Top 5 Laravel Development Tools to Use 

Top 5 Laravel Development Tools to Use 

The Laravel framework has developed a lot since it was made available in the market. There are almost 1 lac + websites that are built using Laravel instead of PHP. With continuous upgrades in web app development, people have seen an increasing preference for the Laravel framework.

It is an extensive PHP framework used for web development. This framework is used for developing enterprise startups, small websites, and much more which makes it stand out amongst other frameworks. Not only this, but PHP developers are also in high demand these days.

If you want to develop a cutting-edge Laravel website for your business, you can hire Laravel experts in India for the same. For developers, it is essential to use development tools to make the project development easier. Hence, we have listed the 5 best Laravel development tools for you. Come, let’s check them together.

Laravel Framework- Basic Overview, and Benefits

Laravel framework is a PHP-based platform that is open-source and allows developers to build interesting web apps. Using this framework, Laravel programmers from India can make custom software that operates using MVC architecture. Developing complex and full-fledged solutions is easy with Laravel.

Here are some benefits of using the Laravel framework:

  • The primary benefit of using Laravel is that it accelerates development which helps you with the speedy launch of the app
  • Laravel packages and tools provide first-mode security to your web app. Hence, the security factor is also a benefit of using the Laravel framework. There is an option for authentication and authorization of systems which makes it easy to secure the web app
  • There are a lot of in-built libraries that developers can utilize while working with Laravle. These libraries make software development smooth and quick. They offer multiple functions and features which can be integrated into the app easily
  • Last, but not least, Laravel follows MVC architecture which can improve the loaded-bearing capacity and performance of the web app

Why choose Laravel for web app development?

Here are some reasons why developers choose Laravel for web app development:

Better Security- Laravel covers security on SQL Injection, Cross-site request forgery, and Cross-site scripting.

Easy to use- People who are not developers can also use the Laravel framework as it is easy to use and even beginners can use it.

MVC Support- Laravel provides in-built support for MVC architecture.

Flexible and Extensible- Laravel is flexible and can provide vast configuration alternatives. It also supports multiple DBs like SQLite, MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.

Also, it is an extremely extensible framework that provides a huge range of functions that adds to the Laravel apps. There are also several plugins used to enhance the functions of the Laravel apps.

Now, let’s see which Laravel development tools are best for developers for simplifying the software development process.

Top Five Laravel Development Tools to Use in 2023

Laravel is designed for creating small websites large business websites and enterprise websites. Because of this, both experienced and new developers need to develop a toolbox that helps them complete their software quickly.

Here are the top Laravel development tools:

1# BitBucket

If you own a small enterprise and want to collaborate for reviewing the code, Bitbucket is an amazing choice. It is a Laravel development tool that allows sharing the code repositories which allows multiple people to unify for checking and debugging the code which is in its development phase.

However, one can only pick a limited number of people to collaborate and write and maintain the code accordingly.

Here are the features of Bitbucket:

  • It allows seamless collaboration. So, people who are working remotely can also collaborate and work effortlessly to develop and deploy the customer’s app on time.
  • Bitbucket helps with automating the CI/CD pipeline and also it helps in indicating the health of your code for managing it in a better way.
  • It also helps in managing the project efficiently and measuring the project’s progress remotely.
  • Developers get greater flexibility for building the app, deploying it, and also for debugging it.
  • Bitbucket is an all-in-one tool that helps in developing, deploying, and testing the code. 
  • You can also track deprecatory issues using this tool to eliminate possible risks.

2# PHPStorm

Once you plan to develop your next Laravel app, you can try using the PHPStorm IDE. This framework offers smart features like refactoring, smart code navigation, security, easy debugging, etc. It also provides an exceptional code formatter. Yahoo and Valve are also taking advantage of PHPStorm.

Here are some features of PHPStorm:

  • The smart code editor is a popular feature that this tool provides. This feature has multiple language support and also different code combinations.
  • There are in-built tools and packages which help you in speeding up the process and increase productivity.
  • You can assure seamless performance for your web app with the PHPStorm tool.

3# Laravel Socialite

The Laravel Socialite tool provides a fluent, expressive interface for authentication of OAuth with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, GitLab, GitHub, etc. It also manages almost all boilerplate authentication social codes.

It helps you to manage the OAuth seamlessly and also allows end-users to log in using their social media accounts like FB, LinkedIn, Google, BitBucket, etc. It is one of the most popular features that is implemented in the project by Laravel developers in India or worldwide.

Here are the features of Laravel Socialite:

  • It is an easy to use Laravel development tool
  • Laravel Socialite contains majority of instances of social authentication that you might require
  • There’s huge community support and a lot of providers

4# Laravel Debugbar

If you want to develop a web app from scratch or you want to debug the existing app to clean the whole code, you can use this Laravel tool. Debugbar is essentially used to extract bugs from any software and improve the code quality.

Here are the features of Laravel Debugbar:

  • The view feature of this tool will allow you to verify whether all the templates are being rendered or not while the debugging process is going on.
  • You can load and pull many requests with this tool, it will allow you to develop different types of pull requests and queries with ease.
  • Laravel Debugbar comes with different tools with different ranges of collectors like route, view collector, query, etc.
  • It is quite easy to manage multiple bugs at a time while using this tool.
  • Laravel Debugbar enhances the testing process by adapting efficiency requirements.
  • It is an easy-to-use tool with a toolbar that assists you to clear bugs and manage multiple queries.

5# Laravel Websockets

One can add the power of WebSockets to their Laravel app. With the drop-in pusher replacement, Laravel echo, SSL support, a debug dashboard, and many more features, this tool rocks when used for Laravel development.

Here are the features of Laravel WebSockets:

  • It handles the server-side WebSockets completely
  • It can replace the Laravel echo server and Pusher
  • It ships the real-time Debug Dashboard
  • It is ratchet-based, but will not require you for setting up Ratchet
  • This tool provides a real-time chart for inspecting the WebSockets key metrics
  • WebSockets eagles you to use the multi-tenant apps
  • Comes with one pusher message protocol
  • It has proper compatibility with Laravel Echo
  • WebSockets preserves many main pusher features (presence and private channels, pusher HTTP API)

Concluding Words

In the end, when the matter is of Laravel development, having the right tool can significantly enhance your productivity and manage the workflow accordingly. The tools that we mentioned in this article offer a huge range of functionalities and features to cater to different aspects of the development process. 

Whether you are searching for proper server management, robust code editing, local development environment setup, real-time debugging, and seamless deployment options. By using these Laravel development tools, you can improve efficiency, code quality, and make high-quality apps easily. So start using these tools, and experimenting with them will find you the best tool suitable for your web application and fulfill its requirements. Happy coding!


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