Top 6 Manga Worth Reading

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The word “manga” (マンガ) refers to Japanese comics. It developed strongly after World War II. The artists, inspired by the caricatures of Europeans and American comics, tried to create their own art form. In modern Japan, everyone has read manga at least once in their life. Children, adults, and even the elderly find a favorite work, author, or an entire genre. For some, reading manga becomes a hobby.  

In fact, there are plenty of manga to read. We have chosen exactly those works that are as entertaining as casino live games: it’s so hard to tear yourself away from that you end up sacrificing sleep. Each manga on the list features well-written characters, thoughtful setting, and relevant themes and issues. Reading it, you will be immersed in the maelstrom of exciting events.

One Piece

During his execution, the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, exercised his right to the last word and announced that he had hidden all the treasures of the world in one place and anyone who found them would own “One Piece” and be able to inherit the title of Pirate King. All the pirates of the world rushed to search for the cherished treasure. And the Great Pirate Age began.

Years after Roger’s execution, 17-year-old Monkey D. Luffy also decides to set out on a journey to fulfill his dream of becoming the King of Pirates. But a real pirate doesn’t go to sea alone, so the first thing Luffy does is set out to find the loyal comrades who will help him become King of the Pirates.

Vinland Saga

The manga is set in the 11th century AD. A boy named Thorfinn lives in Iceland. He dreams of leaving his native land and embarking on an exciting journey to different countries. In his free time the boy learns the art of weaponry. And so continued the peaceful and carefree days in the village, until one day a Jomsviking ship led by leader Floki arrives at Thorfinn’s father’s house.

The Jomsviking has sailed to take Thors, the boy’s father, to a future war with the English. For the sake of protecting his family and village, Thors agrees to the Jomsviking leader’s offer. His father’s decision on that fateful day determines the young Thorfinn’s future.

Blue Period 

In his second year of high school, the model student and part-time bully Yaguchi Yataro unexpectedly falls in love with fine art. Until recently, he considered drawing a boring and unprofitable business. But working on a painting assignment, where he had to portray his favorite landscape, awakened in Yaguchi an aptitude for beauty.

Yaguchi had never seriously studied drawing before, so he had no experience or knowledge of fine arts. But despite this, the high school student intends to devote himself completely to the study of a new path to enter the University of Arts.

Tokyo Revengers

One day, loser Hanagaki Takemichi learns that a 25-year-old girl named Tachibana Hinata was killed in a Tokyo gang fight. She was the first and only girl Takemichi dated in high school.

Returning home after work, Takemichi gets hit by a train and is transported back 12 years. Back when he was a high school student and was a member of one of the school gangs. Takemichi decides to take the chance to save Hinata by enlisting the help of the girl’s younger brother, Tachibana Naoto.

Young Bride’s Story

Central Asia, 19th century. Not far from the Caspian Lake there is a village where newlyweds live. Amira Khergal, 20, comes from a place beyond the mountains. The girl’s fiancé, Karluq Aikhan, is eight years her junior. A few days ago they just started living under the same roof. During this time, Amira has managed to establish relations with the villagers.

In the meantime, a terrible incident occurs in the girl’s home village, causing the village elders to want Amira back and to marry her off to another man.

Attack on Titan

A century ago, humanity was nearly destroyed by huge, unintelligent titans. For their own salvation, people erected three high walls and lived quietly behind us for the next century.

It would seem that nothing foretold trouble, but one day a colossal titan breaks through the wall. The city was filled with giants that began to devour the inhabitants one by one. Young Eren’s mother was among the victims. After that fateful evening, the boy, along with his friend Armin and his half-sister Mikasa, decide to join a reconnaissance corps to destroy all the titans.


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