Phygital Marketing for Small Businesses: How to Compete with Big Brands

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Phygital Marketing is a new way to boost your commercial performance! The digital era has allowed companies to innovate in terms of marketing, communication, and prospecting. This digital transformation has therefore led to the emergence of new practices. Phygital is one of them. This concept, which translates to the association between the physical and digital worlds, promises to revolutionize prospecting and loyalty methods. In this article, let’s know more about Phygital Marketing.

What is Phygital?

A subtle mix between the physical world and the digital world, Phygital is inspired by the best of these two worlds. Indeed, the idea behind it is very simple: digitize the in-store experience and at the same time, make the online experience a little more humanized. You should know that when it comes to Phygital, each brand can create its own concept.

For example, you can choose to install digital tablets in your physical stores or start designing an application that will help your customers better visualize the next piece of furniture they want to buy.

The objective pursued by Phygital is quite simple. He wants to provide a user experience that is like no other to customers. At a time when the digital world is so ubiquitous, it is important not to lose sight of the relevance and presence that the physical world can provide. As well as increasing the relevance and interaction with the brand among offline customers.

Phygital Strategies:

Today, phygital strategies are diverse and varied. However, among the best-known are:

The Store Locator:

The store locator is a map solution that integrates with a website. It makes it possible to geolocate all the physical points of sale thanks to pages that have been optimized in local SEO. Most Google locator stores have a google maps map.

In general, when an Internet user searches for a store locator, it is in order to have access to information such as the opening hours of the point of sale, its location, and sometimes the route to get there. 

Click and Collect:

This solution is also one of the most used in Phygital. Indeed, the principle of click and collect is very simple. The consumer places an order on a site and decides to go to the store to pick up the product in question.

Local SEO:

If SEO is a technique that promotes your website, local SEO goes further by offering you results based on where you are located. Local referencing will allow you to improve your visibility vis-à-vis a catchment area that you have previously defined. 

Online Reputation:

Online reputation or E-reputation represents the perception that Internet users have of a brand, a company, or a website. Online reputation can be positive or negative. It results from all types of content that are published by the brand or company. Online reputation is also built through customer reviews, especially people who leave reviews. 

Online Booking:

As one of the best ways to develop your business, online booking responds perfectly to the new buying habits of consumers, especially the new generation which is very connected.

Today, reservations are used by 8 out of 10 people for reserving a table at a restaurant, making an appointment with the doctor, buying a train ticket, etc.

What will Phygital Bring to Sales?

Phygital technology is primarily a technology for Millennials and Generation Z. Combining the physical and digital world today creates a lot of new opportunities for marketers who are actively studying and testing this area. The benefits of Phygital Marketing are…

A Pleasant and Memorable Customer Experience:

Phygital marketing gives a good place to human relations. It thus allows the company to approach its potential customers in a less aggressive and above all original way. This changes the aggressive prospecting methods used today by most companies that only use digital and automate all their touchpoints, resulting in impersonal experiences.

Better Customer Engagement Rate:

Businesses and brands can use Phygital marketing to deploy systems that foster interaction with their customers and prospects. For example, they can encourage them to leave reviews online, whether on the brand/company itself, on the offer offered, or on the customer experience.

Phygital can help your business gain exposure, increase customer engagement, and provide them with a great customer experience. These different assets will contribute in the short and long term, to improving your commercial performance.

Gifty, the Platform That Boosts Your Prospecting:

Are you looking for an original way to seduce and attract prospects, but also to retain your customers? We offer you a rather atypical approach: small attention and the sending of physical content. By sending your marketing and sales content accompanied by small gifts to your prospects and customers, you will certainly manage to arouse their interest and motivate them to make a purchase, whether for a first purchase or an upsell and cross-sell.

Accelerate Your Sales Cycle:

To revive your cold or inactive prospects, you can, for example, send them personalized gifts accompanied by content from your company. Well-chosen, the gift will engrave your brand in the mind of the potential customer. He will therefore be more inclined to make the purchase to discover all the good things you have to offer him.

Sending gifts effectively complements the efforts made by sales teams via digital tools. Do not hesitate to integrate this approach into your prospecting strategy. For example, offer interesting gifts to your prospects each time they reach an important stage of the sales funnel.

‍Boost Your Conversion Rate:

By associating physical gifts with your digital prospecting actions, you will be able to convert a large number of prospects. This is all the magic of Phygital! Our platform for sending personalized gifts allows you to take advantage of this.


In short, Phygital is a marketing approach that consists of combining the best aspects of digital marketing and physical marketing. It makes it possible to offer prospects and customers a unique and qualitative experience and helps the company to improve its commercial performance. With gyfti, you will be able to take advantage of the advantages of Phygital marketing very simply, in a minimum of time. This platform helps you send gifts to your business contacts to boost their engagement and convert and retain them.


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