Is It Hard to Sell on Amazon? 10 Tips to Make Easier

Is It Hard to Sell on Amazon? 10 Tips to Make Easier (2021)

Amazon is the world’s best online market places. Those who have traded on the platform attest that their sales grew and they realized profits for their businesses. Unfortunately for you (and fortunately for the company), the marketplace is flooded with merchants and you are struggling to make profits.  You must be asking yourself, is it hard to sell on Amazon?

It is hard to sell on Amazon. The competition on the platform is high and you need to equip yourself with unique strategies to ensure that your merchandise catches the attention of your intended consumer. 

This article will teach you 10 unique tips you can use to increase your sales on Amazon. 

A good business person knows how to handle competition and emerge the favorite among consumers. Being a successful merchant on Amazon will require you to have some very unique strategies to become the most competitive business in your industry. Read on as we help you understand 10 of the most important tips to help you make big wins on Amazon. 

Is It Hard To Sell on Amazon

Amazon is a very competitive online space and honestly, it can be hard to make sales as a beginner on the platform. The platform has some challenges for sellers such as difficulty in getting plenty of positive feedback from clients, and risks of your inventory being deemed unsellable or restricted and complicated procedures, as well as the ever-increasing fees.

As a beginner, this may look like the worst nightmare, especially when you see other brands making big wins on the same platform. However, you must understand that even the sales moguls on Amazon also started somewhere. It takes commitment, dedication, and most importantly, working smart to make sales on amazon. Here are 10 pro tips to help you make big sales and enjoy profits on amazon.

10 Tips to Make Selling on Amazon Easier

Is It Hard to Sell on Amazon? 10 Tips to Make Easier (2021)

One of the best ways to make a killing on Amazon is to observe the trends, identify the gaps and focus on filling those gaps. You will need research skills, and the ability to work smart to penetrate the market. Here are some tips to help you convert your dormant business to a money-making venture on amazon. 

1. Find Your Key Differentiator

This has to be the point of a breakthrough for most businesses, and you need to make it your breakthrough point. Identify what your target consumers’ needs so much but the competitors have been unable to meet that need. 

Your product advertisement and marketing should explain to the consumer why they should buy from you and not your competitors. Make it your business to be on the lookout for changing consumer needs and be the first one to meet them. This way, you will stand out from the crowd and have more traffic on your account. 

2. Authenticate Your Brand

One of the reasons why most businesses do not thrive on Amazon is because their products have been marketed on other platforms or Amazon as counterfeits. If your brand is not registered, it is a target for fakes who will use images of your products to scam online buyers, your business gets hurt in the process and you may have a very hard time trying to convince consumers that you did not scam them.

Register your brand legally because having a trademark on amazon is a necessity for making profits on the platform. 

Also, when you register your brand, you get access to Amazon’s A+ content feature. This will serve as a major boost to your sales because it allows you to describe and show the values of your brand, your mission, and the relevance of your product to your consumers. 

3. Make Excellent Product Listings for Sales

Is It Hard to Sell on Amazon? 10 Tips to Make Easier (2021)

Hundreds of sellers on Amazon lose customers and money because of bad product listings. Stand out of the crowd by ensuring that you offer the best product listings to capture your consumers’ attention. 

Hire the best copywriters who will produce product descriptions with no spelling mistakes, grammar errors and only construct sentences that make sense. 

This may look very simple but it could be the key to getting more clients on your account. Nobody wants to struggle to understand what exactly you are selling. If you make the best product listings, the consumer is likely to buy from you. 

4. Invest more in Keyword Research

A consumer will only buy a product if they know that it will meet their needs fully. You need to keep researching for keywords that your target market uses to search for items on Amazon. For instance, if you are selling yoga mats, be more specific when advertising them.  

You could use long-tail keywords such as “yoga mats for women” which automatically tells your consumer that the yoga mat you have is specifically for women. the more relevant your keywords are, the more organic traffic you will get from Amazon search.

5. Focus On The Global Market

One of the biggest mistakes you could be making when trying to sell on Amazon is believing that your products can only be used in the local market. You would be surprised how many consumers would want to use your products in the global market. 

The EU market is as big as the US market and there are fewer Amazon sellers there. People from other continents such as Africa have also embraced shopping from Amazon and most of these markets have not been fully tapped. Focus on the larger market and watch your sales grow. 

6. Invest Heavily On Relevant Content Creation

Is It Hard to Sell on Amazon 10 Tips to Make Easier 2021 06

Content creation is one of the best ways to attract more traffic to your Amazon account.  If you sell products in a specific niche such as sportswear, consider creating a website to tell your target consumer about what you sell. Get a top-rated content creator to create great content about your products, and link the website to your amazon account. 

You do not have to create an e-commerce site. You can use WordPress to publish content covering a specific niche. 

When you link your website to your Amazon account, you become registered with Amazon’s affiliate program. You earn through this program everyone buys something from Amazon using your link. 

7. Use Clear and Captivating Images

The images you use to market your products have a great impact on how seriously your business will be taken by the consumer. If a consumer comes across a picture that captures all the important features of a product, they are likely to buy from that seller. 

Consumers rely more on visual content than written content. Your images should grab the attention of your consumer and convince them to buy from you. Review your images and if need, invest in product photography. It is worth every cent. 

8. Use Customer Friendly Pricing

If it comes down to choosing between two excellent products, a consumer will pick the cheaper one. A consumer is looking for a product that will meet their needs at a cheap price. If you are a beginner, it is better to focus on quality instead of quantity. Price your items slightly cheaper than your competitors as long as you make a profit. 

Win the consumers over and when your account starts to grow, you can adjust the pricing. The most important thing is to get more traffic to your Amazon account and make sales. 

9. Manage Your Inventory Well

Is It Hard to Sell on Amazon? 10 Tips to Make Easier (2021)

Amazon decides how to rate your account through your inventory. The company can increase or decrease your storage limits depending on your inventory. The higher your inventory, the higher the storage fees. If you have too little inventory, you could miss out on major opportunities to boost your sales. 

Look for an inventory managing tool to limit human error which may be very costly when making decisions to restock. This way, you will only stock items that bring you profits, while also limiting yourself so you don’t pay too much storage fee to Amazon.

10. Use Influencers to Market Your Products

Consumers are more likely to use a product that has been used by a famous person and the person can vouch for the credibility of the product. Major brands have used celebrities and public figures to help them market their products on amazon. 

For instance, if you sell beauty products on Amazon, get a celebrity or a public figure to market your products at a fee. Such influencers could propel your Amazon sales to unimaginable heights because consumers begin to trust your products. 

Ask your influencer to do a demo on your product and if they like the outcome, ask them to market your product on social media sites and attach your Amazon link. You’ll be surprised at how well this will work for your brand. 

Making sales on Amazon can be an uphill task especially with the high competition there. You need to be strategic when marketing your products, and make smart decisions to hire Amazon Agency to boost your sales. If you get your marketing right, you will start enjoying the benefits of selling on Amazon.


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