10 Reasons Why PC Gaming Is Better Than Console Gaming

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Many people predicted that computer gaming would be obsolete within a few years after the launch of the first Xbox. However, it didn’t happen. In fact, it even improved. Our top ten list is dominated by PCs rather than consoles because of the various advantages they provide.

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A Personal Computer’s Functions Extend Far Beyond That of a Simple Video Game Console 

Although some may believe it’s silly to compare PCs to consoles for anything other than video games, we find the comparison to be valid. This is due to the fact that console players often draw parallels between the pricing of devices failing to account for the fact that computers are so expensive because they serve as more than just gaming platforms.

While the PlayStation 5 does have Internet access, music streaming capabilities, etc., using a personal computer for these purposes is more convenient. Furthermore, a PC provides many opportunities for self-expression thanks to cutting-edge programs that can’t be found elsewhere. For instance, you can edit videos or create a cool picture moving effect that the console, no matter how cool it is, will never be able to produce. Additionally, with the vast selection of games available on PC, many gamers often seek platforms where they can buy and sell video game accounts and items, especially for popular titles, or to acquire rare in-game assets

A Personal Computer’s Graphics Capabilities Are Superior 

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The PC version of a multiplatform game always outshines the console versions. Even in the worst case, you’ll still be able to play at higher resolutions with a smooth 60 frames per second. Many console games can only run at 30 frames per second, which severely limits their visual appeal and usability. Several games that had been ported from consoles to PC ran at 30 frames per second, but these were fixed by fans of the games’ modding communities if the creators didn’t.

Your Computer Can Be Upgraded 

The typical lifespan of a gaming console is between five and six years. A personal computer, on the other hand, may be used indefinitely since its components are easily upgraded. And so it is that many PC gamers still use the same computer they purchased 20 years ago. Additionally, you may upgrade it in stages to fit your financial plan.

Downloadable games for the PC are more affordable

Console users can download games only through the official shop. Many different digital distribution services are available for personal computers, all of which provide diverse features and benefits. A great example is the digital distribution platform Steam, where users can often get triple AAA games for very low costs, if not for free.

PCs are the only platforms that allow true modding 

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It’s possible to completely overhaul and improve the quality of a decent PC game thanks to its devoted modding community. The in-game editor is available on certain console titles, but PC gamers have much more freedom. For racing games, this may include introducing new vehicles and courses, adjusting the game’s mechanics, enhancing the visuals and audio, or even adding virtual reality compatibility.

The PC Game Selection Is Vastly Superior 

Still today, there are games that can only be played on certain consoles and are not available on a personal computer. The console gaming community, however, will never be able to match the breadth and depth of the hundreds of PC titles available. Our focus is not limited to small titles; it also includes exclusives from major developers. The use of emulators makes it possible to play almost any PC game ever made.

Improved Control Mechanisms and Options 

It’s incredible that so many different controllers can work with a computer. Windows has built-in compatibility for Xbox gamepads, and it’s just as easy to link up a PlayStation gamepad. You may still use a mouse and keyboard if you choose; they make a great duo for first-person shooters and real-time strategy games.

Outstanding VR

While virtual reality games are accessible on consoles, most of them have limited features. However, while you’re on a computer, you’re in charge. Select from a variety of virtual reality (VR) settings and use them freely. For the most convincing experience, you’ll need high-end gear, but it’s not impossible. And, of course, the PC has a much better choice of VR games.

Fixing problems with PCs is often simpler 

Consoles maintenance, such as cleaning the internal components, is far more involved than on a PC. If you need help with your computer but don’t know how to conduct the repair work yourself, you may locate a firm to do it in no time. It’s much tougher to do it on consoles. It might be difficult to track out a reliable repair service, and doing so will invalidate your warranty. It may take weeks to get a console back after contacting the manufacturer, mailing it off, and waiting for its return.

For the PC, Online Multiplayer Games Remain Cost-Free 

PC gamers may join online multiplayer sessions for free. However, If you want to access this game’s feature on consoles, it will cost you both the initial purchase price plus a monthly fee.


Playing video games on both devices has its advantages and disadvantages, but the decision should be made based on personal preference and available funds. Although PCs are more costly than consoles up front, PC gaming has several advantages.


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