Necessary 7 Steps to Make Your Instagram Account Hacker Proof

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How hunger, hope and hate are everywhere similar to the Instagram hackers. With the increase in the number of Instagram and other social media apps, the number of hackers is also increasing. Therefore, we must be alert and aware to prevent Instagram account hacking. We often get worried and panicky after listening to the news of account hacking or any such activity. So, now no need to worry and give a smile.

We have developed seven steps that will help make a hacker-proof Instagram account. 

It is good to promote business on social media, but it’s also equally important to secure your business account. We have Instagram security tips. Hence, follow these below-mentioned steps and strengthen your security. 

Before moving to the solutions, let us see why people are hacking Instagram accounts.

Reasons for Instagram Hacking

  • For the promotion of other Instagram accounts 
  • To send spam messages
  • To gain confidential personal information by way of hacking 
  • To blackmail you with private messages and images to tarnish your image. 
  • Other malicious purposes

The reason for knowing the Instagram hacking proof steps is that Instagram has become popular. It has gained popularity because of its helpfulness and benefits. Instagram has become an essential medium for digital marketing and influencer marketing.

Businesses are leveraging the benefits of Instagram through influencer marketing, digital marketing, collaborations, brand ambassadors, business analytics, etc. Therefore, it becomes compulsory for business people to show their presence in the digital world and Instagram to attract customers.

There are specific applications also available such as,,, etc., have multipurpose usage. Some of the uses are – it helps in Instagram growth, business generation, Instagram marketing, scheduling, etc.

Therefore, these tips will surely help to secure your Instagram account. 

Steps To Make Your IG Hacker Proof

Proper Password Selection 

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The first thing a hacker looks for is to hack the password. The hacker task becomes very easy if the password is cracked hence leads to a problem. Therefore, to put a barrier between your data and the hacker, strong passwords are crucial. Here are some guidelines for password formation: 

  • Form a password that is easy to remember but hard to guess by others.
  • If needed, use a website that will help you check your password’s strength 
  • Always try to refrain from using the actual and correct words or phrases of English as passwords. 
  • Keep a unique password and never use it anywhere else for Instagram.
  • It can be a mixture of special characters like &,*, %, #, $, etc. and upper case and lower case. 

Remember not to share your password over email to secure it against phishing activities. In addition, password manager applications can be used to manage and handle your passwords. In short, be well planned and alert while password setting to avoid unethical practices. 

You can also add a two-factor authentication system to protect Instagram account more. It was introduced in 2010 to protect personal data on social media accounts. Let us say you have entered your mobile number, and then you will get a code for the same mobile number. This is for two-factor authentication in the system. 

Treat Security Questions and Answers as Similar to a Password. 

The importance of securing a security answer is similar to a password. Therefore, ensure you do not share it with anyone and do not keep it easy to identify.

For example, your birth month or the name of your loved one. As other people can quickly recognize it. A wise selection of your security answer is needed to prevent hackers from entering your system.

Here is the basic guideline for forming a solid security question and answer: 

Choose a unique security question: 

For each of your websites, you should use some special kind of security question. This is for the safety of your account and information. If they provide you with the option to choose a unique password, select it. Try to keep the question that is unique and hard to identify. It should be private and hardly known to others, not even to your near and dear ones. 

Keep your security answer complex: 

Your security answer should be complex and not easy to guess. In your reply, include special characters such as &,$,%,^, etc. Also, use high-level English instead of plain and easy-to-identify English. 

For example, in your answer to the housemaid, you can even include the number of your housemaid. As people may know her name, but no one knows her number. That is how you can play an intelligent game. 

In addition, you can include special characters and write your sister’s name as an answer. Like S0mYa Shastr! – Because people know your sister’s name, but who knows it this way? 

Keep your answer fictitious: 

There is nothing wrong with keeping your answers fictitious, which is unrealistic. If everyone knows the reality, why should you keep it as your security answer? Frame a fictional answer, and save it in your password manager, as using a password manager can make your work easy and manageable. You must answer your 10th percentage as a security answer, and then answer it wrong because no one will check it with your correct percentage. 

Trust Only Yourself.

We often share our passwords with friends and family members as we connect with them through emotions and feelings. Sometimes our ex-friend or ex-employee may also use our password for illegal purposes. 

Hence, it is good to keep the credentials private from everyone to protect Instagram account. Keep your trust in only yourselves and nobody in the world to save and secure our social media accounts. 

If you have login into the account from your friend or relative’s device, log out anytime. You could change the user ID and password to save your account if you forgot to log out. If you do not follow these practices, the chances of your account being hacked increase. 

