Subway Gold & Black Card: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Subway Gold & Black Card: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Over the years, Subway has been known for its famous submarine sandwiches, also called “subs,” along with other fast food options like wraps, salads, and drinks. The American fast food franchise provides excellent customer service and offers rewards through its Black and Gold reward cards. While they have other reward programs, most customers are focused on the Gold and Black cards and the benefits they bring.

The Subway Black Card is given to highly influential individuals who can help promote the business, while the Subway Gold Card is akin to a gift card with which you can be rewarded and have funds loaded onto it. To be eligible to receive either card, you must have a notable background in the industry.

This article will cover all the information you need about the cards, how to obtain them, and the rewards of owning them.

What Is Subway Gold Card?

Subway Gold & Black Card: Everything You Need To Know About Them

The Subway Gold Card is a unique reward offered by Subway to its most valuable and influential customers. The card details are not widely known, but Subway claims it’s easier to obtain the Gold Card than the Black Card.

The card is given to customers with significant influence and the potential to bring in more business for Subway. Additionally, the card can be preloaded with funds, making it a versatile tool that can be used for both rewards and to store money for purchases at Subway locations globally.

What Does The Gold Card Do In Subway?

The Subway Gold Card is a payment tool used at Subway restaurants. The card can be preloaded with funds, allowing customers to purchase food items at any Subway location worldwide, including subs.

When issued, the card comes with a pre-loaded amount of $100 and can be used at any Subway branch. The card is not readily available to everyone, as it is intended as a reward for customers who positively impact Subway’s business.

In summary, the Subway Gold Card allows for fast food purchases at any Subway restaurant globally, by using the pre-loaded funds on the card.

What Is Subway Black Card?

If you’ve encountered the sleek design of Subway’s Black Card in advertisements or videos, you may be curious about the card and how to get one. Firstly, it’s important to note that only famous individuals who bring in significant business and customers are eligible for the card. The Subway Black Card offers its holders free subs for life.

The card has a history with Subway’s former spokesperson, Jared Fogle, who was one of the first people to own it. The ultra-exclusive card entitles its holders to free $5 footlong subs for life. There have been speculations that Fogle may still be able to use his Black Card after his relationship with Subway ended. The card was also given to Jarvis Jones of the Georgia Bulldogs and Pittsburgh Steelers in 2013.

The term “Subway Black” was inspired by the American Express Black Card, which is only for their top spenders. Similarly, the Subway Black Card is reserved for highly influential individuals who positively impact the brand.

While American Express Black Card holders must pay their monthly bill, the Subway Black Card functions more as a loyalty card, offering its holders a specific reward for as long as they hold the card.

What Does The Black Card Do In Subway?

Subway Gold & Black Card: Everything You Need To Know About Them

The Black Card allows its holders to get free Subway subs forever. You can visit any Subway restaurant worldwide and order a Subway sub for free if you have the card. This card is exclusive, only given to a few individuals, but it also offers discounts on other Subway products. In essence, owning the Black Card gives you exclusive rights to Subway, allowing you to stop by any time for a quick meal.

How To Get The Subway Gold Card

The Subway Gold Card is for influential individuals who have impacted the brand in some way. To apply, submit your request through the website. Your application will be verified to determine if you are eligible for the card.

The Gold Card is both a reward and a spending card, preloaded with $100 by Subway for purchases at any restaurant. It is not a discount card, as the preloaded funds serve as a reward. You can apply and receive the card by mail if you meet the criteria.

How To Get The Subway Black Card

Rumors about obtaining a Subway Black Card through purchasing for $750 to $1,000 are false, as there is no official statement confirming this.

Subway only issues Black Cards to individuals who bring significant media attention and business to the brand, such as famous influencers or those whose businesses benefit Subway.

The company is selective about who they give the card to, so if you don’t fit into these categories, you may not be eligible for the card.

However, if you do meet the criteria, Subway will contact you and mail you the Black Card to be used for loyalty rewards.

How To Use The Subway Gold Card

Subway Gold & Black Card: Everything You Need To Know About Them

Paying with the Subway Gold Card is much like using a credit card for purchases at a store, restaurant, etc. Simply order your take-out and proceed to the point-of-sale machine to use the card. After swiping the card, the cost of your take-out will be deducted from the card’s balance.

This process can be repeated in any Subway restaurant worldwide, provided you have a Subway Gold Card with the necessary funds loaded onto it.

How To Use The Subway Black Card?

The process for using the Subway Gold Card is similar to that of other cards. To use your card in a Subway restaurant, simply present it to the staff and follow their instructions. In most cases, the attendants will guide you through the remaining steps, if any are needed.

Subway Gold Card vs Black Card: 5 differences.

Although the Subway Gold and Black Cards have some similarities, they are actually quite different. Here are the major distinctions between the two: The Subway Gold Card is similar to a gift card, with funds loaded onto it, while the Subway Black Card is given to influential individuals to help promote the business. The Gold Card requires no special qualifications while the Black Card requires an impressive background in order to be eligible.

S/NSubway Gold CardSubway Black Card
1.It’s easier to get compared to the Black Card.It’s very difficult to acquire.
2.It’s preloaded with $100 by Subway.It’s not preloaded with any cash.
3.Holders do not get free subs. Instead, they pay for the subs with the loaded cash on the card.Holders get free subs.
4.The holder’s business doesn’t necessarily have to benefit Subway.The holder’s business has to benefit Subway.
5.It is a reward card.It is a loyalty card.


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