How To Watch Snapchat Stories Anonymously?

How To Watch Snapchat Stories Anonymously In 2022?

Snapchat is one of the largest social media platforms out there, boasting hundreds of millions of users due to its unique features. But sometimes you want to watch other people’s Snapchat stories anonymously, so how do you do this in 2022?

You can use Airplane mode to watch stories without notifying the person that you’ve seen it. You can also borrow a friend’s phone or use a secondary account to hide your viewing activity.

We’ll go through some easy to follow tricks and tips to watch Snapchat anonymously, as well as workarounds to prevent the other person being notified that you’ve seen their Snapchat story.

Turn Off Data and WiFi To Watch Snapchat Anonymously

How To Watch Snapchat Stories Anonymously In 2022?

One of the easiest ways to watch a Snapchat story without notifying the creator of it that you have is to turn off the internet connection on your device. First, you’ll have to open up Snapchat and open up the Stories section. At this point, you’ll need to refresh the page to force all the stories to load fully.

Don’t actually open or click on any stories at this point. Close the Snapchat app and disconnect the device from the internet. You can do this a few ways, but probably the easiest is enabling Airplane mode.

Your device will have this in a different location depending on the brand or model, but generally you’ll want to drag down from the top of the screen where all the features like WiFi, flashlight buttons are, find the logo that looks like an Airplane, and turn it on. This will stop both WiFi and cell data.

Relaunch the Snapchat app and go back to Stories, at which point you should be able to watch them all anonymously. This technique works even better when used near the end of when the story would be expiring anyway, but be sure to keep Airplane mode on the entire time.

Generally, a Snapchat story is online for 24 hours before being deleted. The reason this works is that when you view a Snapchat story, it gets stored on the device but not sent to the app itself when there is no connectivity to the internet. If you reconnect back to the internet when the story is still active, it’s likely your view will then get sent as well.

Another technique to hide from the Snapchatter is to find someone else who is friends with that person on Snapchat and borrow their phone. The story will still be showing up as viewed by the third party, but your name won’t be linked to the viewing of the story.

This can be harder to achieve than you think, as people are suspicious about lending out phones. You can try some social engineering tricks like mentioning you think their phone is cool and were considering upgrading, so you want to try it out.

You could also mention that you’re running low on battery but want to see the story before it gets automatically deleted. You could also be honest and say that you don’t want the other person knowing you saw the story, as you’d be surprised how many people empathize with this position!

If the reason is that you want to monitor what your children are doing on Snapchat, telling the reason for this is also sure to be met with sympathy and so the person will let you use the phone.

Additional Snapchat Accounts

How To Watch Snapchat Stories Anonymously In 2022?

A similar method to borrowing your friend’s device to view a Snapchat story is to create an additional, secondary Snapchat account.

You’ll need to send out friend requests to view private Snapchat stories, and you’ll want to make your account believable so that they accept the friend request.

You can do this by making sure you fill out profile information including a name, picture and also upload some interesting stories or content to the Snapchat to get the other person interested or trusting enough to accept the friend request.

Having a picture of a cute guy or girl definitely won’t hurt in this situation, as the more you can pass yourself off as a legitimate person, the better.

At a risk of stating the obvious, if you’re trying to hide that you’re the person behind the secondary account, don’t use any identifying information that could lead back to you.

How to Watch Private Snapchat Stories

How To Watch Snapchat Stories Anonymously In 2022?

Snapchat allows you to publish stories either privately or publicly. Private stories can only be viewed by friends of the person who originally uploaded the story.

If you really want to see the private Snapchat stories, there’s not much to it apart from sending off a friend request to that person. But as mentioned above, there’s always the option of using the secondary account to do this. Private IG viewer is a great tools to see someone’s profile anonymously. You can download the apps from trusted providers, these are not like hacking apps but works to see private profile.

However, public stories will sometimes appear in the Discover area, so if you know that your friend has publicly shared the Snapchat story and it has been viewed several times, that means it could very well show up in the Discover area.

You can browse by swiping left in the Discover area to take you to the end of the list, and swipe right to take you to the start. Taping and pulling down on a Snap will allow you to skip it.

In the end, Snapchat’s unique features mean that if it was very easy to circumvent the base requirements for watching a Snapchat, then Snapchat would lose a lot of its appeal.

People like knowing that they can see who has viewed their story, as well as that you can’t take screenshots or clips off Snapchat without notifying the other person. If Snapchat starts to get a reputation that this is no longer the case, it’s likely they’ll start hemorrhaging users. 

So while the above methods may seem a bit sneaky, Snapchat is designed around making it difficult to do so you have to be inventive to get around these limitations.


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