Take care before entering an Instagram account. 

You should be aware of whether you are entering the correct Instagram. It happens because many times, people enter into incorrect Instagram that are fake. Check whether the SSL certificate is expired if yes, then it provides no security to your information. Ensure you check whether there is a valid SSL certificate and the presence of HTTPS in the website link. 

Any website or application must have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect the information the users share. If there is no SSL certificate, then a warning message is sent to the users about its insecurity. Therefore, as a user, it becomes essential to see the website or application it uses. In addition, check domain name spelling as fake sites occasionally have slight change in domain structure.

So, be sure you are using a valid and authentic application, not a duplicate one, as specific hackers create the same pages to steal information and fool users. As users its y, we are responsible for not ignoring the warning and being alert, safe, and aware of current events.

Ensure That You Have an Emergency E-mail Id.

Many times, you might have forgotten the password to your Instagram account, and then you feel helpless—no need to worry in such kind of situation as there is always a solution to it.

You can set up an E-mail Id that can be used in times of emergency. If you forgot the password, you might get the password recovery message in your other email id. 

If not E-mail Id, you can also use the mobile number to access the recovery password. You may receive a message regarding the recovery code via text on your registered mobile number. 

If text message service is unavailable, you may also get the incoming call in your entered mobile number and receive your recovery password. 

The procedure is the same whether you enter an email id or a mobile number. You may get a code and can easily access the account. One thing you need to keep in mind is that update the email id/mobile number regularly. Many a time, we forget to update the changed mobile number.  

Should Not Save Credentials in Brower or Applications 

Always keep this advice not to save the credentials of your Instagram account in your web browser or application. Some people hold the password and other certifications in the browser. That should not be different from the action plan, as it becomes easier for hackers to hack your system.

When you save your password and give your device to another person, then they may know your password. Hence, you prefer to keep your password at another place instead of on the web browser/Instagram. 

Another essential thing to remember is always to log out once you leave if you are working on another device. The chances of your account getting hacked increase if you have access to your Instagram account on different devices. 

It is about not only Instagram but also any other application. Also, never save the password or credentials in it. Or else it may lead to controlling your account without your permission. 

Do not use third-party applications

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There are specific third-party applications that Instagram users can use specific third-party applications for various uses. These apps help to increase your likes and Followers on your Instagram account. In addition, it helps to gain information about the other users on Instagram, which they are hiding. 

People widely use these applications, but they are not safe to use. It has a risk of destroying your security and stealing your information. If you want to use such applications, they force you to log in to your Instagram account. Once you log into your Instagram account in that application, getting your data becomes effortless.

Therefore, to protect your Instagram account well, you should avoid using such applications to protect your Instagram account well. There are also specific indications that warn you not to use the application.

For example, it may warn you about insecurity if it does not have an SSL certificate.  

Bottom Line: 

To make Instagram hacker-proof, you need to follow the following steps: 

  • To use apps with only an SSL certificate 
  • To avoid using third-party applications 
  • Not to save passwords in a web browser. 
  • To select an appropriate and robust password 
  • Treat security answers the same as the password 
  • Be aware of the current frauds and illegal activities in the digital world.

These are the typical steps to follow by Instagram users. Whether it is an individual user, business account, or any type of Instagram account, the steps of Instagram security remain the same. 

Hackers are always ready to take the opportunities and use crucial and private data for malicious purposes. Hence, follow these steps and make a hack-proof Instagram account to connect and socialize with your loved ones happy. 


Q. What is Instagram hacking? 

Ans.  Instagram hacking is nothing but when hackers steal confidential information by accessing the password and credentials. They get credentials through third-party applications or phishing activities. It happens because of ignorance of the necessary Instagram hack-proof steps. 

Q. What are the consequences of Instagram hacking? 

Ans. These are the following consequences if your account is hacked:- 

  • Stealing confidential data 
  • Blackmailing with the help of stolen data 
  • Receiving spam messages 
  • Damaging the image and goodwill of an individual and business entity 
  • Messages sent to your friends and family members without your consent
  • Alteration of your Instagram account 

Q. How to prevent Instagram hacking? 

Ans. Instagram accounts can be made hacker-proof by having a strong password, two-factor authentication, not saving passwords in the web browsers, not using third-party applications, trusting only yourself, etc. 

Q. What is the essential step to follow for hacking-proof Instagram?

Ans. The actions mentioned above are critical for hacking-proof Instagram. But the most crucial steps are a strong password without saving them anywhere, using SSL-certified Instagram, and not using third-party applications. 


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