Is Content Writing a Good Profession?

Is Content Writing a Good Profession?

Content writing has been around for quite some time with its trajectory showing growth alongside the growth and expansion of many industries. As it’s making its way within various industries it’s creating new jobs. While it is becoming recognized more, the question remains whether content writing is a good profession?

Content writing is a good profession for those who are knowledgeable enough and willing to work as it is a vital part of many aspects of many professions.

With it expanding within various industries, awareness and need for content writing has increased tremendously, meaning it’s becoming recognized as a career path worth taking. With that being said, anyone looking to get into it has to be aware of the time, attention, and dedication that need to be put into building this career path.

Is content writing a good profession?

For many, the first thing that comes to mind when content writing is mentioned is „writing articles“. However, with the progression of technology as well as various industries, content writing can be applied to different types of content formats like writing for press releases, video scripts, e-mail newsletters, social media posts, white papers, and many more similar types of media. 

Although nowadays it might seem as if content writing is growing most of its presence online, its offline presence isn’t wavering. Let’s see what the pros and cons are for a content writing professional in today’s business climate.

Pros of content writing

You can work from home

Working from home means having a very flexible schedule, you can work anytime, anywhere. It’s perfect for anybody who doesn’t feel like having a nine-to-five type of job and likes to have their own freedom and rhythm of working from home – all you’d need to have is a reliable and strong internet connection.

Flexible pay

As a content writer, you’ll work as much as you want to. Naturally, if you work more you’ll get paid more. The amount of work you’re putting in depends on how willing you are to dedicate yourself to your craft. Again, a flexible schedule works in your favor and if you’d like to work more than 8 hours a day, you’ll be able to do so.

Growing need

The growing need for content writers means more available jobs and its growth trajectory suggests jobs will be at least somewhat secure for the foreseeable future.

Cons of content writing

Getting started

If you’re getting started as a content writer it goes without saying that you should enjoy writing and creating content. Writing isn’t a skill that can just be learned but if you’re creative and just don’t know how to get started, with time, your writing capabilities, as well as language and vocabulary fluency, could improve. Somebody who doesn’t have a natural capability for writing can’t pursue this career competitively in the long run.

Finding the first job

With the competition being so high, getting your content writing career started will be hard. This is the part that will make or break a true and successful content writer and where discipline and dedication come to light. Except for your skill or a good portfolio, you’ll need to take time to apply to lots and lots of jobs if you want to land a job. The more jobs you apply it’s possible the rejections will be higher but once the first job is landed, the rest will be easier to get.

 Work isn’t consistent

If you’re a freelance content writer, you could go weeks with being overloaded with work and even having to refuse clients to go weeks without old or new clients and any kind of projects. Work consistency won’t always have to do with your hard work but rather planning of current projects and thinking ahead and leaving space for new clients.

Depending on these pros and cons everyone can weigh for themselves if these seemingly hard beginnings in content writing careers are worth a potentially successful and fruitful content writing career.

Is content writing in demand?

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled “Content is King” where he explained the need for the creation of good content and how the demand for content writing will increase with years. Almost 25 years later this proved to be true as content writing undoubtedly has a huge scope in today’s and future professional market.

Not necessarily referring to just the digital and online world but also to the traditional or offline one. As traditional or offline content writing isn’t wavering and the digital or online content writing is slowly growing within industries the obvious conclusion is that content writing is at its high as far as demand goes.

The traditional and offline need for content writing that businesses have includes any kind of writing of content for let’s say, articles for magazines or newspapers or any kind of offline advertising like print media (brochures, flyers, offline ads).

Whilst the digital or online need for content writing for businesses includes anything from the traditional and offline content writing world, in a digitalized manner to the additional need for content writers for an e-mail newsletter, social media posts, copywriting and similar.

How do you start a career as a professional content writer?

Whether you’re looking to get started with your first career or are looking for a change in career, keep on reading to find out if you’re cut out for a career as a professional content writer.

What does a content writer do?

At its core, a content writer is specialized in written content with the purpose of educating, inspiring, and luring the audience. A content writer needs to be highly invested in knowing the audience they’re targeting as every piece of content is created solely for a particular type of audience with an intent to speak directly to them by providing a certain value the audience is looking for. Content writing includes, but is not limited to, writing for:

  • Blog posts
  • SEO writing
  • Social media content
  • White paper

What skills does a content writer need?

In general, if you’re looking to be a content writer you’ll need the following skills:

Excellent command and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary

Content writing is a rollercoaster of niches and it’s likely that what you write about will be oftentimes changed. This requires a great command of grammar and vocabulary so there’s nothing stopping you in the way you want to express your skills.


With being a content writer, all you’ll do is write, write, and write. It’s very hard to keep on being creative with every task you have so writing blocks are bound to happen. If you can engage your creativeness to push through those, you’ll be good.

Research skills

You can’t just write about something without doing prior research. You should aim to learn everything you can beforehand writing as that will ensure that you save time and of course, write good content.

How to get started with content writing?

It’s important not to get frightened by the amount of competition, especially if you’re freelancing. Freelancing means it’s likely your competition will be other content writers from all around the world.  This doesn’t mean you can’t make it, you can because there’s plenty of jobs. This just means your dedication and motivation will be tested as you’ll need to apply for jobs and not give up. Maybe you’ll get hired for your first application and maybe it’ll take more tries.

1. Freelance

Freelance is a great way to start looking for entry-level jobs. These jobs pay less but if you’re a hard worker you can work your way up and create your client base to a point where you’ll have a chance to choose who you want to work with. There are sites like and Fiverr where you can make a profile, search for active projects, and build your client base – best of all, you work from home and can define your pay rate.

2. Find companies

You can find companies you’d like to work for and check if they have open positions for content writing. Keep in mind, content writing jobs won’t always be advertised as “looking for a content writer” but could rather be named as an SEO specialist or Social media content writer. Define what direction you’d like to go in when content writing and look for jobs from there.

3. Prepare a portfolio

Having a good portfolio is what can make you stand out from the rest of the competition. Compile all of your best work or if you don’t have any – create some and get ready to wow your potential clients.

4. Don’t give up

It’s important not to get discouraged if the beginning starts rough. The beauty of a content writing career is that every day you learn something new. Even if you don’t have a client to write for, do so for yourself in order to build up your portfolio, learn about your craft, and evolve your skill set.

Keep on writing, keep on creating, keep on improving and a job will surely come along.


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