Is Redbubble Legit? (& Is It Safe To Buy From Them)

Is Redbubble Legit? (& Is It Safe To Buy From Them)

There have been claims that artists from across the globe can sell their art on a platform like Redbubble but the majority see this as impossible because who wants to purchase art that hasn’t been seen? This was what motivated the founders of Redbubble to create the platform and help artists believe that their arts can be sold without it being seen. However, this still doesn’t seem to sit right with a lot of buyers because they still perceive the platform as illegal and a scam, therefore, leading us to ask if Redbubble is truly legit. 

Redbubble is a very legit online marketplace that has grown and built a global network of manufacturers that ship Redbubble products all over the United States, Australia, Canada, UK, etc. The marketplace was launched in 2006 with the aim to help artists sell their artwork as decoration on products. 

In this article, I’ll shed more light on Redbubble and discuss if the platform is legit and safe for both consumers and artists looking to sell their arts on the platform. I’ll also discuss the security of the platform and if you should buy wearable and art products from Redbubble.

Is Redbubble Legit?

Is Redbubble Legit? (& Is It Safe To Buy From Them)

Yes, Redbubble is a legit marketplace that has been in business since 2006. The company is an online marketplace offering print-on-demand products which means they do not store any stock in warehouses. When buyers place an order on Redbubble, it is sent to a printing company where the art is printed and shipped. 

Artists upload the art to be printed on Redbubble’s marketplace while buyers order the art and decide what they’ll like it to be printed on. This way, the Artists get a commission on every sale they’ve made. The platform is built to operate primarily online as an intermediary between buyers and sellers to satisfy both ends and help them reach their personal goals which may be to buy an art and to showcase an art respectively. 

With over 500,000 active members, and over 28,000,000 monthly visits, the platform is the most frequently visited marketplaces in its niche. With this amount of visits and active users, this shows that the marketplace is a very legit platform where buyers can legally buy their prints and artists can also legally sell their art works without going against the law. 

These arts can be printed on wearables or any other platform where arts can be printed depending on the customer’s choice and preference. You can print on t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, mugs, bedsheets, banners, frames, etc.

Is Redbubble Safe?

With over 500,000 active users, Redbubble is definitely a safe web platform to use. Since the launch of the platform, there hasn’t been a record of anybody being scammed on the platform. In addition, there hasn’t been record of any of its active user’s identities being stolen and used for frivolous activities. 

The platform makes sure to provide enough security and doesn’t store the financial details of buyers and artists on the platform to its database. This is because if this data is stored to a database, there are tendencies that the database can be hacked by bots and scammers looking to steal these information to reap the users. 

The platform has recorded a lot of positive reviews which means no seller or artist has tried to scam a buyer or vice versa on the platform before. Redbubble also has a very interactive customer support that helps buyers and artists out whenever they need help with their orders or a transaction. 

Is it safe to buy art on Redbubble?

Is Redbubble Legit? (& Is It Safe To Buy From Them)

With thousands of positive reviews, this shows that it is safe to buy art on Redbubble. Buyers can purchase several kinds of arts and prints on Redbubble. These prints may include canvas art prints, graphic T-shirt dresses and leggings, T-shirts, hoodies and other clothings. Depending on your choice you can safely make a purchase on Redbubble and be rest assured of not getting scammed and your products will get delivered to you safely. 

Redbubble product quality is majorly rated between 4 to 5 stars averagely. This shows how safe the platform is and how much quality you get from purchasing the products advertised on the marketplace. It’s also very easy to make a purchase on the marketplace because all you have to do is to go through the marketplace, pick your preferred product, place your order, checkout, and wait for the product to be delivered to you. 

You don’t need to bother about the platform being safe as the platform has in place its own security measures that blocks out bots from spamming the website and stealing users’ personal and financial information. The platform has the captcha security in place that filters bots from humans and blocks the bots from spamming the website thereby keeping the website safe for both buyers and the artists. 

Is Redbubble legit for artists?

For artists looking to sell their arts on prints, Redbubble is the perfect, legit platform for them to sell their arts and make some money for themselves. If you have custom-made, print-on-demand arts that you’d like to sell online with zero idea on how to start, then Redbubble is the perfect platform for you to begin your journey.  The marketplace values buyers and art sellers alike and pairs them to arrive at a deal and complete a transaction.

So Redbubble not only gives you a free platform to promote your creative art, Redbubble also ensures that you get your payment on time for the art you placed for sale. Redbubble will also not charge you a subscription fee to create an account. This is why most artists recommend this platform in the reviews to encourage other artists to hop on the platform and sell their arts to willing buyers. 

With all of these reviews, it shows that Redbubble is legit for artists and artists can go on the platform to sell their art without the fear of being ripped or their money being taken away from them.

Should I Buy From Redbubble?

Is Redbubble Legit? (& Is It Safe To Buy From Them)

Yes, you should buy your prints and art products from Redbubble. You should because Redbubble is a legit, safe and secure platform for you to purchase your prints and arts from. 

All you have to do is to find an art design that you live or wish to have and add it to cart. You will then get a confirmation email with the details of the art, including cost and shipping details. After placing your order, a third-party printing in partnership with Redbubble will get a notice to work on your order and the process commences immediately. 

After the printing is completed, shipping starts immediately. Although, Redbubble doesn’t have a timeframe on when your package will reach you because they don’t keep stock of printed products like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and other products. Since Redbubble is just an intermediary between artists, printers, and buyers, the business doesn’t have a stock in position, so every order you make will have to be custom made after you place your order which has a great impact on when exactly your package will be delivered. 

So, go on to place an order for that art you love so much and get it printed on the particular product you want it printed in. 


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