Sergey Tokarev: About the progress of Artificial Intelligence and its prospects

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According to Sergey Tokarev, founding partner of Roosh, in the past, the discussions around the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) have focused on the prospects for its development to such an extent that it can replace the daily, monotonous activities performed by people. Also, during this period, it was believed that AI could never completely replace the creative professions.

However, three years ago, there was a significant breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence, which led to unexpected results. The latest technologies have reached incredible efficiency in the processing of texts and images, which has caused palpable anxiety among professionals working in the creative fields. The new possibilities of AI have become a concern due to its potential ability to compete with human creativity and even surpass it in certain aspects.

Sergey Tokarev, who is also an investor in Reface, emphasizes that when discussing the replacement of AI professions, high-quality specialists will not be completely replaced. The main idea is that employees will receive an additional tool that will greatly facilitate their routine work.

In accordance with the statement of Sergey Tokarev, we are entering a new era of technological development, and the ability to quickly adapt to new conditions directly affects the relevance of specialists in this progressive cycle.

Artificial intelligence is a valuable tool for professionals to help them perform their tasks more efficiently by improving the processes of analysis, forecasting, and decision-making. The comparison offered by Sergey Tokarev is related to the evolution of the Internet: the development of artificial intelligence has the potential to significantly increase the speed of data transmission and processing. However, it is important to consider that the specialized skills and expertise possessed by highly skilled professionals remain valuable and indispensable since AI cannot completely replace the creative thinking and human intuition inherent in certain professions.

About AI projects

To date, projects such as GPT-4, Dalle-E, and Midjourney have already gained popularity, but you should not forget that these are not independent tools, but an addition to human intelligence, notes investor Reface.

The use of such programs can be in two directions, for example, a person gives a task to the program, and it provides an answer or makes a request for further processing by a person.

According to Sergey Tokarev, creative people can now manage the process of creating images, tasks, and other projects. You no longer need to be an expert in graphic editors and image processing programs to see your idea quickly realized.

The volume of data that people have to work with in their life is constantly growing and sometimes it becomes difficult to cope with it. Finally, we have a tool that allows us to speed up the processing of this data, which significantly improves productivity.

Sergey Tokarev is sure that we are currently working with “baby technology” capable of solving only basic tasks. However, in two years it will become much more developed and will give much better results, but this does not mean that it will completely be able to replace the human resource.


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