The Swedish Startup that Focuses on Esports Players’ Health

The Swedish Startup that Focuses on Esports Players’ Health

Sports and esports have always been a subject of comparison. What is more popular? What offers more diversity? What has a bigger impact on players? In this context, the topic of well-being plays a crucial role which often happens to be ignored.

Professional sports athletes do their best to maintain their primary condition and claim cash rewards. Considering that esports was thrust into professionalism, it’s only recently that the industry has started prioritising physical and mental health.

Esports Startup Idea

Injuries happen. But it doesn’t mean that we leave them ignored. In fact, injury prevention measures must be an absolute priority for all parties involved. When it comes to esports the topic of injuries has only started to be raised. The post-effects of esports’ dangerous nature have started to face a growing number of high-profile retirements. Why is it the case?

Esports gaming and betting companies have put a greater emphasis on protecting players through a range of possible solutions. Apart from coaching, player performance guidance and health research developments could be crucial elements to help support professional athletes.

Special Equipment to Reduce Injuries

Various esports performance items can help minimize the risk of injury in different ways. It becomes important to put less strain on affected areas. The use of compression can help blood flow and suitable equipment reduce friction, whenever esports athletes compete or train for a certain time.

Certain performance clothing can also affect posture, which is crucial for occupations that are purely stationary. Moisture-wicking capabilities located in the sleeves are perfect for players who are competing or training during the summer months.

Esports players can face the same injuries as traditional athletes. Moreover, repetitive strain injuries in esports can feature long-term consequences without proper treatment. Additionally, Esports players may also be at risk for other medical issues such as eye strain, insomnia, and psychological complexes.

Power of Business Collaboration

Flashe Gaming has already started cooperation with European powerhouse G2 Esports as part of the special campaign devoted to healthy habits in esports activities. It will provide a wide range of products to the new partner, thus enabling G2 to leverage Flashe’s technology. Both companies go partners to explore the physical demand of esports at the highest possible level.

In online gambling, companies can’t grow without cooperation with each other. Partnerships encourage players to use equipment or services, as well as provide a litmus test for these companies to know the environment better.

Is There Anything Else to Be Done?

Flashe Gaming has managed to cover the gap in the gambling market. Now players can benefit from esports-optimised equipment. So gamers have better chances of enjoying a smooth esports routine at or any other betting site.

The company has created a wide range of products to make the gameplay more delightful for people. They can enjoy popular products, including Xsleeve Gen II and HoodX. How can some of these products minimize or prevent medical conditions? This becomes possible by affecting blood circulation and delivering more oxygen to the body.

Flashe Gaming’s representatives highlight that it’s important that the equipment serves to boost performance. Creating products that will reduce the risk of injury makes their usage more possible in the long run. Combining this feature with performance-boosting features will probably expand the audience significantly.

Having cutting-edge equipment shouldn’t be the only action organisations and players should consider. Other solutions such as education, research, analysis, and training happen to be crucial elements as well. Now is high time to integrate more health-oriented solutions into these products while this equipment focuses on dynamic growth. With new developments and a focus on health in esports, injuries are going to be a rare thing to observe.


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