How to Transfer Stocks to and From a Robinhood Account?

How to Transfer Stocks to and From a Robinhood Account?

Robinhood has been setting some limits on some of the stocks you should buy. Most users are looking for processes followed while transferring stocks in and from Robinhood accounts. The process of transferring assets is not difficult at all. All you need is to understand bureaucracies in the transfer process for you to transfer your stocks more securely and efficiently. So, how do you transfer stocks in and from Robinhood?

To transfer stocks in and from Robinhood, you have to initiate the transfer by contacting your brokerage. This transfer is done through the Automated Customer Account Transfer Service method. A transfer fee of $75 is charged when moving assets from the Robinhood account to another account. 

There is a process followed when you are moving stocks in Robinhood accounts. You do not need to move everything as they allow the partial transfer of stocks. If you want to transfer assets from your account to another, initiate the transfer by contacting the Robinhood broker who’ll be responsible for your assets once they’re transferred. The process of transfer is carried out by agents.

How to transfer stock from a Robinhood account

Robinhood allows you to do a full transfer or a partial transfer. If you opt for a full transfer, your account closes immediately when the process is complete. Through Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (ACATS), you can transfer assets or money to other brokerages.

 your assets out of Robinhood, whether as a partial or full transfer.

Before initiating a transfer, you should first make sure that you do not have negative balances and you ought to have solved all account restrictions if there are any. After initiating a full transfer, you will not be able to trade your assets. If you decide to do a partial transfer of assets, only the assets under the transaction will not be traded but the rest can be traded. In this article, we are going to discuss among other things:

  • How to transfer stocks from Stockpile to Robinhood
  • Transfer stocks from Robinhood to TD Ameritrade
  • Transfer money from Fidelity to Robinhood
  • How to transfer stocks from Robinhood to Webull

How to transfer stocks from Stockpile to Robinhood

How to Transfer Stocks to and From a Robinhood Account?

The Stockpile was launched in 2010 and was founded by Avi Lele. It has its headquarters in Francisco, USA. Originally, it was created to help children start investing. It used to offer gift cards that could be traded in some of the most popular sectors. Currently, it has expanded to accommodate investors without looking at their age. 

The good thing about Stockpile, it does not charge you an annual fee and no minimum premiums for investment are paid. 

So how can you transfer stock from Stockpile to Robinhood? The first thing is to initiate the transfer by engaging with the brokerage to receive your stock. They will be required to have a recent account statement from Stockpile. The statement can be downloaded from the Stockpile application in the “Documents” section. Stockpile receives instructions from Robinhood and transfer will be facilitated through the collaboration of the two parties.

You will start the process by engaging with the receiving brokerage. They will require a recent Stockpile account statement that you can download from the “Documents” section of the Stockpile app. We will receive instructions from the receiving brokerage and work with them to facilitate the transfer.  

The outbound transfer fee is $75 and you will have to ensure your account at Stockpile has $75 or more for transaction purposes. Every share will be liquidated and money from the traded stock will be moved. If you are conducting a full transfer of stock, your Stockpile account will be locked and if you find it well to continue investing at Stockpile, a new account will be needed.

During the transfer period, your account is going to be restricted to ensure stock and cash potions are not affected at all. After the transfer is complete, you will be notified and all your cash and assets will be under Robinhood. 

Transfer stocks from Robinhood to TD Ameritrade 

How to Transfer Stocks to and From a Robinhood Account?

If you want to stop investing with Robinhood and you want to start trading forex or mutual funds TD Ameritrade will help you accomplish all these. The ACAT system is the quickest and simplest way to transfer your account from Robinhood to TD Ameritrade. ACAT helps move assets from one brokerage to another electronically and you do not have to be there physically for paperwork hence the simplest and easiest way of transacting a transfer.

The first thing to do when transferring assets is to open an account at TD Ameritrade. This can be easily done by using the online application page. The account that you are required to open is a brokerage account. The new account should match the details and account type at Robinhood.

After opening an account at TD Ameritrade, you can go ahead and transfer your Robinhood account to TD Ameritrade. To kick off this process, log on to the new account. Click my account in the menu followed by account transfer in the drop-down menu. After clicking on the account transfer link the site will usher you into a new page with a transfer form. To start filling in the form, you will just click the green transfer button.

The form requires you to enter the title and the number of your Robinhood account. You may want to confirm the title from the recent Robinhood statement. Make sure the title of the account is the one you write in the transfer form. Attach the latest Robinhood statement in your request for a transfer form. The form for partial transfer is different from the form for a full transfer.

Robinhood receives notice from your new brokerage and sends over your securities. The whole process takes less than a fortnight. No trading is allowed when the transfer process is still taking place. In less than two weeks, everything will have been settled.

During this whole process, there’s nothing you need to do with your old account. Robinhood will receive notice from TD Ameritrade and will send your securities over. The entire transfer should take less than two weeks. Usually, it’s about a week.

While the transfer is taking place, it is best not to trade in your Robinhood account. You should also make sure all previous trades have settled before starting the transfer.

Transferring money from Fidelity to Robinhood

How to Transfer Stocks to and From a Robinhood Account?

The normal way to move securities accounts from one brokerage firm to another is to use the Automated Customer Account Transfer (ACAT) system. However, Robinhood recently suspended inbound ACAT transfers, and this puts a damper on moving an investment account to it.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to move a Fidelity account to Robinhood; although it does entail a little more work.

You’ll first need to liquidate your holdings at Fidelity. With the resulting cash position, you’ll make a transfer to an external bank account. When this is complete, be sure to contact Fidelity to request your account be closed. This step ensures that an unauthorized party doesn’t fraudulently use your account.

ACAT is the normal method used to transfer assets from one broker to another. Robinhood suspended the transfer of securities using this method. Nevertheless, you can still transfer securities from Fidelity to a Robinhood account.

The first step is liquidating your holdings at Fidelity account. The cash position after liquidation will enable you to transfer to another external account of a bank. After transferring your cash to an external bank account, contact Fidelity and ask them to close your account for security reasons.

When money is already in the bank, you can now move money to Robinhood. Inbound ACH transfer can be used to transfer securities but Robinhood does not allow it.

Open a Robinhood account in which you will receive money from the bank. Use the application to access the transfer page. On the app, click the green button “ADD ACCOUNT”. The link will lead you to an external bank account and you can complete the process by following the laid down procedures.

How to transfer stock from Robinhood to Webull

When making a transfer of stocks from a Robinhood account to another external account, you must pay $75 for the transaction. The amount will be slashed from the Robinhood account before it moves. If you transfer assets amounting to more than $2,000, Webull refunds you the money deducted at Robinhood. When you deposit more than $100 after opening an account at Webull, you will be offered one free share of stock.

Create an account at Webull. Install the Webull application for easier operations. After installing the app, click on “Trade” to select the account type you want. The type of account should be similar to the one you had at Robinhood. Request for ACAT transfer on the app. Click on “Deposit” followed by “Transfer” which is in the middle of your screen and the “Transfer to Webull” button will follow. Continue with the process and submit the transfer form.

After submitting the transfer form through the application, it will take less than a week and a half to complete the process.

Can you transfer stocks from one Robinhood account to another Robinhood account?

Robinhood does not support transferring of stocks from one Robinhood account to another. The assumption that perhaps informs this position is that people seeking to do this would be trying to evade paying taxes.


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