Safe, Secure, And Smart – Everything You Need To Know About Best Apps For Toddlers

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Finding engaging and educational apps for your toddler can be challenging. Not only that but finding a safe, secure, and intelligent app that gives you peace of mind while your child is using the app can be challenging. 

The best apps for toddlers help quench their never-ending curiosity through learning while keeping their sensitive data safe. According to a survey by Statista, 21% of children aged seven and 14 used apps to read or learn. The survey also showed that the percentage rose among children aged four and six. 

But because our children are also on social media today, monitoring their use of these apps is imperative because of the risks of social platforms. This means that as a parent, you’ll need to install apps with parental controls and ensure data protection. 

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about safe, secure, and smart apps for toddlers. We’ll also look at some of the best apps for toddlers.

Safe, Secure, And Smart – Guidelines to Help You Choose the Best App for Your Toddler

Choosing apps for your toddler is a popularity contest. Every toddler is different. An app that makes sense for one child may not be healthy for another. 

Here are some guidelines you should consider before downloading an app to your toddler’s device. 

Is It Safe? Is Your Toddler’s Data Protected?

It’s critical to keep your kids safe while they use devices that connect to the internet. There are a ton of online predators, including cybercriminals, who want to steal sensitive data and use it for theft. 

There are many other risks, including hacking and privacy invasion, that come with being online. This is why it’s important to be extremely careful with the apps that you choose to install for your little one. Safe, secure, and smart toddler apps protect their information from online predators. 

One study found that thousands of popular Android apps shared device information, including location and other sensitive data, without getting parental consent. One way to get through this is by reading the privacy reviews before downloading the app or the privacy policy yourself. 

Another excellent way to keep your child’s data safe is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). A VPN encrypts your internet connection, making it difficult for hackers to access your personal information or track your online activity. 

Your child’s sensitive data, like their location and browsing history, will be kept private while they use their favorite toddler apps. Plus, even the cheapest VPNs allow you to control which websites and apps your child can access, giving you peace of mind knowing they’re only using age-appropriate content.

Don’t leave your child’s online safety to chance. Invest in a VPN today and ensure your family’s browsing experience is fun and secure. With a VPN, you can confidently let your child explore the digital world without worrying about their online safety.

Who Does the App Connect to?

Before deciding whether an app is safe or secure, you should find out who the app connects to. Does it allow interaction with other people, including friends and family? Interactive apps encourage kids to stay in touch with friends and family while enhancing the learning experience. Great apps allow social interactions between toddlers and their loved ones. 

How Does the App Teach My Child?

All toddlers have different learning abilities and methods. For this reason, it would be best to find apps that suit your child’s learning abilities. That said, a rule of thumb would be to consider those apps that keep kids active, engaged, and social. Smart apps have different learning methods ideal for different children. 

Can You Set Clear Limits

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that preschoolers and toddlers have a maximum of one hour per day of screen time. Safe, secure, and smart apps allow you to set these limits, either visual or sand timers. Also, establish a study place where your kids can interact with the app as you watch them. 

What Are Some of The Best Apps For Toddlers

Here are five of the best apps for toddlers: 

Colorful ABC – Alphabet Flashcard for Kindergarten Kids

As the name suggests, the app works by building shapes in children’s subconscious minds from the early onset. Studies have shown that children grasp information pertaining to shapes, words, colors, and sounds way before they even start speaking.

That’s exactly what Colorful ABC aims to achieve. It seeks to reinforce alphabet shapes through practice, repetition, and memorization. Other features that make this app safe, secure, and smart include zero distractions of any user interface controls (including ads), soft background music, and carefully selected colors, fonts, and letters. 

Alphabet Vocabulary for Kids

This app helps kids learn the alphabet vocabulary. It works by reminding them of the names of objects as they see them, while simultaneously hearing the sound of the object, which aims to increase their vocabulary. 

Other features of the app include zero distractions from the interface controls, soft background music, a high-definition display, carefully selected colors, and object sound effects. Alphabet vocabulary for Kids also features an ABC song which keeps the little ones interested. 

Number Recognition – 123 Number Math Learning Games

The Number recognition app helps kids recognize numbers with fun and interaction. The exercises include number flashcards, counting the objects, catching the ladybug touching the crabs, and matching and dragging the numbers, just to mention a few. It’s meant for preschoolers aged two to four. 

Grocery Expert Game for Kids

Grocery Expert Game for Kids is a fun and educational app that helps children learn about different types of food and how to count such objects. The colorful graphics are engaging, making it a great tool for keeping children entertained while learning. This app is fantastic for kids as it doesn’t have user interface distractions, meaning no clutter or annoying ads. 

Words Train

This app offers an excellent and interactive way for kids to learn basic vocabulary words together with their spellings. It’s designed for kids aged 4-8. As its name suggests, Word’s train allows kids to immersively drag the letters of a word on a train before they can correctly spell out the word. 

This app also features motivation and encouragement as the little ones get some motivation based on their achievements, even if they are small. It’s a great game that keeps the young ones busy in an educational and fun way. 

In Conclusion

Your child’s safety and security remain paramount, especially when using devices or apps that connect to the internet. To find safe, secure, and smart apps, you should consider looking at the privacy reviews, using a VPN, setting clear limits, and only choosing the apps that suit your child’s learning abilities before installing an app. 

That said, there are a ton of great educational and interactive apps that will prove beneficial to your little one. For starters, you can head over to your app store and look up apps such as Colorful ABC- Alphabet Flashcard for Kindergarten Kids, Number Recognition-123 Number Math Learning Games, Words Train, Grocery Expert Game for Kids, and Alphabet Vocabulary for Kids. 


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