“Money is waiting for you” Claim Balance PayPal: What Does it Mean?

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The “Money is waiting for you” message is one that many PayPal users have received from PayPal. Many people don’t know what this message means or how to resolve it. However, you’ll be learning all there is to know about the ‘money is waiting for you’ message and how to resolve it in this article. 

The ‘Money is waiting for you’ message is a security feature on PayPal that is sent to you to make you verify your identity or complete your account setup when you receive payment.  

It is important you proceed with caution when you receive a “Money is waiting for you” notification. This is because scammers and fraudsters send out fake emails, also known as ‘phishing’ emails, to collect financial and personal information from people. These fake emails usually lead to fake websites that encourage people to submit personal information such as credit card numbers, driving or passport license numbers, and account passwords.

What does it mean when PayPal says money is waiting for you?

When PayPal tells you that money is waiting for you, they mean that you’ve received payment but the payment has not been added to your balance. You’ll have to click on the accept balance button and follow the process it brings to claim your money. The reason why PayPal sends this message is to make people verify their identity or complete their account setup. The payment will be added to your PayPal balance when this is done successfully.

Currency variation is another reason that can trigger the “money is waiting for you” message. This occurs when you receive payment in another currency. Check your PayPal account to see if the currency is the right one you wanted. You can always convert currencies on PayPal. 

If your account is set up as a business account, then you may need to accept payments manually for security reasons. As a result, you may receive a “money is waiting for you” message for this reason. To accept funds manually, you will have to go to your Activity page and then look for the transaction you have. Under the transaction, you’ll find an Accept and a Deny button. Click on the Accept button to get the money.

How long does money wait for you in PayPal?

Your payment will be held by PayPal for up to 30 days after receiving the money is waiting for your message. You need to complete your account setup within 30 days to claim your payment. If you don’t claim your payment within 30 days it will be returned to the sender.

How to claim the money that is waiting for you on PayPal?

Like I said earlier, you need to proceed with caution when you receive money are waiting for your message. Scammers usually use this message to lure unsuspecting people into revealing their personal information. When you receive this message, don’t click on any link in the message. Instead, log in to your PayPal account. If there is truly money waiting for you, you’ll find a ‘money is waiting for you’ message in your dashboard, You’ll have to click on ‘claim balance’ to claim your funds. Below are some of the ways to resolve the money is waiting for your issue. 

Verify your email address

The most popular reason why PayPal ask people to claim their money is to verify their email address. PayPal will hold funds transferred to an unconfirmed email address. So when you receive money are waiting for your message, check if your email address associated with your PayPal account has been confirmed and verified. If it is not verified, you’ll have to confirm and verify it before the payment can be added to your balance. 

Check the email on your listing setting

It’s important for you to enter your email address correctly when listing an item for sale. Navigate to “My eBay” and then click on the “Sell Similar” option. After that. Scroll down to the payment section. Here, you’ll see your email address. Check if it is entered correctly. If that is the case, change the mail next time you list any item next time for sale. 

Security check

PayPal may hold your payment as part of a security check. As you know, PayPal is all about security. While this may sometimes seem like an inconvenience to you, it’s to keep your account safe. If you haven’t provided any ID info to Paypal before, you may need to provide some identifying documents like your SSN when you receive a “money is waiting for you” message.

Many people have had this issue resolved by submitting their SSN. Some people may not be comfortable with submitting their SSN to any corporation but you are in good hands with PayPal. 

Do you have your cash account?

There are two types of balance accounts on PayPal that give you complete freedom. There is the PayPal balance account that allows you to add a debit or credit card to your PayPal account as the main balance. The other type of account is the personal account.

You can link your PayPal balance account to your Personal account and be able to request PayPal credit or cards. You will be able to send money to anybody, spend online, and also make a money pool available with a cash account.


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