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Quest speedrunning is finally in its final form after the beta test.

Quest speedrunning is a new and challenging game mode that will test your ability to quest while allowing you to compete against time and solve the quests as fast as possible. While you will receive some quest items or OSRS GP, it is up to you to race toward completing the quests as fast as possible. This could involve using some of that OSRS gold to buy the quest items directly you will need or craft, Smith, or fletch those items yourself.

What You Need to Know Before Doing Quest Speedruns

Jagex launched the quest speedrunning game mode after the game mode had been beta tested. The player base gave their approval about it, and since it’s a game mode for which you will either need to spend cash or OSRS GP for bonds because it is accessible only to members, the players’ opinion matters a lot. Even if the quests are free-to-play, you can only access this game mode as a member. This, however, won’t affect your progress, including skills, quests, bank, achievement diary completions, your OSRS gold, or other unlocks from your main in any way because the speedrunning takes place separately.

On the speedrunning servers, you won’t be able to gain any experience, as this could give you an unfair advantage when competing in a timed race to solve the quests with other players. Instead, you will have a preset character that will be the same as everyone else with skill levels and unlocks that are a good match for the quest you’re trying to challenge.

A Smooth Launch?

The launch of the quest speedrunning didn’t go as smoothly as Jagex expected. This is because players have started to experience a few unwanted game behaviors on launch day. Initially, certain NPCs stopped acting as intended, and instead, you could no longer use the red-x method to get an advantage in tactically tackling those bosses.

What is Red-X?

What the Red-X method means is that you’d choose to click the X button to force log out while in combat. It is generally used to gain a strategic advantage when fighting specific bosses like the Dagannoth kings, where you permanently get attacked by the monsters in the water. Another instance where X logging is useful is when facing Baba inside the newest piece of PvM content in Tombs of Amascut.

You Can’t Stall Anymore

Another unwanted effect of the update on NPC was that stalling was no longer possible while facing Nex. This strategy requires the players to take turns stepping under nex to prevent her from attacking for more extended periods. Still, with the update, this strategy became impossible as the boss started behaving differently.

Beta Worlds Are Also Experiencing Problems

Besides these highly annoying issues you could have encountered regardless of your interest in the game mode, players trying to access the beta worlds 403 and 407 have also experienced problems. These issues made the launch of the quest speedrunning less than smooth for players and J-mods, who had to work on restoring things back to normal.

Mobile Players Were Affected

The update also affected the mobile players who could not log in to the game at all, while Jagex was unable to tackle and fix the problem. A workaround solution has been found by some very creative players who, out of equal frustration and desire to play their favorite mobile game, concluded that fully uninstalling the app or manually deleting the cache from the device would fix the problem. Meanwhile, Jagex is trying to keep to its end of the promise and is still trying to deliver a more permanent fix.

Rewarding or Nah?

The rewards for the game mode have also been finalized, and unlike other game modes where you could get some OSRS GP for your effort, with the quest speedrunning, you will only get trophies. This means you will only get cosmetic OSRS items or upgrades, which you can buy with points granted by each tier of challenge you manage to get for each quest. Even though the downside is that you will not be able to progress your main with OSRS gold from quest speedrunning, you will get some lovely cosmetic items for your collection to brag about your achievements in questing! Amongst the rewards, you will be able to get five tiers of outfits, some trophies to celebrate your times, and a few more purely cosmetic items that will make you stand out from the crowd.


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