New World Legacy of Crassus Event Guide

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Face Decimus and Lucanus and reap the rewards with New World’s Legacy of Crassus event.

Amazon Games just released its 1.8.3 update for New World, marking the start of the Legacy of Crassus boss event. And you know what that means—more ways to farm New World gold! Besides a handful of adjustments and general fixes we can expect from an MMO patch update, New World is slated to see some updates to its world AI, outpost rush gameplay, resource harvesting, and several other QoL improvements.

The Struggle is Real

New World has made much progress since its release at the end of 2021. Even though the MMO’s player count plummeted shortly after the hype and continues to struggle to retain players, Amazon doesn’t appear to be discouraged by this. 

On the contrary, the company has remained more committed than ever to improving the game at a steady pace. This is done through minor and major updates, peppering in various limited-time and seasonal events to spice up what the world of Aeternum has to offer. So far, the updates we’ve received since 2022 consisted of never-before-seen New World items, dungeons to explore, regions, and significant improvements to gameplay and the economy.

While New World has difficulty keeping its playerbase stable, Amazon Games is gaining success on its other project: Lost Ark. Since they’ve brought over the Korean MMO to the western shores, it has a steady amount of 600k concurrent players as of March 2023.

Legacy of Crassus Event Overview

Who doesn’t love a good world boss? Seeing everyone in a zone readying for a while makes you go on an adrenaline rush. The Legacy of Crassus is a limited-time event where the Roman general Crassus’ level 66 cyclops captains have invaded the southern lands. Well, we can’t have them wreaking havoc until Aeternum is covered in carnage, so it’s your (and the other players’) job they don’t do just that.

You can find portals across Mourningdale, Brightwood, Edengrove, Weavers Fen, and Ebonscale Reach. This is where you can find Decimus and Lucanus, who you can challenge for unique rewards once per day. The good news is you’re guaranteed to receive all possible rewards for the event if you beat Decimus and Lucanus eight times, so it should be easy to get your hands on all the items.

The Rewards

As we’ve said before, Decimus and Lucanus can drop event-specific rewards. Examples include the Lucanus weapons and Decimus armor, for starters. But besides that, the level 66 world bosses can also drop typical armor, weapons, and consumables you’d typically find in Aeternum.

You must at least pay a minimum of 1,000 damage points to get the rewards. By doing so, you can earn a special cache that contains one of the following Legendary pieces of gear:

  • Sagittar of Lucanus: Bow
  • Wrath of Decimus: Great Axe
  • Vesuvius: Fire Staff
  • Hobnailed Boots of Lucanus: Medium Boots
  • Hoplites Great Blade: Great Sword
  • Fists of Decimus: Heavy Gauntlets
  • Galea of Lucanus: Medium Helm
  • Cuirass of Decimus: Heavy Chest Armor

Besides obtaining one of these gear, you can also get a couple of items, such as:

  • 500 Umbral Shards
  • 1-3 Obsidian Gypsum
  • A Craft Mod you can use to add effects to crafted items
  • Consumables

Then there are the standard items:

  • Consumables appropriate for your level
  • A random armor or weapon piece based on your level (90% chance)
  • A Named item specific to Greater Aeternum or Brimstone Sands (10% chance)

All daily rewards reset at 5 AM based on your local time. Unlike the daily rewards, the standard ones are farmable on repeated boss kills, so you can annihilate Lucanus and Decimus to your heart’s content until you’ve your fill of Umbral Shards.

Other Improvements Made in the 1.8.3 Update

Besides the Legacy of Crassus event release, the 1.8.3 update consists of various balance changes, bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements. Non-interactable resources are now harvestable, the bug where the Dryad soldiers couldn’t damage players has been fixed, and certain common expedition mutations are now less frequent. Regarding the QoL stuff, you can no longer drop locked items from the inventory, and the “transfer all” storage button won’t include locked items anymore.

2023 is just starting for New World, and based on the roadmap, the content coming for the MMO looks promising. In the meantime, you can repeat the Legacy of Crassus event for New World gold as often as you’d like until March 7, 2023.


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