TV Shows and Casino Drama: Unveiling the High-Stakes Entertainment

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Gambling TV shows are a genre of entertainment which combines the amusement and fun of television series with lots of useful information about casino games, their rules, and even strategies for real-money gaming. Many of them have twisted, dramatic plots that will keep you engaged episode after episode.

While there are tens of casino-related TV shows out there, their quality varies significantly. Below, we offer you a list of must-watch series most gamblers will like.

  1. World Series of Poker TV Show

WSOP is one of the biggest gambling tournaments in the world, engaging thousands of players and an audience reaching millions of people. It’s highly recommended for poker enthusiasts who want to learn something new from more experienced players.

World Series of Poker comprises a range of tournaments with a main event of a $10 000 buy-in, the No-Limit Texas Hold’em game. The winner of this part gets a huge pot, which was around $1M in recent years.

WSOP started in 1970, but it got significant popularity after the launch of the related TV show. You can now watch the World Series of Poker on the Internet as well.

  1. Breaking Vegas

The 2004 TV documentary tells the story of a daring attempt of the MIT student team to make a fortune playing in different casinos around the US. This crime drama based on real events gives you insight into many techniques players use to beat the house, both legal and illegal. One of them is card counting – the most popular method to outplay the dealer in blackjack.

While you can often see casino in Hollywood movies, this documentary is much closer to the reality of the gambling world. It shows the price of trying to make quick money, especially in an illegal way.

  1. Poker After Dark

An NBC TV show Poker After Dark was initially launched in 2007 and got 13 seasons with 611 episodes in total. The show had a rather big break from 2011 to 2017. Then it was rebooted in cooperation with PokerGo.

Poker After Dark is focused on the game with few comments on the events. You can watch real poker matches between the best players and observe their tactics and decisions. This is a perfect TV show for all player, from newbies to experienced gamblers. The total of 611 episodes is a huge knowledge base with many things you can learn.

  1. High Stakes Poker

An American TV show High Stakes Poker is dedicated to real cash No Limit Texas Hold’Em game for high-rollers. Unlike WSOP, there’s no tournament format here. The participants just play a real-money poker game to win the pot. Buy-ins in the first seasons started from $200 000, but there are cases when gamblers paid as much as $1 000 000 to participate.

The best thing about watching High Stakes Poker is that you watch the game between gambling professionals with lots of experience. Though, there are sometimes a few amateurs at the table as well. You can explore the gamblers’ tactics, the way they act in different game situations, and their bluffing methods.

High Stakes Poker was first broadcast in 2006. There were several years of breaks, but the show is still running. It features 10 seasons and 145 episodes by now.

  1. King Of Vegas

King of Vegas is a US TV show in the format of a tournament-based competition. Its distinctive feature is a broad choice of games used. The list includes blackjack, roulette, Texas Hold’Em, craps, and other games. The participants get $10 000 in chips for every new game. Players who lose gradually leave the show, while the final winner ends up with a $1 000 000 pot.

The first platform to broadcast King of Vegas was Spike TV. The show’s pilot episode aired on January 17, 2006.

  1. Why Do Players Like to Watch Gambling TV Shows?

Gamblers often choose entertainment related to their passion for casino play. This is probably the main reason why players like gambling TV shows. There are, however, a few others, including the following:

  • TV shows are just fun to watch when you have free time;
  • gambling series may be a good source of knowledge and experience;
  • TV shows last longer than movies, so they can exhaustively reveal the plot;
  • TV series about casinos are great for binge-watching when you have nothing to do.

Another great thing about gambling TV shows is that you can watch them together with playing. Just pick a reliable casino site from BestCasinoPlay reviews, register, and enjoy the play while watching your favorite TV series.

  1. Conclusion on Gambling TV Shows

TV shows dedicated to gambling are a great choice for a player to spend free time. They combine all the nuances of the casino play with unexpected plot twists, drama, and lots of thrilling moments in the game. TV shows are also a great pastime when you just want to relax and unwind from your daily routine.


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