee will receive a certain percent on this sale.  Whether the link you followed was for an e-book, but you ended up deciding to buy a TV, the referee still earns a commission. 

Here’s what amazon affiliate links contain;

These links generally have a link to the products and other related details.  If you are recommended to buy a product by someone on youtube, the link will appear like this amazon.com/124/productname?affiliate=youtubechannelname The numeral initials /124/ gives details on the Amazon product.

The link doesn’t necessarily look exactly like this, but it’s a theoretical example. The link may have URL shorteners, which can direct you to these products, and Amazon can track the times people get these links. 

After a product is bought, Amazon can track the referee even if the link is from youtube. Either way, the referee gets a percentage for product promotion on youtube. However, this occurs after the purchase has been made. 

A great way of recognizing these affiliate links is by copy-pasting them somewhere first and then searching for this referral data later. If you find out that the link has been shortened, a referral is also given, and it can be some numerical codes. 

Decode an Amazon affiliate link

Here are tools you can use to decode Amazon affiliate links and earn some income. Such tools help you make cash by speeding up how you use these links.  You can share the product links with friends and family. You can also write a review of these products on blogs. You can also send emails to people about the recommendable Amazon products. 

There is an associate’s program where you can start and grow correctly. Many YouTubers earning through affiliate links use this program, and they say that it’s the easiest to use.  The program isn’t complicated like some programs using affiliate networks.  In this program, it’s easy to build affiliate links because you need to browse a product you want to recommend and convert it to a link. 

There are decoding programs that you can use as extensions of the stores, and they have inherent familiarity with other programs.  This Amazon affiliate program ensures that the links are built correctly, and follow the required rules.

How do I know if my affiliate link is working?

It’s easy to verify if your links are working well using some official link checker tools from amazon associates. The process of checking if the affiliate links are working is relatively easy, and here is how it works;

You should open the incognito window in Chrome, paste your kits link in this window, and right-click on the Amazon buttons’ view.  you should copy the link and paste it to the amazon affiliate program link checker. While doing this, ensure that you are still signed in to your affiliate account. 

That’s how Amazon can easily verify the link using tags on the URL which links in the kit you use. 

Amazon affiliate link checker

It’s essential to ensure that all the affiliate links are operating well in the affiliate marketing world. Generally, there are some affiliate link checkers for Amazon, and these help you with some accurate features and results. With many affiliate links on a website, it can be hard to check all of them and ensure they are functioning well. 

To avoid the risk of losing commissions through broken affiliate links, some Amazon affiliate link checkers give accurate data. These link checkers are widespread, and they have some negative or positive effects, which are analyzed below. Read on to find out more!

1. AffiliateLinkFixer.com 

This is a new affiliate link checking tool for Amazon. Its main advantage is how its interface is simple, which is evident through this website’s simplicity. You can easily visit the platform, and you can start tracking affiliate websites or pages here regularly. There is also a schedule you can set to use this tool. 

Its dashboard shows all the selected websites, and this lays out all the affiliate links that are analyzed. Here, the operational links will appear near a green indicator, and the faulty links appear near the yellow indicator. Non-functional links appear near a red indicator, and this makes this tool an easy to use platform. 

Some pros and cons of this tool are;

It is ideal for beginners in affiliate marketing.
It has a few features.
It has a color system that analyzes the functionality of these links.It has limited analytical data.

2. AMZ Watcher

This platform is a premium service that offers support to many Amazon stores, and it has convenient features.  These features are favorable to affiliate marketers. There are some tracking features on the platform that can allow users to analyze their links. The dashboard has some charts that show the operation of affiliation links. 

The data can be exported to files where all the links progress can be tracked.  The best thing about the features is that you can improve your income quickly and get new revenue methods.  Users also get updates on the products, and you can quickly generate your affiliate links here. 

Some pros and cons of this tool are;

It has email notifications on the affiliate links management.
It has some expensive monthly plans.
You can easily find the faulty links using this tool.It has limited customer support for low tier service plans.

3. AMZ Link Checker

This service is designed to help some affiliate markets improve their conversion rates and ensure the proper functionality of affiliate links/tags. 

This tool provides affiliate marketers with a resource that removes faulty links and improves your long run commission. The tool highlights any issues with your Amazon affiliate link. It is an interface that conveniently allows users to filter the results before completing a scan. You can easily manage these affiliate links on this platform.

Some pros and cons of this tool are;

It has free trials for users.
It has an expensive service plan.
It’s an interface with filters that scan affiliate links.It has limited customer support.


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