User Engagement On Hotstar: The Role Of Interactivity And Gamification In Canada

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We have seen a great change in the dynamics of the world during and after pandemics, and one of that great changes has happened in the form of OTT platforms. 

The way they have gained popularity and a consumer base in this period is just beyond calculation. 

Now people prefer OTT platforms over cinema screens, so they would rather watch Hotstar in Canada from the comfort of their home, instead of spending on tickets, popcorn, commute, and so on.

People have become less attentive over time, and most people can not focus on a single thing for long periods as we are addicted to things that provide pleasure instantly. 

OTT platforms give you full control over what you watch, when you want to watch it, and where you want to watch it.

OTT platforms like Hotstar are the way of the future, and there is no doubt that many more people will be using them after a few years, but to stay in the competition, they need to make this experience much more rewarding so that the audience does not leave things in the middle and watch the full content. 

For that, gamification is the best idea.

OTT Gamification

Before we discuss anything else, we should first discuss OTT gamification. 

OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, ZEE5, and much more use this approach to make their content more enjoyable so that user does not get bored while watching it. 

Just like in a career mode game, you can make choices that would lead to different storylines, or you can answer questions to get extra rewards that can be enjoyed later in the game. 

Similarly, gamification is a technique that can make the content much more enjoyable. You can decide what to do with the main character or predict what will happen next, and this increases user engagement and makes the content much more interesting overall. 

Also, it would decrease the number of users leaving the site in the middle.

How Hotstar Is Using Gamification As An Engagement Strategy

Hotstar already has a large number of users, and more people are joining the platform with every passing day. 

But in order to keep their platform interesting, they are also using gamification techniques so that they can get the attention of users and also reward them for their attention.

Here is how Hotstar is using Gamification to interact with its users on its platform. 

Watch ‘N Play

Disney Plus Hotstar introduced this feature for the first time during the IPL of 2018, and its main purpose was to engage the watchers in the game. 

It would increase their interest and keep them on the platform for longer.

The Watch ‘N Play feature stays on the bottom of the screen while the game is on the rest of the screen so that you can focus on both at the same time.

Watch ‘N Play would allow you to predict what is going to happen on the next ball, whether it’s going to be a six, four, couple of runs, wicket, and more possibilities. 

If you manage to give the correct answer, then you will redeem points for the answer you give, and with these points, you can get actual prizes.

They have also improved this feature over the years, and now people can also invite their friends and family to play with them without any problem. Also, social leaderboards are now available so that you can compete among your social circle.

Advantages of Gamification

Here are a few advantages of gamification:

Powerful Effect

Users would get the feeling that they are also a part of something, and they will feel empowered as they can also make some decisions about what they are watching. 

They will feel accomplished when they make the right choice and can test their abilities as well.

This effect would encourage users to spend longer periods in this activity and do this activity again and again, and this is highly beneficial for the OTT platforms as they will also get their consumers’ attention for more time.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers would also be delighted if they participated and won prizes. So with gamification, this is finally possible.

Cricket matches often get too boring, and sometimes people get very heartbroken when their favorite team is losing, so this will give them the entertainment they need, and they will not turn off their devices.

Customer Loyalty

This can also increase customer loyalty as you reward them with many prizes, so they will stay with you for longer periods and will not shift to other platforms. 

These small innovations become people’s favorites and help them make their choices. 

This type of reward increases the loyalty of customers and builds a better relationship.


This is how Hotstar is using gamification to increase customer interaction and engagement and make its content way better than it already is. 

This type of innovation is needed to stay in the market, and they need to introduce more gamification on their website so that it would attract more customers and keep the existing ones glued to their screens.


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