VR Headsets for Less: How to Find the Best Prices and What Not to Settle for

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VR technology used to be a niche for people in gaming. Times have changed. All the big tech companies are investing in Virtual Reality. With great investments come quality VR headsets.

Some devices are relatively affordable. Others, like the upcoming Vision Pro by Apple, are expected to be incredibly expensive. To get value for your money, avoid poorly rated devices.

Instead, buy quality headsets at the best prices by following our tips below.

Compare Prices

Doing a little research online could help you save a lot of money while buying expensive products like headsets. Some sellers have weekend discounts. Others have special deals for first-time customers.

Use a price comparison site to compare the prices of different headsets. Of course, this means you need to have an idea of the best devices in the market. Maybe you want to buy the Meta Quest Pro 2.

You know it costs an average of $300. However, you could end up buying this headgear at $250 by comparing prices. Some stores might be selling the device at a lower cost now that Meta is planning to introduce the Quest Pro 3.

 Buy at the Right Time

Fall is the best time to find a cheap VR headset or other tech products. Summer is the worst time. Here’s why. In the past decade, all the major tech companies have been releasing new products between September and November.

Take Apple as an example. It released the iPhone 15 this September. Since then, prices for iPhone 14, 13, and previous generations have plummeted. Both Sony and Microsoft also released their latest consoles during the fall of 2020.

As mentioned, Meta is planning to release a new VR headset before December. As a result, leading tech retailers are selling the Meta Quest Pro 2 at a discount. They will give out even bigger discounts during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Consider Your Budget

The cost of buying VR headsets keeps going down. That’s a good thing. What’s even more important, however, is staying within your budget. Select a budget based on your income and the type of VR headset you need.

Pay your bills. Settle your debts and set aside money for savings before you think about buying a new headset. The last thing you want is to get into debt because you bought a device you could have lived without.

There are a few ways to afford your dream headset. First, you could save money over a few months. Alternatively, you could find a store that lets you pay for devices in small payments.

Strive to buy tech gadgets using cash. This way, you can score great deals and live peacefully without debt. 

Look for Value in Headsets

Although you want to save money, prioritize value. Trying to save money by picking the cheapest sets out there will leave you disappointed. For starters, many low-end devices use cheap plastic for hardware.

Controllers fail after a few tries while the software lags or crashes constantly. Most of these devices work with mobile devices. But they struggle to play console and PC games.

If you want a quality headset, read online reviews. Compare headgear designs, materials, internal storage, graphics, and other features. Find top-rated devices priced within your budget. Then use price comparison tools to hunt the best deals.

Outsmart Online Retailers

Many online retailers use a few tricks to sell you stuff at a high price. One of the most popular techniques is to change prices constantly. With this technique, a seller might increase the price of a headset by 20% today.

The next time you check prices, the headset could be lower by 10%. The site might even claim its discounted offer is a time-limited deal. This trick works. Most people will usually buy items with time-limited discounts.

  But here’s the thing. Time-limited offers aren’t always time-limited. In fact, they might not be great deals. Take your time before you fall for marketing gimmicks.

Use a pricing tool to check the cost of an item historically. Find out when a store usually gives out discounts. It could be on the weekends or at the end of the month. Consider using a VPN to change your IP address. Sometimes stores sell products at different prices depending on where you live.


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