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Would you like not only to save on software development but also to get truly experienced specialists who would take responsibility for managing development processes? There is a solution. These days, collaborating with dedicated software development teams is no longer a whim for businesses looking to reduce their budget on hiring in-office employees. Below we propose to you learn about how businesses can expand the range of their products and services through such partnerships.

What Tasks Can Such a Team Handle?

Since each member of the dedicated team is selected based on the requirements of the project owner, the range of services that they provide is extremely wide. In particular, such project team structures can take on the tasks of developing IT solutions (both from scratch and based on ready-made solutions), optimizing existing software products, implementing DevOps practices, UX/UI designing, testing and quality control of software products, technical support and updates, etc.

Note that all of the above services can be presented in combination with each other – it all depends on what exactly you need. As for expertise, a dedicated development team can easily cope with projects of various sizes for manufacturing enterprises, the cryptocurrency industry, the financial niche, trading, the medical field, etc., and can also provide invaluable assistance in the development of startups and minimum viable products (MVP). In general, their skills will depend on what business niche your solution belongs to (therefore, before choosing a specific contractor, you will need to make sure that such projects are present in their portfolio).

If you still doubt the rationality of cooperation with a dedicated software development team, just remember that such digital giants as Amazon, IBM, Oracle, Apple, etc. resorted to it. In general, if you have a need to delegate your software development tasks to third-party (and sometimes many times more experienced than your in-office employees) specialists, this format of partnership should definitely be considered. In the next paragraph, we will look at its benefits in detail.

Why Choose This Type Of Collaboration?

Let’s discuss the main advantages that this format of interaction with IT experts provides. However, remember that all of them are achievable only with the right choice of contractor.

  • Adaptability. Most often, this interaction model is used by project owners with uncertain requirements. This means that the concept of the project can be somewhat changed over time, and its scale can grow – both before the first release and after. However, they usually want to have at their disposal specialists who will always be on the alert to provide them with quick feedback and support on technical issues. In addition to the fact that product owners can always expand the hired dedicated team with new specialists or exclude existing ones from it as unnecessary, this model turns out to be one of the most flexible.
  • Delegation of process management responsibilities. Usually, business owners do not have time to constantly monitor the processes that relate to the development of their new software solutions. In turn, cooperation with dedicated software teams implies the possibility of delegating management tasks to a company that provides outsourcing services of this type.
  • Extensive pool of experts. Instead of spending months training existing in-office employees or hiring new ones with the right expertise, product owners can outline the right skill requirements for each of your new contractors. Typically, companies that provide outsourcing services spend no more than 2-3 weeks searching for suitable candidates.
  • Cost efficiency. By choosing experts outside your region, you get the opportunity to significantly reduce the budget of your project, both due to lower rates from your contractor and the absence of the need to pay taxes and organize physical job places for your new IT specialists.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for dedicated development teams that are ready to transform their years of experience into a cost-effective solution for your business, you are already in the right place. No matter how complex and non-standard your task is, we will cope with it. Contact us right now to discuss the details of your project.


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