PS5 vs. PC: Which should you buy in 2023? How to Make the Right Decision

PS5 vs. PC Which should you buy in 2023

Choosing between a PC and a PS5 can be a tough thing for a lot of people. Sure, one can simply just go ahead and say, “why not both?” but the reality is a bit different than that because honestly, buying both and then maintaining both can be an expensive hobby, and most people do not have that much time to get things sorted, either. Therefore, making a choice between one thing or the other is important.

Now, if you had asked me whether I’d prefer a PC over a console or the other way around a couple years ago, I would have simply said PC. However, thanks to PS5’s hardware, and the fact that we might get a PS5 Pro that will be even more powerful, I have a reason to believe that the playing field is a bit more even than before.

For instance, if I put the best gaming PC under $1000 against a PS5, the result might surprise you. Still, the question remains burning for a lot of people and today, we are going to answer that in this article, so let’s get started.

PS5 vs. PC: Which Should You Buy in 2023?

Now, making a decision between a PS5 and a PC is not simple and definitely not an easy one. However, we are going to make some compelling points that will help you have a better understanding as to what you should be choosing.

1-      PS5 vs Gaming PC: Price

Okay, first things first, we are going to look at the pricing, considering how that is perhaps one of the most important aspects for anyone who is building a new gaming system. The price of a PS5 is either $500 or $400 depending on whether you go for a disc version or digital version. In the same price, you simply cannot get a PC that will allow you to game on the same level. Sure, you can get a gaming PC in $500 but the quality of gaming will suffer greatly, and in this case, PS5 makes a lot of sense.

2-      PS5 vs PC: Gaming Library

What is the point of buying a console or a PC when there are not enough games to play, in the first place? Well, thankfully, both PC and PS5 enjoy a healthy library of both new and old games. PS5 is a home to some of the best exclusives that one can want and while it is obvious that these games will be available on PC, at some point. PS5 gamers do enjoy the day-one experience.

On the other hand, PC leads in terms of quantity because all the games available on various digital storefronts are yours to buy and play on your PC as long as it can run them. Not just that, you can also play several games using emulation, which only adds a cherry on top of the overall experience.

If you are a veteran gamer who does not care about how modern or retro a game is and just want to have great fun playing titles such as Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, or the latest Resident Evil 2 Remake, then getting a PC is the right way to go because everything can run on PC.

3-      PS5 vs PC: Accessibility

Over the past couple of years, accessibility has become a huge factor for a lot of people when it comes to deciding between whether they want to pick up a console or a PC. However, things have been in the favor of PCs for some time now and this has not changed.

Don’t get me wrong, the PlayStation 5 is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a good gaming experience but when you are talking about accessibility, PCs just have an upper hand. You can not only game on the keyboard and mouse, but you can use whatever type of controller you want, or whatever device Windows considers as a controller. It is a freeing, limitless experience that can be a lot of fun once you start getting a hold of it.

Sure, PS5 does have custom controllers and the new Dual Sense Edge, but considering how PC has so much more to offer in terms of quality and quantity, the fight starts feeling like it is one sided.

4-      PS5 vs PC: Upgrades

This is I think a completely one-sided comparison but we are still going to talk about it be cause it is just as important. When comparing PS5 and PC, a lot of users consider the upgradability as a factor that helps them decide whether they want to buy something or not. Honestly, over the past couple of years, I have come to realize that upgrading PC is not just a lot of fun, it can be a grueling task as well because finding the right upgrades can be tricky.

However, when it comes down to the sheer ability of upgrading, the PC wins, and that too, without a doubt. You see, PCs can be upgraded or downgraded with anything you want. Really, there is no limitation. With PS5, well, you can upgrade your display but that really is not a part of the console itself, right? For consoles, the max you can do is upgrade your controller to a better option or go for a larger capacity SSD. But that’s about it.

Hands down, PC wins.

5-      PS5 vs PC: Value

This is one thing that I feel like is going to be polarizing for a lot of people but when you are comparing both the PS5 and PC, I feel like the PS5 has a better overall value. I know, it is a conflicting opinion but hear me out. When I talk about the fact that in $500, or $400, you can get a powerful console that is going to last at least half a decade if not a full decade, I mean it. You are going to be getting PS5 games for a long, long time and the console is going to perform adequately during that time, as well.

With PC, however, such is not the case. Even if you are looking at the gaming PCs under $1000, sooner or later, it is going to start asking for upgrades, which means that you would have to spend more money. With a PS5, the only money you will be spending on is games, and if you have a disc version, you always have the option to trade the games you have played with new ones.

Simply put, the PS5, and rest of the consoles win here.


If you have been in the market for some time and trying to decide between whether you should go for a PS5 or a PC, then this post is for you. The aim was simple, we had to ensure that people know which gaming system makes most sense and saves people the most hassle.

If you have no issues with money and space, then getting a PC is the viable option as it would allow you to enjoy games the way they are supposed to be enjoyed.

However, if you are just looking for a breezing gaming experience without looking at how many frames you are getting or how big your GPU is, getting a PS5 is an excellent choice and it will cost you a lot less than an arm and a leg.


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