Reasons Your Business Needs A Cloud IVR System

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As a business owner, you would probably want to connect with your customers or prospects in the best possible way available. You may have tried different communication systems but still, you’re wanting more. It seems that something is lacking in the way how your telephone system functions.

If that’s the situation you are currently in right now, you may feel discouraged or disappointed. However, you should not be since different telephony systems have different functions and features.

But if your goal is to provide full customer service satisfaction, then there is no doubt that a cloud IVR system is what you need. But what is a cloud IVR system?

Cloud IVR System

Cloud IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System is one of the latest technologies of automated phone systems that interact with your callers and collects information by providing them options through a menu. It is specifically used to redirect client calls to the right department automatically. Additionally, you can also utilize its service to provide a professional welcome greeting to your clients.

It is the backbone that assists business owners and their respective businesses in automating their call system. Surprisingly enough, this cloud-based communication technology does not demand any hardware setup since as mentioned, it is a cloud-based telephony system.

Here are the Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Cloud IVR System

Businesses nowadays are realizing the importance of the IVR system. It’s more than just dialing and then waiting for someone to answer the call. Actually, its features cannot be found or are not available on traditional telephone lines.

Below are the top reasons why you should go for a cloud IVR system:

  • Ease in managing and setting up – depending on your needs, cloud telephony service providers are the ones who will set up your cloud-based IVR system. After the setup is done, you can make necessary changes depending on your requirements. The best thing here is that there is no need for you to buy any hardware or install any kind of software. The only thing you need is to log in to your account and then the departments that your business requires.
  • Enhance your business communication through call automation – sometimes, it’s good to bring back the old memories. But when it comes to business communication, gone are the days where you need a receptionist to entertain calls and transfer them to the right departments via extension dialing procedure. With IVR’s call automation, your clients can now reach the right person or department in your business by automatically rerouting their calls.
  • Create your personalized recorded IVR greeting – remember that your callers’ first thing to be heard is your recorded greeting. And with a cloud IVR system, you can make it great and awesome by uploading a personalized pre-recorded greeting. You can either create it on your own or you can use the standard greetings provided by your chosen service provider. Either way, you can always be sure that your customer’s first impression will always be positive and amazing.
  • Lessen your transfer rate error – IVR system is designed to eliminate errors while transferring calls to the intended department or individual in your organization. This is done without putting the speed and connectivity in a compromising situation. And without any form of human intervention, IVR’s process works flawlessly, providing your customers a professional calling experience.
  • Bring your customer to a pre-recorded message – usual queries such as location and business hours can be simply answered and added as pre-recorded messages. This feature will allow your clients to get their questions answered on the spot without the need of connecting with an agent just to answer these types of basic questions. It will also allow your agents to attend to more important and urgent concerns of your customers.
  • Optimize lead conversion – unknown to many business owners, integrating an IVR system in their organization is not just providing customer satisfaction alone. You can gather the data from previous calls and create an audio-based questionnaire and then run a questionnaire campaign. By doing this, you can measure the quality of the prospective leads and can further identify your weaknesses and strengths.
  • Let your customers experience your 24/7 customer support – in the past, business owners had to hire receptionists to attend incoming calls. This is to provide 24/7 customer service. It also means that you need more than one receptionist to attend calls round-the-clock since there are instances that calls may come beyond office hours. Think of the time, effort, energy, and cost of hiring them just to answer incoming calls? With an IVR system, all those human interventions are now eliminated. If someone calls your company beyond office hours, anyone from your staff or yourself can answer the call regardless of location since it can be forwarded to voicemail or to your assigned external number. you don’t have to miss a call anymore no matter what time of the day your customer wants to make an inquiry.

In case you or your employees are not able to answer incoming calls, there is no need for you to worry about it. IVR has a voicemail messaging feature that will inform your customers to leave their messages and that you’ll return their call the soonest possible time.

  • Enhance your business image – perhaps every business owners want their organizations to be perceived as professional. Using the IVR system significantly helps you achieve this. Customers that are promptly greeted by warm and personalized greetings are inclined to interact easily with the business. Their first impressions really matter and since you have adopted a very professional and accurate communication system, you can be sure of positive feedback from them. Any doubt that they may have will be immediately eliminated because of the professional projection of your business through the IVR system.

Final Words

IVR systems bring the latest innovation in terms of communication technology. And if you want to boost your business, you should be able to provide one hundred percent customer service satisfaction, or else, you will lose your existing clients and potential customers. Now that you are aware of the advantages of the IVR solution, it is time for you to integrate the system so you can bring your business to a higher level and keep pace with your competitors.

Telnum can help you with the integration of a cloud-based IVR system into your business. All you need to do is visit our website and make an inquiry. Our Tech Specialists are more than willing to assist you and even help you in analyzing your communication needs.


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